Earthquake. – Short Horror Story

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I remember when earthquakes where far and few, a natural occurrence when the earths outer layer shifted and settled into a new place. Earthquakes were supposed to happen, it was normal. I wish I could go back to those days. Ignorance truly was bliss and I miss it.

Just knowing that these creatures have been tunneling their way up toward us because their 65 million year long hibernation is over puts us all into a situation that none of us could have possibly ever prepared enough for. Imagining how hungry they must be gives me indescribable anxiety. When they last emerged there were much larger and tastier things for them to eat. Im just not quite sure the entire human population is going to suffice when it comes to fulfilling their starvation. And to think we actually believed it when we were taught a single asteroid was responsible for taking out the dinosaurs. I feel so stupid.

There isn’t much that we as humans can do at this point but to sit as still as possible behind a wall of military soldiers as we listen to them rip through the ground beneath us. The military has been referring to these things as Quakers. Sort of simple, but I suppose none of us really have the time to come up with a more elaborate name for them. I just feel like the name they chose down plays what really lies beneath us. You can hear what sounds like their stomachs growling just a few miles down. The city shakes violently every five minutes as we await our destiny. All around the world there are people like me, spending their last known moments with loved ones. There are even many groups of people that chose to party these nights away. I guess I don’t blame them after all, we don’t know what is ahead of us and you might as well live to your fullest while you still have the opportunity.

Three days ago the first one appeared, it drilled a hole through the bottom of the ocean and made it’s way to the surface faster than anything alive around it. Luckily for us it happened to swim up right in front of a military base and the Navy immediately shot a missile down to it ending its hunt for its first big meal of the day. This thing, this Quaker looked absolutely terrifying. It was 50 feet in length, dark brown and seemed to have a shell around it made of natural iron and nickel from deep inside the earth. This creature had a giant drill like horn in front of it connected to it’s head, this way it could dig it’s way through anything with ease. It had both the hind legs of a raptor and the fins of a giant blue whale. The teeth inside of its’s head would put the Megalodon to shame. Quakers were built to demolish everything in it’s path and it wasn’t hard to tell just by looking at it. To say that i’m scared would be an understatement, I’m fearing for my life in a very literal way right now. We all are. The president has spoken publicly about this multiple times a day while he’s safe inside of his bunker that’s suspended in the middle of the sky with the rest of the elites. The giant bunker was built almost like someone knew this unfortunate event was coming and that Quakers weren’t able to fly. “Everyone needs to remain calm and trust the power of the military.” He says over and over again almost like his voice is recorded on a broken record. Don’t get me wrong, I do trust the power of the militaries around the world, but not for a situation like this. They’re all left in the dark just as we civilians are. They’re told to point, shoot and pray. I can’t help but to feel like these are the end of times.

The ground shakes violently again, except this time the dirt around us starts to move and form a whirlpool type of hole in front of all of us. With panic and hysteria all around, my family and I move in closer and for a tighter huddle. We knew the time was now. Suddenly you hear an explosion, the military that’s been forming a wall around the city lets the fire fly. Shooting missiles and .223 bullets into the giant sink hole hoping to kill the Quaker before it surfaces. You can hear the screeching of it’s metal armored shell barreling up through the rocks and dirt. A shockwave knocks us all down as this creature launches out of the earth like a great white shark jumping out of the water to snatch up a baby seal. It had to have been over one hundred feet in the air once it breached, shifting what felt like the whole world when it landed directly in front of a crowd of people relying on the military to put an end to it and save their lives. In no time a second, third, fourth and so on followed each other out of the hole and landed all around forming a giant circle barricading us all into one place. The military was able to pick off a few of them as they made their way around, but there was just not enough fire power to take them all down.

We all laid there in panic, backed into a corner like sitting ducks. There was no hope for us anymore, this was it. All around the world, the Quakers finally made it to the surface and could end humanity as we knew it in very little time. But to our surprise they weren’t attacking us. Just sitting there, drooling, making disgusting noises and sniffing around. It almost seemed like they were just as confused as we were. It makes sense to me anyway, the world must look different to them after all that time under ground.

Everyone was frozen with fear, nobody moved or made a sound as we all watched with puzzling paranoia as the Quakers started walking around almost gracefully.. harmlessly. How could this be possible? Look at them! They were made for destruction, they where the definition of killing machines if I’ve ever seen one. For what felt like an eternity went by, the Quakers lined up beside each other, sitting more still than the royal families soldiers outside of their castle. And suddenly all at once in unison took a deep breath and let out the loudest shriek you’ve ever heard. So loud it shattered the glass windows, ruptured our ear drums and made our heads feel like they were going to explode. I was finally able to lift my head up so I could try and make out what exactly was going on. I couldn’t believe it or even understand it..but they were all cracking open, melting and crumbling to pieces. They were slowly turning into these giant puddles of mush.

Everyone was confused and rightfully so. A moment ago we were all taking our last breaths as we thought we were going to be eaten alive. Now these things are just basically dissolving right before our eyes? Off into the distance you can hear someone yelling “Everybody look! Over there!”. We all very quickly snapped our heads over to see what all the commotion was about. You wouldn’t believe it, a giant redwood tree sprouted out of nowhere from the ground within a big pile of goop one of the Quakers disintegrated into and left behind. One by one these monsters where dropping and there before us grew hundreds of trees. Tall, healthy, beautiful, mature trees. It wasn’t until that moment that I realized what was happening. The Quakers weren’t here to destroy us, they came to the surface to save us. Over the past century or so, human kind has slowly destroyed the ecosystem. Pollution and deforestation took a heavy toll on our oxygen supply. These earthquake creatures were sacrificing themselves in order to restore our means to survive on this planet longer.

Our emotions went from impending doom to elation as the grace of these Quakers replenished our once dying planet. We accepted the remaining of them with thankfulness. Still in shock from all the chaos and confusion, we all began to spread apart and watch as we were quickly being rescued. The elites up in their bunkers descended with caution as they finally understood the message of the Quakers. If it wasn’t for the great awakening of these beasts none of us would be alive to tell the story of how humanity was forgiven once again for the mistakes made against nature. Now filled with wisdom, we continue to share this story for many of years to come. Taking care of what has been naturally given to us on and deep within this beautiful planet.

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