Wife’s friends: a sex filled holiday (with plenty of voyeurism). [MF]

We recently decided to take a last minute holiday with some friends of my wife: a couple (Ali and John) and a single friend (Jess).

The villa we stayed in was single storey and had all the bedrooms down one corridor. My wife and I stayed in the middle room. I’ve written before about overheard sex and how hot I found it and I have to admit it was an ulterior motive in pushing for a middle room. I was not disappointed!

The villa was a bit of a compromise in terms of how nice it was but an unexpected advantage was paper thin walls. My wife and I both heard Ali and Joh going at it a couple of times in the first day. Once, when we arrived and were unpacking, it was a bit of a smile and joke. That night they went to bed a little earlier than the rest of us and were deep into it by the time we went to our own room, Sally’s intermittent groans evidently making both me and my wife turned on. When I kissed my wife, she kissed back hard and dropped to her knees shortly after to suck my dick while I stood and listened to her friend getting fucked. When we moved to the bed I found she was dripping wet and just wanted me inside her. We fucked and my wife was a little louder than usual. It was unsaid but we both knew what was going on and what was getting the other person off. The other couple finished a little before we did and I know they’ll have then heard us finish together for the first time during the holiday.

Sadly our fucking didn’t quite synchronise over the next couple of days, though I did get the chance to jerk off in the living area, standing near the entrance to the corridor, hearing Ali and John fool around when Jess and my wife were out picking up groceries. They were a little quieter than the first times we heard them and I suspect that John was licking her out based on Ali’s deep breaths and gentle sighs.

The best night was near the end though. Jess has been single for a couple of months now and isn’t someone I would ever have wondered of as having a kinky side. She’s a bit of a plain Jane in all honesty. Nice girl but doesn’t do anything for me with her looks or her personality.

One night near the end of the holiday we all decided to go out drinking in the nearby town. My wife had way too much to drink so we came back first and she basically fell straight asleep. I heard the others arrive back later and go straight to their room. I was hoping to listen in to some action again and waited up in our room a while but other than some overly loud conversation there wasn’t much happening.

I got up in the middle of the night to pee and was surprised when I heard noises from Jess’s room. At first I wondered she was playing with herself and I began to stroke my cock as I listened in. I soon realised I was wrong, as I heard the bed start to squeak rhythmically, softly at first but then with gradually increasing speed. She was clearly being fucked. Her moans didn’t change at all though – they were long and deep, albeit not especially loud. I stroked myself slowly but still managed to finish before they did and went to bed.

The next morning I told my wife I’d heard Jess fucking. She reported back all the details to me that night, after chatting with Ali and Jess. Jess had apparently been picked up by a guy, another British tourist, in one of the bars. Jess told her that he’d first fucked her behind the bins at the back of the bar before they rejoined the group and they all came home together. It got better though: Jess said that he’d pestered her to try anal when they were back in her room and she’d been drunk enough to agree. I’m convinced what I heard was her ass being filled with her hookup’s cock.

Picking a random girl up, fucking her outdoors and then convincing her to take it up the ass: whoever that guy was I was seriously impressed!

I could tell my wife got turned on talking about what Jess got up to and we had sex shortly afterwards. I’ve noticed since we got back she’s started sharing lots more little details about some of her other friends and what they got up to in the past/who they’re seeing now. This is a great development!

All in all it was an excellent holiday and I hope we do something like that again in the future.

I did try to record Jess getting fucked that night but sadly the quality was terrible and you couldn’t really hear very much, otherwise I would distribute…

NSFW: yes

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