Can you see this when reading it? – Short Horror Story

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The messenger

“Why the hell is everyone staring at us?” Said Lincoln “Perhaps they have never seen a knight in the flesh” said Miles “Perhaps, or maybe they have never seen a boy dress so outrageously queer as yourself” said Ser Joel Lincoln & William both laughed at the jape but Arron the shortest and most stern of the group didn’t even crack a smile in fact Miles couldn’t recall a time the man smiled at all, But miles took no offense he disliked his messengers garb more than anyone in his company fearing that the bright color silks he bore made him appear more feminine than fierce and the yellow, Turquoise, Salmon, and blue-green feathers they were inline with made he seem half man half bird. Even the wall it’s seemed to be scolding down at them, it was twice as tall as the first wall they had passed with double the battlements and pairs of Curious eyes locked upon the unexpected party.

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