wife’s kink – Short Sex Story

My wife got waisted drunk with maybe a sleeping pill or 2 🤫 and passed out. I put her to bed but i first fucked her very hard (attempted to fist her, anal fucked, ended by putting my cock as deep as i could down her throat (hoping she didn’t wake and bite my cock off) she didn’t even gag. I dumped a gigantic load of cum. Looking back surprised she didn’t choke one it, oh well. I was really wishing i had a few friends with big cocks to fill her cunt. I was so hot and hard when done i got ky to see if i could fist her but struggled so i then put her dildo, nicknamed KONG) in and forced my cock in at same time. It was a struggle and really really tight almost to tight so was a bit pissed so i put kong in her ass (she hates anal) and kept ramming it in as hard as i could while fuckingher doggy style. I even got a few donky punches in. Before cumming i pulled out of her cunt and deep down her throat to release my load. I then gave her a kiss and whispered I LOVE YOU. She never made a sound. I snuggled up next to her, held her all night.

She woke up and was actually horny but so sore and swollen she couldn’t take my cock. she was wondering why she was so sore. I told her what i did and she MUCH to my surprise got excited. Although i didn’t get to fuck her again for about a week because she hurt.

I really felt bad for a couple months until she came to me and asked if i wanted to do it again. I wondered it was a trick question but i said yes. She got a sparkle in her eye grabbed my hand and put down her pants and she had already came just thinking about it.

I want to do it again but this time gang rape her but i don’t want to push it but i think she would like it. Not sure why but she would. What would you do.

Our relationship has never been better. Its weird she is more dominant but in bed she likes wierd kinks

NSFW: yes

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