DST – Short Horror Story

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Sounds like STD, right? Well… It most definitely is not. It's worse. Just yesterday I was teaching highschool-kids about STD's. They got all giggly and awkward. Cute kids. Talking about STD's is okay. Necessary even. For the future. For the quality of their lives. We make them aware.

Talking about DST is dangerous. It is frowned upon, to say the least. Just last week a neighbour was found dead. Not just dead, they never "just" kill you.

Sorry, I should start over. The year is 2022 and DST has been a part of our existence for at least a hundred years. DST is so ingrained in our sheepy little brains, we can't imagine life without it. DST is what we adjust to twice a year, like clockwork. DST is what it costs. DST is their one and only demand. But the funny thing is… it just doesn't add up.

That dead neighbour of mine? He was shot to the heart. Twice. Shot to the head. Thrice. That is the cost. They never just kill you. They can't. Their sadistic little brains seem to make them unable to accept different creatures exist. Like… they know we are capable of thought and processing stuff. But they just won't accept we are human too. Earthbound humans, but nonetheless humanoid.

They have so much saved up, they can still kill everyone of us a million times over. And they will, I'm sure. I got shot through my left eye a year back and still they let me come back. The gore, the blood, the pain are all still etched in my memory. Tomorrow I'm due for a shot through my right foot and major artery. They say I overstepped myself in asking if I could work from home, for once. The child is sick. Alas.

The moment I send you this, I will be truly executed. For good. As I should be. Daylight Saving Time is not for the weak of heart. Neither are they. Our, once innocent children grow up so quickly. Too bad they now have the time to grow down again, too.

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