My new neighbour’s son left his key at home so I let him stay with me until morning! [26F]

Last night at around midnight, I was just about to join my husband when I saw our driveway motion sensing lights turn on. I saw a car that I didn’t recognize slowly back out of our driveway and into my neighbours. Out came my neighbours son. He waved goodbye at the car and walked to his front door. I figured his friends were dropping him off and accidentally mistook our house for his, no big deal, I’ll just watch and make sure he gets inside before gonna bed.

He fumbled around checking all his pockets, then sat down on the porch, looking frustrated. All the lights in my neighbour’s house were off other than the living room lights. I was a bit confused as to why he wouldn’t go in, so I went outside and asked if everything was okay.

I was in a sheer babydoll nightgown and thong when I went out. He couldn’t keep his eyes off my body. Turns out he forgot to bring his keys and didn’t expect to get home this late. His parents aren’t that strict about curfews since he’s 18 but they get really annoyed when he wakes them at night. I saw my chance and invited him in to my house.

I gave him some of my husband’s clean clothes to change into after he took a shower. While he did that, I sent a text to my neighbours to let them know he was here, hoping their phone would be on silent while they slept. I also started prepping the guest bedroom.

He was done with his shower and walked in. As I made sure he was comfortable, he couldn’t keep his eyes off me!! I was pretty sure he was turned on, what I was missing was an excuse to initiate some sort of touch. I tried to buy time by sitting closely next to him on the bed and asking “Is there anything else I can get you?” I don’t even think he realized that his eyes were locked onto my breasts as he said “No, I’m fine, thanks so much for letting me stay here.” The only thing my idiot brain could think of was to give him a big hug, tuck him in and kiss him goodnight.

Thankfully, it worked. The hug was super tight, I squeezed my boobs onto his chest and felt his hand creeping it’s way to my ass. After tucking him in, I asked him to let me kiss him goodnight and leaned in to kiss his lips. Our kiss lingered and progressed to fondling and taking each other’s clothes off. He was enamoured of my body and kissed me all over.

When he got to my pussy, he stayed there and started eating me out. It was a good effort and got me really wet but you could tell he wasn’t the most experienced. I then got on my knees and sucked his cock. It was a pretty large 6.5-7 inches. As I throated it, he tried desperately not to cum too soon, so I moved in to his balls and ass to give him a break.

He loved the rimming so I ate his ass for quite a while but eventually got on top of him and slid his cock in my pussy. With control over positioning, angles and rhythm, I was able to make myself cum. I then offered him my ass and he gladly got behind me and fucked my ass from behind. He started fucking harder, spanking me and calling me a cheating whore. It was surprising to see this dominance from him since I started on top but I didn’t mind him dialling up the roughness, though it made it harder for me to stay quiet.

When he was near finishing, he had me turn back around, mounted me and shoved his cock down my throat, making me gag. He fucked my throat until he was ready, pulled out and came all over my face. It was a gigantic load. He thanked me and I went to clean up, then went to bed back by my husband’s side.

This morning, I got a text from my neighbour thanking me for taking care of her son. Oh I took care of him alright.

NSFW: yes

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