It’s Mine (M24/F23) – Girlfriend’s teasing her boyfriend proved costly to her – Short Sex Story

We had been living in a long-distance relationship and were willing to see each other. After a long wait, we finally met at a metro station during office hours. He came closer to me and hugged me while grabbing my ass so tight that I’m sure many people saw it. Plus he had asked me to come braless (I’m 34D) wearing a low cut crop top. As if he was so hungry for my body, he again hugged me and this time he put his hand under my t-shirt from behind and suddenly I felt air on my back and underboobs. I was so turned on by this. Then he kissed me on my forehead and we decided to go to a coffee shop. We were on the escalator while exiting the metro station when I suddenly cupped his balls, to which he was so shocked and surprised and asked me what was I doing to which I replied… IT’S MINE (didn’t know what I was unleashing at that time).

Then we took an auto to the coffee was a rough road and hence my boobs were bouncing a lot, he whispered in my ears that the auto driver is looking at them and probably enjoying it too… I felt so awkward but couldn’t do anything. But he had to do something to show his authority over my body. To my surprise, he slid his hand under my top and grabbed the boob by the nipples so hard that one of the boobs stop bouncing but the other one was still bouncing… I resisted him and begged to take out his hand as the driver was watching him doing this, to which he loudly said… IT’S MINE. He kept pinching my nipples so hard one by one as if he was punishing them for something and my face was getting red with the pain, pleasure, and embarrassment. I was just grabbing the bag in my lap so hard and was looking outside when I suddenly felt his hands under my skirt, he was trying to pull down my panties, IN THE AUTO, with the other hand. I resisted, to which he pinched my nipples so hard that I had to oblige. I pulled down my panties but thankfully the driver wasn’t able to see that and he put my panties into his pocket.

We reached our destination. FINALLY. We got off. Now I was just feeling so naked. I was braless in a low cut crop top and a mini skirt with no panties. And to top it off..the wind was blowing so much that day that I just wanted to get inside the coffee house ASAP.

As we were at the entrance, he told me that my laces were untied… I should tie it.

To which I leaned down… Forgetting the way I was dressed right now. My ass was exposed by the wind and my upper body was inside the door. The wind did its job and my skirt flew but thankfully he was standing just behind me so I kept on tying the laces but I felt that people were staring at me. And when I looked up I realised that the neck of my top was exposing my entire rack and now everyone was staring at my boobs… which were grabbing even more attention because of the hard nipples. I was so embarrassed and about to stand straight when I felt that this idiot put his fingers inside my pussy just then. I asked him to not do this but he whispered in my ears ‘IT’S MINE’. And he pulled me inside the shop and went to get us a coffee. In the meanwhile, every people sitting there was looking at me through the corner of their eyes and I was feeling so exposed.

He came back with the coffee. And sat beside me. He had a habit of putting his hands on my shoulders or neck all the time. And he did that and gradually slipped his hands inside my top. AGAIN. And this time in front of the people who had seen my boobs already, just a couple of minutes back. I begged him to not do this here… I already got flashed in front of these people accidentally. Then he said okay but still pinched and twisted both my nipples so much harder this time before pulling his hand out and then we started drinking the coffee and talking.

Don’t know what got into him suddenly that he pulled down my top so down that one of my boobs jumped out…he did that so fast that I didn’t have time to stop him… I jumped in shock and oh god… everyone around saw me sitting with one of my boobs out. I was about to put it in when immediately he started licking my nipples and then put it inside saying that ‘IT’S MINE’.

Now he grabbed my hand and we got out of the coffee shop and we both just stood there silently waiting for an auto to take us home (his apartment). Now I had to do something to teach him a lesson. An auto came but there was already a passenger in it.. so decided to go by the sharing auto. It was a girl. I sat in the middle and put my bag into his lap this time. It had started getting dark, night was setting in. As we started moving I unzipped his pants and slid my hands inside. He looked at me in surprise and asked me to stop. To which I said I won’t and sit tight now. I now unbuttoned his pants…, keeping a straight face looking forward…so that no one gets suspicious. I made my way to his dick and took it out. He was in utmost shock as to what I was doing and he was trying to get my hands off of it. And I had to stop him so I took his hands and put in on my shoulders from where he again slid them back into the boobs and I asked him to just grab them and be silent. II started giving him a hand job and asked him to keep his face straight no matter what. And he followed.

We stopped at a traffic light where he pleaded me to put the dick back in.. but I didn’t. And as a cherry to the top… Some boys on a bike came and stood alongside our auto and I kept on going.. stroking it… circling the head. I increased my pace and then suddenly decreased my pace. And I could see from the corner of my eyes that they were looking at me doing that. My boyfriend was just so furious over this but was also enjoying the session.

The auto started moving again and I kept stroking the shaft and then gave a little peck on the head before reaching our building. He was so lost in the moment that he didn’t realise that we reached and his dick was out with chain and button open. It was too late before he noticed because the girl in the auto saw his dick out and me holding it and I could see the surprise on her face… that she didn’t know what was going on during the whole ride. He zipped and buttoned his pants fast, we paid the driver and went inside the building.

He was now so turned on and so furious at what I had done. He grabbed me by my neck from the back and took me to the elevator gate. He wasn’t speaking to me and we were just waiting for the lift.. and his pressure on my neck was increasing. I could sense what was gonna happen to me in the elevator. We entered the elevator, he pressed the floor 9 and the gate closed. Before I could do anything he ripped off my top and my skirt and started kissing me so hard, one hand spanking my boobs, the other ferociously fingering me. He then grabbed my neck with one hand and pushed me to the wall of the elevator. But suddenly the elevator stopped at the 3rd floor only…meaning someone was to enter and I was stark naked and all red from that spanking

He didn’t stop as if he didn’t care if someone entered. Probably revenge, probably the adrenaline. And the gate opened and it was the watchman of the building.

The watchman was dumbfounded and asked him angrily what he was doing… And he replied with a very firm voice… “SHE IS MINE TO FUCK”.

NSFW: yes

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