When In Greece part 2 [MMf22-30] [lightBDSM] [semiforced]

As you unlock the door the driver is behind you with your luggage and you walk in together. He sets your bag down in the foyer and then asks is there anything else I can help you with, you take a moment thinking man you could really pound a cock into me right about now Iv been hot and bothered since the plane. No thank you, you responded but could you leave your number you were a very good driver and tour guide and I would like to use your services again. Sure thing he responded, as he handed you the card you felt his fingers linger on yours. This drove you mad with head, thinking if I don’t get him to leave I will use him like a damn humping post. Thanks again you say as you close the door behind him. My word another few minutes and I would of been balls deep literally, you laugh to your self as you walk to the kitchen. Seeing the wine selection you pour your self a glass. Drinking one, too, three, and after that who knows you are laying in a hot bubble bath with a large bay window open over looking the valley below. Man it’s been a while as you trace a finger over your semi-submerged breast. I bet I could, no no I don’t even know the man. But oh, he was so hot, the wondered of him made your lips flush with heat. Well he did leave me his number.. humph and I think I know how to just spell it out so it’s not lost in translation you think. Why the hell not you think when in Rome and giggle and say or Greece.

You bite your lips softly as your fingers hovers over the send button, you can feel your heart race and your mind waver. But it’s been so long since you have had the touch of a man and after reading so many erotica novels you decide what’s the worst that can happen. You hit send and a message to your driver saying hey come back by i forgot to give you a tip, with a sexy picture you took in lingerie outlining your curves. Then you see it the three dots at the bottom of the screen. You feel your heart race and beat in your chest. You can feel your body tingle with anticipation. Then you receive his reply. That just reads “I’m on my way!!!”. You send back the location of the key you hidden for him under the small Aphrodite statue. You wondered the location was smart due to Aphrodite being the Greek goddess of beauty and love. You go take your position on the bed. Your arms and legs laying on the bed next to cuffs, a blindfold over your face, a note at the foot of the bed that says enjoy. Your heart is racing, you have never done anything like this before. But after all the novels you have read and lust you felt, you wanted to live on the edge. You wanted to feel the sea of lust and pleasure like the women do in your books, that’s when you hear the door open and close.

You then hear the bedroom door open you bite your lip trying to hold back your quick breathing and the anticipation of what is to come. Can hear the note being picked up and then the paper rustle as it fluttered to the floor. Then you feel his hand, soft and gentle touch your wrist. His fingers tracing your fingers, then you feel his hand lift yours. The cuff gets placed around your wrist and you feel it secured, not painfully tight but snug enough that you know you are at his mercy. Then you feel the other hand being bound and the moment it touches the bed you feel your foot being lifted and secured. He moved fast your wondered as the goosebumps over come your body. Your heart feels like it’s gonna beat out of your body as the last cuff goes on your ankle. Then hear it, the unmistakable sound of a belt being undone and a zipper slowly opening. This may have only been a few seconds but seemed like years as your could hear each tooth of the zipper releasing it’s hold.

NSFW: yes

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