Working in Real Estate part 25 [M35/F30/M33/F32] [long] [foursome] [oral] [penetration]


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After returning from our mini vacation to Park City to set up our new vacation house, I was working in the office the next Thursday when Kayli surprised me by walking in. I quickly gave her a hug and a kiss and asked what she was up to, as I wondered she had showings all day.

Kayli, her black hair loose around her head, wearing a T-shirt with our companies logo on and blue jeans with holes in them, sat down at my desk and said, “Jennifer called and said she had something important that she had to talk to me and you about and to met me here.” I sat down across from her and said, “do you think she’s pregnant?” Kayli said she didn’t know as Jennifer walked into the office, giving a quick hug to me and Kayli before sitting down next to Kayli.

“So, I have some great news and some news that is potentially good, maybe bad, depending on how you two see it,” Jennifer started before Kayli asked what the great news was. With a big, beaming smile on her face, Jennifer told us she was pregnant, to which we all jumped up cheering, hugging Jennifer and telling her congratulations.

As we sat back down, Jennifer said, “as for the other news, my husband found out all the things I’ve done with you, Danny.” My eyes wide, I said, “oh shit, how? Is he mad? Are you OK?”

Jennifer took a deep breath and said, “surprisingly, he was mad for a few minutes, had to make sure that he is the father, and not you. He calmed down after a bit and actually is OK with it. He had been wondering why our sex life had changed so much the last few months and actually said to tell you thank you.”

Kayli spoke up and said, “wow, I can’t believe it. How did he find out? Does he want you to stop?”

Jennifer responded back, “some how, a video of Danny fucking me was in my regular picture gallery and not my hidden one. He saw it, confronted me, and I came clean about everything. He asked to see more videos, so I showed him a few, of just me and Danny, I didn’t show him any of you or Tara, but he does know that I’ve done stuff with both of you. As for if he wants me to stop, we didn’t really talk about because he actually asked if he could join in next time. Which, I guess, is potentially the bad news part.”

I asked her, “what does he mean, join in?” Jennifer answered, “really, he said he wants to watch you fuck me. And, if you both agree, he wants to fuck Kayli. He doesn’t want anything to do with you, Danny, but did say he might be interested in one of you taking me from behind, while the other I give a blowjob too.”

“Wow,” me and Kayli both said at the same time before Jennifer asked what we were thinking. I stared at Kayli for a second before saying, “honestly, I’m just glad he’s not upset. As for him joining in one time, what do you two think?” Without hesitation, Kayli said, “you know how I feel about being with other people and how turned on it makes me to then be with you.”

Jennifer said, “I wouldn’t have said anything if I wasn’t into it. At first, I wasn’t sure about watching him with another woman, but I figured that’s not very fair of me.”

I shook my head and said, “I guess the only question left is, when?” Jennifer laughed and said, “I told him I was going to talk to you two today, and he said if guys are down for it, we should do it tomorrow night.”

The next night, Kayli and I waited for Jennifer and her husband at my house. We were just finishing cooking dinner when they showed up, and we all ate while carrying on a conversation. Tom, Jennifer’s husband, was just over six feet tall, blonde hair with a blonde beard, and was a bit on the chubby side. After cleaning up dinner, we were sitting in the living, me and Kayli on one couch, Tom and Jennifer on the other. As our conversation died down, Tom said, “so, I’m sure I’m throwing a wrench into how you guys usually do something like this. I hope it’s not too weird.”

We all assured him that it wasn’t, and he said, “alright. Cool. Do I need to know about any ground rules or anything like that?” Kayli told him, “only rule we have is if somebody says no, you stop what you’re doing.” Tom then looked at all of us and said, “so, how do we start?”

Kayli said, “like this,” and we all watched as she stood up, walked over to where Tom and Jennifer were sitting, and climbed onto top. She lowered her head down until she was kissing Tom, who wrapped his arms around her tiny, five foot tall, fit body, squeezing her ass as he did so. Jennifer stood up, coming over to me, and climbing on top to begin kissing me. I wrapped my arms around her body, pulling her shirt up so that I could rub her back as we kissed. She started to rub her groin on mine, and I could feel myself starting to grow hard.

I broke the kiss, lifting Jennifer’s shirt up and off her head, leaving her in a white bra that I quickly unhooked and discarded. Stealing a glance at Kayli and Tom, I saw that Kayli already had her shirt and bra off, Tom eagerly playing with her huge double D breasts, sucking and pinching her nipples while his hands squeezed the side of them. Kayli was running her fingers through his hair, as I dove into Jennifer, taking her B cup sized breasts in my hands, kissing and licking, sucking and pinching all over them.

I moved my hand down between me and Jennifer, feeling the warmth coming from her pussy through the black and orange leggings she had on. I started to rub her groin, causing her to moan. I tugged at the hem of her pants, and she stood up just enough to pull her leggings and thong down, kicking them off. We kissed again as she rubbed her naked, wet, pussy on my groin. I put my hand between us again, slipping a finger inside her, as she started to hump my hand.

Hearing slurping sounds, I looked around Jennifer to see Kayli, on her knees between Tom’s legs, his cock in her hand, as she kissed and licked the tip of it. It looked to be about the same length as my six inch long cock, but wasn’t as thick, as Kayli easily reached her hand around it, something she struggled with me.

Jennifer, curious what I was looking at, turned around as she bounced on my hand. Seeing her husband’s cock in Kayli’s mouth, she said, “hey, Kayli, just so you know, Tom has never been deep throated before.” I saw a small smile on Kayli’s face as she made eye contact with Tom, then took his entire cock down her throat. I laughed as Tom, his eyes rolling into the back of his head, his hips bucking off the couch, pushed down on Kayli’s head, an orgasm washing over his body, as he apologized, telling Kayli how sorry he was for not warning her.

Kayli moved her head until only the tip of him was in her mouth, and pumped his shaft with her hand. We all watched as she stood up, walked over to me and Jennifer, grabbed Jennifer’s face, and started kissing her, sharing Tom’s cum with her. She walked back over to him, sitting next to him and rubbing his leg as she said, “no need to be sorry, I enjoy stuff like that. You can get hard again, right? Now that we know the secret to cum fast.”

Tom, catching his breath, said, “sorry, Jennifer, but that was the most amazing thing I’ve ever felt.” Jennifer laughed, slipping to her knees in front of me, and said, “that’s OK, I’m about to feel something amazing too.” She pulled my shorts and boxers down, my hard, thick, six inch long cock popping out and smacking her in the face. As she wrapped her lips around my tip and her hand around my mouth, she started to bob her head and move her hand in one motion, I watched Kayli grabbing Tom’s hands, placing one on her still covered pussy and the other on her breasts.

He instinctively started to rub her, as he watched his wife blow me. His hand trying to get into Kayli’s leggings, Kayli finally stood up, pulling her leggings and panties down and off, tossing them on top of Jennifer’s clothes. “Wow,” Tom said at the sight of Kayli’s naked body, causing Jennifer to turn around and see what was happening.

She looked at her husband, staring at my naked girlfriend and said, “she has a pretty amazing body, doesn’t she?” He said yes as Jennifer stood up, walked over to Kayli, and wrapped her arms around her. The two gorgeous, naked woman started to kiss as they pressed their bodies together. Breaking the kiss, Jennifer walked back over to me, turned around so her back was to me, and lowered her groin down on top of mine. Taking my cock in her hand, she put my tip inside her pussy, then finished lowered herself down my shaft, my thick cock stretching out her pussy.

Kayli sat back down next to Tom, kissing his cheek and neck, grabbing his hand and putting in on her wet pussy, as he watched his wife starting to bounce up and down on my cock, neither one of them breaking eye contact with the other. I wrapped my hands around Jennifer’s body, placing them on her breasts, squeezing them as she rode my shaft. I moved one hand down, rubbing Jennifer’s bare clit as she moaned, reaching her hands behind her to rub my face.

Tom finally inserted a finger into Kayli’s pussy, pulling it in and out of her, his other hand softly caressing her breasts. Kayli leaned into him, her hands rubbing his body as she talked dirty to him. Jennifer was bouncing faster and faster on my cock, her moans filling the air, being joined by Kayli’s moans. Jennifer’s body shook as she orgasmed, her tight pussy clinching around my cock, forcing me out of her, as I held her up with my arms wrapped around her.

I quickly flipped Jennifer around, laying down on the couch. I mounted on top of her, my cock sliding right back in. As I pushed myself up to pound into her, over and over faster and faster with every thrust, Jennifer asked if I was close. I told her I was and she said, “cum on my tits please!” I glanced off at Kayli and Tom, both of them watching me fuck Jennifer, Tom’s fingers sliding in and out of Kayli’s pussy, while Kayli had one of her hands squeezing Tom’s balls, trying to get him hard again. Her other hand was pinching her nipples, as her mouth hung open, moans escaping out of it.

Getting close, I pulled out of Jennifer, kneeling above her, wrapping my hand around my shaft and jacking myself off as I stared at the blonde haired girl laying below me. Aiming at her chest, cum starting to shoot out of my cock, rope after rope landing on her breasts, her face, her short blonde hair, her tongue hanging out and catching some that she quickly swallowed. When I was done, she smiled as I stood up off the couch.

Jennifer looked over at Kayli and said, “want to come clean me up?” Kayli got up from where she was sitting with Tom, walking over to Jennifer. She climbed onto the couch with her, her head gonna Jennifer’s breasts, where she started to lick my cum off them. Rubbing her groin on top of Jennifer’s, Kayli moved up from her chest, licking the cum off Jennifer’s face, then kissing her lips passionately. Breaking these kiss, Kayli moved back down Jennifer’s body, ending with her face next to Jennifer’s pussy. Kayli started to eagerly lick away at it, sucking her clit into her mouth, as her fingers moved up to help her.

Jennifer wrapped her legs around Kayli’s head as she had another orgasm. When she was done, Kayli licked her pussy one more time, then moved her body until her pussy was on Jennifer’s face. I sat down on the same couch as Tom as we watched Jennifer flicking Kayli’s pussy with her tongue, Kayli lowering herself down until Jennifer’s mouth disappeared from our view, and started to grind herself on Jennifer’s tongue.

Kayli quickly orgasmed, Jennifer lapping up her juices as Kayli moved her hips above Jennifer. When her orgasm was done, she laid back down on Jennifer, their lips meeting again as they kissed, their tongues swirling together as the two woman moved their hands around each other’s bodies.

Tom, who had been rubbing his cock the entire time the two girls ate each other out, stood up off the couch, walked over to the girls and stood behind them. Reaching over the arm of the couch where the girls lay, Tom grabbed Kayli by the hips, pulling her up and off Jennifer. Kayli adjusted so she was on her hands and knees, her ass pointing towards Tom, who grabbed his cock, lined it up with Kayli’s entrance, and pushed inside, using her hips to pull himself in deep. When he was all the way in, he started to slowly thrust in and out as Jennifer scooted her body more under Kayli’s, taking her breasts in her hands, squeezing them together before sucking Kayli’s nipples, one by one, into her mouth.

Getting uncomfortable leaning over the couch, Tom pulled out of Kayli and Kayli told him, “sit on the couch. I want to ride you.” Jennifer stood up on the couch, kissing her husband as he sat down. She walked over to the couch I was sitting on, sitting down next to me, our naked bodies cuddling together. My hands rubbing Jennifer’s leg, moving up towards her pussy, we watched as Kayli wrapped her arms around Tom’s neck, as he held his cock up, and slide down his shaft. She leaned forward to kiss him as she started to roll her hips back and forth.

I slide a finger inside Jennifer’s pussy, moving it in and out as we started to kiss. Her hand was on my groin, rubbing my semi-hard cock, squeezing my balls. I broke the kiss, leaning down to take Jennifer’s nipple into my mouth, licking around it, gently nibbling on it. I heard Kayli moaning, and looked up to see her bouncing on Tom’s cock, Tom’s face buried in her breasts, licking and squeezing and pinching her nipples.

Jennifer leaned down, licking my shaft with her tongue, slowly taking me in her mouth as I grew harder and harder. I placed my hand on the back of her head as she started to bob up and down, her hand working my shaft where her mouth couldn’t reach. Still watching Kayli, I saw her quickly jump up, turn around, and lower herself back down on Tom’s cock, much like Jennifer was on mine earlier. Tom reached around, grabbing her breasts again as Kayli bounced up and down.

I pulled Jennifer off me when I saw Kayli bending over, Tom nearly standing off the couch as he started to pound into her from behind. I walked over to Kayli, running my cock over her face, as she opened her mouth to suck my cock in. With Tom slamming into her from behind, my cock was going deep down her throat every time he thrusted inside her. Kayli was doing her best to bob her head as I could feel her moans around my cock.

Jennifer, sitting on the couch by herself said, “now, that is fucking hot to watch. Holy shit.” Kayli’s body started to shake, as she pulled her mouth away from my cock, she yelled out, “HOLY FUCK! YES! OH GOD YES!” She collapsed on the ground, taking deep breaths as Tom finally pulled out of her, sitting back down on the couch behind him.

Jennifer asked Kayli, “are you ok?” Kayli rolled over onto her back, and said, “that was insane. You gotta feel that.” Jennifer said she wanted to but Tom said, “whoever gets her mouth just has to remember that she can’t deep throat like Kayli can.” I laughed then said, “oh, she can if you put her head in the right spot,” much to Tom’s amazement. Jennifer said, “yeah, sorry, don’t know why I kept that from you.” Tom responded, “I don’t even care, let’s just do it.”

Jennifer laid down on the couch, her head laying on the arm rest, so that she was looking at Tom upside down as he stood behind her. I climbed on top of Jennifer on the couch, taking her legs in my arms as I lined my cock up with her pussy and pushed inside. As I slowly started to slide in and out of her, I watched Kayli take Tom’s cock in her hand, and guide it into Jennifer’s mouth, before she kissed Tom, then coming over to kiss me. Kayli did tell Tom to take it easy as, for the first time ever, he watched his wife swallow his cock down her throat.

I was picking up my speed, thrusting into Jennifer faster and faster, as Tom bucked his hips back and forth, sliding his long cock in and out of Jennifer’s mouth. Kayli kneeled on the floor next to the couch, taking Jennifer’s breasts in her hands, softly squeezing them before leaning down, licking around her nipples and sucking them into her mouth.

“Oh my God, I’m not going to last!” Tom yelled out, his balls slapping against his wife’s forehead as he slammed his cock into her mouth over and over again. Kayli said, “leave just the tip of your cock in her mouth, let me jack you off to finish.” Tom listened to her, stopping his hips as Kayli wrapped her hand around his cock, rubbing up and down as they kissed again. I was still pounding into Jennifer over and over as Tom grunted, his cock pulsating in Kayli’s hands, cum dripping out the sides of Jennifer’s mouth.

When Tom was done, he pulled out with a moan, moving to sit back down on the couch. I slowed down my fucking of Jennifer as I watched Kayli leaned over Jennifer, passionately kissing her as they shared Tom’s cum.

Tom looked at me, still slowly pulling in and out of Jennifer and said, “damn, man, how long can you go? Or can you just not decide where to finish?” I laughed as Kayli said, “it’s one of the things we all love about him.” Tom said, “lucky man to have both of these girls at your beck and call.” Kayli laughed and said, “don’t tell her husband, but Tara is in on it too.” Tom shook his head and said, “as much fun as this has been, I’m fine with it being the only time it happens.” Kayli said, “so, are you still going to let Danny fuck Jennifer?” Tom said, “as much as it’s improved our sex life, I’m fine with it.”

Kayli stood up from where she was kneeling and walked over to me, passionately kissing me before saying, “so, where do you want to finish?” Before I could answer, Jennifer said, “I got my tits covered earlier, I want to watch him finish on yours.” Kayli said OK and asked if I was close. I told her I was as she kneeled on the floor again next to me. I pulled out of Jennifer, standing up off the couch, and slide my cock into Kayli’s mouth. Grabbing onto her head, I bucked my hips back and forth, my cock going down her throat as she gagged and moaned around it.

Pulling out as I started to cum, Kayli wrapped her hand around my shaft, pumping my cum out as she aimed it at her tits. Rope after rope covered both of her breasts, as she rubbed the last little bit over her nipples before I sat down on the couch. Jennifer joined Kayli on the floor, licking my cum off her friends chest, sharing a kiss together, much like they had done when I finished on Jennifer’s chest. When they were done, Kayli joined me on the couch I was on, while Jennifer joined Tom on the other couch.

We laid around recovering for a bit, talking like nothing had really just happened, before we all got dressed. Me and Kayli walked Tom and Jennifer to the door, sharing hugs as we said goodbye. Closing the door behind them, Kayli turned to me and said, “Holy fuck, I’m still so horny. Let’s get upstairs, now!”

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