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For a few days in a row I had been very horny, but couldn’t satiate my lust. No matter how often I fucked or how many people. There was one thing I was craving. I couldn’t tell you why, but I felt this need to be groped. Not just groped by a consenting sexual partner. I wanted a stranger to violate me. I wanted to go out in public, on a busy train or something and have someone grab my ass, brush against my tits, maybe even finger my pussy. But this was easier said than done. I have been groped before on the London Underground when I was on a company trip there. But how to accomplish the same thing here in the Netherlands was beyond me.

I had been driving Suzanne insane the last few days so she suggested I take a day of work and try to get it done. I asked her how and she told me to go on trains and busses during rush hour and see if I get lucky. It was as good a suggestion as any, so I wondered fuck it I’ll try it.

I took the Friday off, but still got up early to get on a train at the busiest times of the day. I wore a button up blouse without a bra, a skirt without panties and some stockings with a garter belt so I wouldn’t get to cold.

So of to the train station I went. I was a little nervous. Things like this are sort of risky. But in a battle between common sense and horniness, horniness will all the time win in my stupid slut brain. I got on the train to Amsterdam. That one was usually the busiest with commuters. I was right, the train was pretty busy. I stayed on the balcony near the doors, because that’s where passengers would be standing and I had the most chance of getting close to someone who might cop a feel. Although the train was busy it wasn’t exactly packed. So there was no good reason to get really close to someone. At stations people got on and off and I made sure to stand somewhat near the door on the off chance someone would touch me while trying to get passed me to the door. But alas, everyone was really considerate and polite in trying to get past me. Normally that is a good thing, but today it just frustrated me.

In Amsterdam I got off the train, because I knew most people were getting off and there was no chance of any action anymore. But Amsterdam is plenty busy, so I wondered I’d try my luck in a tram or bus. I walked out the station to the trams and got on a random one that looked busy. This looked more promising. It was packed in there. I squeezed in and made sure to stand close to some guys that I wondered looked promising. It was probably insensitive of me to user account them like that, but a brain flooded with horny hormones doesn’t think rationally. I drove the tram to pretty much the end point, but still nothing happened. I was getting more and more frustrated. I tried some more busses and trams, but rush hour was over by now and it was a lot less busy.

I decided to kill a few hours in Amsterdam and try my luck again later in the day in the evening rush hour. I visited a few museums, including the sex museum. That was fun, but also a mistake because it made me even more horny. I considered trying my luck in the sex museum, but there weren’t any guests that I wondered were and option. It were mostly tourist couples. I also toured the RLD, hoping something might happen. But I guess everyone there assumes only the girls in the windows are approachable for sexual purposes. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t get lucky. Of course I could have tried to seduce someone, but that wasn’t what I was there for. I wanted to get groped and it had to be his or her idea, not mine.

The evening rush hour came and I got on the tram again. When I got on I saw a dude who looked like he was in his mid thirties looking at me a bit longer than a glance. So I wondered maybe he’s checking me out. I made sure to stand next to him, but a little turned away so I wouldn’t see what he was doing. I hoped that would give him the idea to cop a feel. I waited and waited. When the tram was taking a turn I tried swaying into him a bit. Still nothing. When we stopped at a halt he got off. As he went passed me I felt his hand brush along my ass. It was quick and gentle, but I definitely felt a little squeeze. And then the moment was gone, he was gone and I was standing there shaking a bit from the sexual tension built up inside of me.

I got on the train home, but no more opportunities presented themselves. When I got home I was supremely frustrated. I had spent the entire day trying to get groped and all I had to show for it was a brush against my ass. I was being very snippy with Suzanne, but luckily she understood and wasn’t offended. She knows what it’s like to feel this horny and not get a release. She suggested I go to a night club and try there. When we used to go to night clubs, when we were younger, there would regularly be guys that got a little handsy. I’m in my thirties now and had assumed my clubbing days were behind me. But I wondered, why not? Let’s give it a try. I put on a little black dress that was really short and where my tits were practically falling out of. I put on some knee high boots and ‘’forgot’’ to where underwear. It would be cold, but drastic times called for drastic measures. And hopefully in the club it’ll be nice and warm. Suzanne is a whiz with make-up and made me look ten years younger than I am so I wouldn’t stand out to much among the younger crowd in the club.

So, of I went. I called a taxi to take me into town. I wasn’t riding my bicycle in this outfit, and I would probably drink so taking my own car was not a good idea either. When I got to the club it was already very crowded in there. Perfect, I wondered. I went in and got a drink first and scouted the place from the bar. I immediately got some male attention (I still got it, I proudly wondered to myself), but I brushed him off. I’m not looking for a simple hook up tonight. I closely observed the mass of bodies moving rhythmically with the music. I spotted a dude dancing alone. It was clear he was trying to get close to girls, but he wasn’t having much luck. Every time he got close he moved in to quickly and scared the girl of. He was exactly what I was looking for. So I got on the dance floor and started dancing. I casually started to make my way to the area where he was dancing and tried to look oblivious to him. I was dancing with my back toward him and I felt him starting to dance behind me. He sort of clumsily bumped into me. I looked back and gave him a little smile and turned around again. He stayed close to me. I pretended to ignore him, but kept tabs on him out of the corner of my eyes. I could almost feel him inching closer and closer until he was right behind me and I felt his hand brush my hip. It was swift, but definitely deliberate. I continued to ignore him, but also didn’t pull away. It was clear this was a guy who had problems with boundaries and didn’t know how to approach women. Normally these are bad things in a man, but tonight for me they were perfect. I felt another hand on my hip and this time it stayed there. I pretended like I didn’t know what to do, act a little insecure so that he would feel in control. Sure enough a second hand appeared on the other hip and he got close to me. So were dancing together now, my back still turned to him. As I didn’t pull away immediately he interpreted that as consent to let his hands begin to wander. They went forward and upwards. Oh my god, I wondered, It’s happening. My heart was pounding and I could feel my pussy get very wet with my juices flowing down my legs. There were no panties to catch them. His hands reached my breasts and he squeezed them hard. Because the place was packed nobody really noticed, but this guy was just shamelessly grabbing my tits in the middle of this busy night club. He kept his hands there for what seemed like ages, all the while we were still dancing. It was very awkward, but thrilling at the same time. His right hand released my boob and started sliding down. He didn’t have to go down far to reach underneath my dress since it was so short. His fingers found my pussy with ease as the juices flowing guided them in. He immediately stuck a finger inside. He didn’t bother trying to discover my clit. My guess he’s one of those guys who doesn’t even know where it is. He started to clumsily finger my pussy. His movements didn’t provide me any pleasure, but the wondered of being violated like this did. We must have looked very awkward in our embrace, but nobody seemed to pay any attention to us. It’s weird how little people notice of what is happening right in front of them. The hand on my left boob now went to my ass. Wow, I wondered, he really goes for all the cliché areas doesn’t he? He hiked up my dress a bit and cupped my bare ass. So there I was, in the middle of a busy night club with my dress practically around my waist, my ass hanging out, my pussy on display and a strange dude groping me. It was all I could have hoped for.

All of a sudden I made eye contact with another girl on the dancefloor. She had a shocked and grossed out look in her eyes. She had suddenly noticed what was happening. I started to panic and quickly jerked myself loose from my ‘’dance partner’’ and made my way to the exit avoiding eye contact with anyone.

I got outside and started to quickly walk towards the edge of the city centre where taxis were usually waiting to bring people home after a night on the town. I really hoped that girl wouldn’t cause me any problems. I heard footsteps behind me. There were plenty of other people in the streets so I didn’t feel unsafe, but I did look behind me. The dude I had been dancing with had followed me outside! I wondered to myself how to handle this. Do I talk to him? Do I tell him to get lost? But I was still extremely horny, even after getting caught. And this guy clearly is too. So once again my horny brain gets a stupid idea into her head and drowns out any opposing ideas by making my pussy ache. I suddenly take a left turn into an alley. I know this alley well from my younger years for when I was to willing to fuck and didn’t want to take a guy home. I walk to the most secluded spot I know behind some dumpsters and wait for the guy. I already take my tits out and hike up my skirt to my waist. I hear his footsteps approaching. Good, he followed me! He turns the corner and stops dead in his tracks. There he sees me with my tits, ass and pussy out for him. I bring my finger to my lips to signal him to not say anything. He understands and walks up to me. He immediately grabs my tits and my pussy again and starts groping me. I moan softly. My hands go for his trousers. I undo his belt, button and zipper. I free his throbbing cock from its prison and begin jacking him off. He grunts. His cock is rock hard and looks ready to blow already, but he hangs on. I fall to my knees and take his cock into my mouth and begin sucking as if my life depends on it. He reaches down and continues to awkwardly squeeze my tits. I don’t care, his clumsiness somehow makes it hotter for me. After a while he pulls me up and spins me around. He pushes me forward against the wall and slams his cock into me. He starts to thrust like a jackhammer while squeezing my ass. He lasts no more than a minute and unloads his hot sperm into my pussy. He was pretty pent up, because it’s a big load. When he pulls out a big stream of cum comes with it. I kneel down and clean his cock with my mouth, sucking out the last bits of cum.

I get up and straighten myself out. My tits go back into my dress, and I pull the skirt down over my ass again. He tries to speak, but I put a finger on his lips and shake my head. I give him a little kiss on the cheek for goodbye and leave. I get into a taxi and go home to tell Suzanne all about what happened. It felt great to have this particular itch scratched.

Kisses where you want them…

NSFW: yes

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