Death’s Hosiptal for Refusing Bodies : Scary Stories – Short Horror Story

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Somewhere near the bottom of the ocean stands Death’s hopsital. It’s manned by skeletons who always complain they work too hard. It might be because the obscene amount of humans, or because they work 24/7. The doctors themselves are the failed patients.

Today, a man laid in the bed. Holes littered his body. On the middle of his chest, an especially large hole showed. His heart, now dry of blood, stretched out his throat as a ball might. Instead of dying, as one might, he found himself in constant pain, trying to scream.

At first, when medication is found to be failing, and life is unable to be taken, the people don’t know what to do. The skin and muscle start rotting quite quickly, and that is why it is ripped off. The only thing which sticks, is the eyes, which have been found to somehow continue working. The people which have been changed into skeletons are thrown into a corner untill Boredom checks in with his large book Biochemistry, and scares them into learning, where they learn the tricks of the art.

In another room entiely, which was much bigger and filled with many people bitten by cobras, a flame ravaged wildly. Many of these people had killed the cobra, and laid down to accept their fate. What they did not know was that the cobra’s poison had a large chance to zombify them. Before they had a chance to exploit their new found state, Death came and dragged them to the hospital.

They scream loudly as the flames envelop them, but the doctors do not have ears so it is a non issue.

In one room, only a head of a human, laid on the table, staring at the skeletons who tried to figure out what to do. Clearly cutting him into pieces wouldn’t work. Acid was a possibility, but they had run out of acid and were waiting for the next shipment. Then, one skeleton, the taller of the bunch, had a brilliant idea and ran out to bring a short book. It was rarely used, but it would be perfect in this event. No human could read through the book without dying, unfortunately it was written by Death, who was a terrible author creativng overly melodramatical characthers. He’d make any reader of the book die immediately, so that he could hear their opinions on their walk.

All in all, it was another day at the hospital near the bottom of the sea.

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