What are friends for? Pt. III

The sexual tensions in the room was reaching new heights. I couldn’t be the only one feeling this right? We took a pause from the game to refill on ice and chasers. Walking through the hallway all I kept thinking about was Trina’s gorgeous brown legs wrapped around my face and Gladys’s fat wet pussy grinding on my dick. An award winning porno fantasy kept replaying in my head. I couldn’t wait to get back into the room. We poured 2 more shots. 1 down. 2 down. All of us were the most free spirited we could be. Trina called us to attention and got us back into the game. Trina sits up on the bed and I notice she’s no longer wearing shorts under her Big T shirt but rather just her panties. I was drooling. Her pussy lips almost hanging out of her slutty little g string. Gladys assumes the same position in the lounge chair this time her camel toe was eating through her shorts. She pulled the already tight booty shorts all the way up to show off her voluptuous vagina even more. I can’t help but stare back and forth, then Trina points at me.

My turn… “truth or dare” Trina asked me. Without hesitation I responded “dare the fuck outta me.” Trina with her eyes wide understood that I was already on the wild side. I mean, I’m ready to get naked run in the hotel hallway, pretend I’m a male stripper, or whatever for these girls. After all the suppression of that sexual tension? i was ready to pull out my cock then and there and jerk it for these ladies, But instead Trina asks me for my phone. That’s the dare. “How fuckin lame” I wondered. Trina scrolled through my phone and then gave it to Gladys. She said “okay Gladys look through this for a little” Gladys was quiet with my phone and I could visually see her face turning red. It’s almost as if her body temperature went up and you could see a glow around her. She giggled a little and her jaw dropped a few times. I was fixiated on how she reacts with her whole face. Any sign of pleasure on her face made me go crazy on the inside. The hand that was resting on her knee slowly made its way down to in between her thighs. I could’ve sworn I saw some naughty movement. Maybe a quick little feel because she thinks no one is watching. But my eyes are locked on her. I didn’t know what she was looking at but whatever it was, was getting her in the mood. After a couple seconds Trina retrieved my phone and hands it back to me. I look down at my phone questioning what weirdshit she showed Gladys and all I see were my dick pics, Trina’s full nudes,Trina and my sex tape and Jack off/cum videos that I take for Trina every now and then. I look down smile and look up, Gladys is smiling at me as she takes another shot. Now and I’m really really ready for this game of truth or dare to get spicy.

Trina’s turn and Gladys is up out of her chair ready to grill her. All the while I’m hoping that the sexual nature of the game keeps rising. I’m eagerly waiting to hear what Trina will choose. Trina blurts out “DARE!” Gladys about to exclaim something stops and looks at me “Dare you girl to do something exciting.” Exciting. I couldn’t think of anything that didn’t involve us getting naked together. Should I tell her to get naked. 7 minutes in heaven with me? 7 minutes in heaven with Gladys!? All I could think of was sex, twerking and nsfw challenges I was blank I couldn’t reveal to them that a freaky threesome was all that was on my mind. Gladys fed up with my lagging, came up with her own dare. “Trina I dare you to reveal your freakiest fantasy” we paused. I laughed out loud hard “Gladys how can you flip a dare into a truth thats bullshit!” We are all laughing until Trina in a calm voice said “well, one fantasy is I either want to fuck in front of people or release my own sex tape..” Sexual tension feels like the hotel window might not be able to hold the pressure. Trina’s wild side is really showing, and it was turning me on. I didn’t have much time to think on her confession until Gladys had to use the bathroom. She ran and I watched her go towards the bathroom, her booty shaking from side to side in the little shorts she was borrowing. As soon as the door clicked shut my cock was in Trina’s mouth. Soft. She put in her mouth looked up and with a muffled voiced said “I wanna do it all with you babe” she sucked my semi soft penis hard into her mouth and almost down her throat. I could feel the walls of her mouth just tighten around my cock. She massages it by moving her jaw and tongue all over, while sucking my dick down her throat so it’ll stay in place. Ecstasy. She looks up in a muffled voice. “how horny are you tonight daddy?” I could feel the blood just rushing towards my dick to make it rock hard. Her tongue was doing swirls around the shaft. In my head all I wanted to do was shove my cock down Trina’s throat so she can tickle my balls with her tongue. I looked down at her grabbed her by her hair and said “my next dare better be exciting, plus be ready when it’s your go… I’m not holding back” I take her ponytail and hold it as thrust my hips forward from a sitting position to almost standing. Putting my dick balls deep in her mouth to where my balls are resting on her chin. But then we hear the toilet flush, we laugh a little and immediately go back to where we were. Trina’s wiping the spit off her lips as I was putting a pillow over my obviously semi hard dick. This game of raising the sexual tension all night was fun, but I was ready to fuck. I just needed a green light. All I needed was these two best friends to find out what works for them and I can commit to whatever they wanted. All of us, just Trina and me, just Gladys and me, Gladys watching? It didn’t matter I was down. We all are sitting back down. Trina’s pussy basically out of her panties as she sat up and Gladys pussy ate up the front of the shorts revealing her pretty pink panties. Enough is enough i wondered to myself.

After pouring another shot I turned down the music, paused and asked “How much fun are we really trying to have tonight?

NSFW: yes

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