I know that my partner cheated and that “our” child isn’t actually mine : Scary Stories – Short Horror Story

Ever since my son was born I have known that he wasn’t my biological son. My partner was always going out with work colleagues and I know that they obviously cheated on me.

The first time I held my son in my arms, I knew with certainty that my partner had slept with someone else. I was too timid at the start to say anything but the anger in me has been slowly simmering.

I got home today after a long horrible day at work and my partner asked me to watch our son so they could go out with friends. I argued with them that I needed some time for myself but they left anyway.

I don’t know what happened but I just snapped. I placed our son on the floor and just started hitting him with an iron. I didn’t stop until my arm was numb and his body was a pile of pulp on the ground.

My partner got home later and began screaming when he saw our son’s remains. I smiled as I watched my cheating husband explain to the police officer that I had been suffering from postpartum depression. I know he was just trying to cover himself as he didn’t want anyone to know that he cheated on me.

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