Vanessa and her professor part 2 [20sF/30sM][con][oral][fiction][fantasy] – Short Sex Story

On Wednesday Vanessa spent a while deciding on just the right outfit for class. She chose a white ribbed crop top. If it was a bit too small and she usually wore it under things, well that was fine. A pair of high wasted wide legged jeans made the top a little less risqué. She spent extra time on her hair and makeup. She wanted her lips to look full and wet. Maybe that new bright pink lipstick she had purchased and never used?

In class Vanessa didn’t want to be obvious so she took her usual seat more towards the back. She tried to take notes. She felt like everytime she looked at the front of the class that he was staring at her. Towards the end of the lecture he walked around handing back the last homework assignment. She got a waft of his cologne as he walked by giving her the assignment back. Vanessa’s didn’t have a grade on top. Instead hers had a note *let’s meet to discuss. Office hour 7 pm.* One of Vanessa’s classmates noticed. “Bummer man,” they commented. Vanessa tried to look appropriately heartbroken but inside she was all butterflies. But 7pm!! His class ended at 11. What was she supposed to do for 8 hours!?

At 6 pm Vanessa decided she needed to adjust her outfit. She switched out her pants for a jean mini skirt. And the bra absolutely had to go. The panties could stay. She didnt want to leave a trail of her juices walking to his office. Not that the absolute miniscule sheer black thong she had on would do much. She reapplied her lipstick. *don’t want to look too desperate,* she wondered with a giggle and yet she found herself knocking on his office door right at 7 pm. He answered the door quickly. His hair was ruffled, like he’d been running his fingers thru it nervously. The top 3 buttons on his shirt were already undone and the sleeves were rolled up. Vanessa felt her nipples harden just at the sight of him.

“Vanessa, thank you for being so punctual,” he said loudly as he stepped back to let her into his office.

He had no sooner shut the door than he had her pressed up against it kissing her passionately. He started grinding his already hard dick into her hip. When he went to squeeze her tits and found there was no bra, he moaned while raking his teeth down her neck.

“Did you walk to my office wearing this? God everyone is going to know what’s happening!” He managed to stutter out between kisses.

“Do you taste like whiskey?” She retorted.

He stepped back to press her tits together and then started sucking on her nipples through her shirt.

“My….my mouth.” Vanessa panted. “You said we needed to….to….to…” She trailed off as he skimmed his hands up the back of her thighs, and then under her skirt where he grabbed her ass and pulled her hard against him. Vanessa stopped trying to talk and began kissing him back. Sliding her tongue along his. Biting his lip. She began working on the rest of the buttons on his shirt while he undid the buttons on her skirt and let it fall to the floor. He slid his hands under the floss thin sides of her panties and started to also remove those. He brought his hand to her pussy and started slowly inserting and removing one of his fingers.

“Oh Professor Hudson!” She sighed into his mouth.

“Beau. My name is Beau.” He said before he started kissing her again. She pushed his shirt off his shoulders and ran her hands up and down him everywhere. God he was fucking sexy. Nice lean muscles. Tan. Obviously didn’t spend all day inside grading papers. Her hands skimmed lower and lower down his stomach until they reached his belt and pants. She started undoing each as he suckled and bit at her still clothed nipples. Once his pants were undone he let them down and then stepped out. A giant bulge was visible in his boxers. Vanessa reached for the waistband to remove them.

“No. Your shirt needs to go first.”

She peeled her shirt up over her breasts. Not like it was doing anything. Her tits were half hanging out the bottom. The fabric was wet from Beau’s spit and was now see thru. Her dark areolas starkly visible. Beau removed his boxers and his dick sprang free. Finally released from its constraints. Vanessa looked at it, precum glistening on the tip, and licked her lips suddenly nervous. He grabbed her by the hips and pulled her towards him. He kept backing up until he was able to lean on his desk and then pulled her naked body flush with his. They spent some minutes just leaning there, kissing, hands exploring. Vanessa gave him one last long deep kiss before dropping to her knees in front of him. She grabbed the base of his cock and stroked him and kissed the precum from the tip of his dick. With her hand wrapped around his cock, kneeling nude in front of him, pouty pink lips wet, she looked up at him and smiled. She trailed small kisses along the top of his dick. When she reached the base she licked her way back to the tip along the bottom. Beau took his hands and placed them on the edge of his desk. Gripping it so hard his knuckles turned white. He wasn’t gonna touch her. She was in control. He wanted her to decide what to do to him. It made her so horny. Vanessa continued licking and kissing his thick cock, never getting more than his head into her hot mouth. She could feel the tension in him at her lack of taking him fully. On one pass down his dick she stayed and licked his balls. She gently sucked one into her mouth rolling it around. She let that one fall from her mouth and then repeated the process with the other. But instead of letting go of this one she instead sucked both into her mouth. Licking and sucking and drooling on her huge tits. She licked up the fat vein on the bottom of his dick and then upon reaching his head, took as much of him as she could. Vanessa felt Beau shudder and heard him moan.

“Thank fuck. I thought you were trying to kill me.”

She smiled around his cock and continued to bob on it. Out back to the tip, swirling her tongue the whole way. In, trying to take another small bit with every suck. She got his whole cock into her pussy, she was gonna eat his whole cock even if she passed out. One hand eventually left the desk to softy comb through her hair. Vanessa pressed on. She felt the head of his cock reaching the back of her throat. She gripped his cock between her lips and the base and was dismayed to feel how much was left. His dick popped out of her mouth as she panted.

“You don’t have to take it all,” he told her.

“I want to. Help me? Help me take your cock down my throat?”

Beau needed no further convincing as he pulled her to standing. He easily picked her up and laid her down on his desk. Her head was hanging over the side. He moved toward her head and Vanessa eagerly took his cock back into her mouth. He reached forward and started fondling her breasts. She felt his cock going deeper into her throat. She felt his head reach the back and go further still. He left it in her throat for a few seconds. Throbbing before pulling out. Vanessa was gasping for air.

“Did I get it? Was that all?” She asked.

“Almost. You’re so close!”

His dick came back towards her face. This time as he thrust in, she pulled on his ass. Pushing his cock further, down into her throat. She felt his balls on her face and knew she had done it. His cock was completely in her throat. She held it there for 10 seconds before letting him slide back. Beau was breathing hard.

Fuck. Oh fuck I could see the outline of my cock in your throat. Oh fuck that was so fucking hot!”

“Well now we know I can take it. So fuck me. Fuck my face. Bruise my throat!” Vanessa told him before taking his rock hard dick back into her mouth. Beau started thrusting. Not too aggressive at first but the longer she sucked on his dick the harder and harder he thrust into her. Vanessa’s drool and spit was coating her tits. Beau reached down and started squeezing them. Pinching her nipples. Vanessa moaned on the cock in her throat.

She pulled his cock from her throat, panting, “can….can you…use the ruler…again?” She wiped the drool from her face.

“I have something else for you,” he said. He reached into a bag she just noticed sitting on his desk. A mostly empty glass of some amber liquid next to it. Out from the bag came a dildo. It was even bigger than his cock. “I want you to fuck your pussy with this while fuck your throat.” Vanessa took the dildo. “Gag on it first. Get it nice and wet with your spit.”

Beau leaned back on his desk and slowly stroked his dick while Vanessa kneeled between his legs and started working on the dildo. He watched her lips slide along it, her mouth stretched to her limits. She got half of it down before she started gagging, her spit running down the rubber dick.

“That’s enough. Now let me see you fuck your pussy with it.”

Vanessa positioned it below her cunt and started lowering herself down onto it.

“No. Sit down and spread your legs. I want to see your pussy stretch and your lips slide down it.”

Vanessa did as he told. Every time she slid the dildo into her cunt she moaned.


In response, Beau grabbed her face and pulled her to a kneeling position, kissing her deeply.

“You are so fucking hot. Now ride that giant cock in your tight little cunt while I use mine on your throat!”

Vanessa held on to the base of the dildo and started bouncing up and down on in. Her drool covered tits bouncing up and down. Beau brought his cock to her lips. She licked the head and swirled her tongue around the tip, slowly taking him into her mouth again. When she got half of him down, Beau grabbed the back of her head and started thrusting his cock fully into her throat. The office was full of the sounds of their fucking. The wet sounds of Vanessa’s pussy sliding up and down the dildo, the gluck gluck sound of her choking and sucking on Beau’s cock, his moans and groans. Vanessa’s own moans were muffled by his dick but she felt it twitch and jump in her mouth everytime she did moan. With one last long moan, Vanessa slid down to the base of the dildo, fully inserting it into her pussy and then orgasmed. Beau’s dick fell from her mouth as she threw her head back and screamed. He gave her a few seconds to breathe and then he grabbed her head and slammed his cock back into her throat. He gave her no breaks. Thrust after thrust, slamming into her. She could feel the head of dick passing the small opening of her throat.

“God your throat is so tight. Fuck. Oh fuck. I’m going to paint your throat white!” And with a groan his dick started twitching and he began shoot ropes of cum down her throat. Vanessa started swallowing trying to take it all. He began pulling his dick from her mouth and Vanessa sucked on it, trying to pull every last drop of cum from him. Her hands lightly squeezing his balls. As his dick finally left her lips, one last small spurt of cum came out and landed landed on her cheek.

“Show me.” He demanded.

Vanessa opened her mouth, showing him the cum that he hadn’t shot straight into her throat. He wiped up the cum from her cheek and rubbed it on her bottom lip. Vanessa swallowed and then licked the cum from her lip. She then remembered she was still impaled on the dildo. She sat back on her ass and slowly pulled it out of her cunt. Beau’s eyes were glued to her glistening pussy.

“Are you trying to get me hard again?”

“Is it working?”

He chuckled and pulled her to her feet.

“You’ve already been here too long for *office hours.*” He pulled her naked body against his and kissed her deeply for a few minutes. “Get dressed.”

She pulled her shirt on. It was still slightly damp and her nipples instantly hardened. She pulled on her skirt but she couldn’t discover her thong anywhere. She shrugged. Beau was staring at her watching her every move.

“You can NOT leave looking like that.” He reached into a cabinet and removed a blazer. Vanessa put it on over her shirt. Barely an inch of her skirts hemline was visible. She went to open the door before remembering he was still nude. He quickly stepped into his boxers and pulled on his pants. He shrugged on his shirt but didn’t bother buttoning it. Vanessa stepped up to him and placed her palms flat on his chest.

“Same time Monday?” She asked biting his lower lip. He put both hands on her ass and pulled her towards his rehardening cock.

“I might need to move your time up to 6 pm. I think your going to need more tutoring.” And then he spun her around and pushed her out the door before he started fucking her again.

Vanessa pulled his jacket tight around herself. It’s smelled like him.

Beau picked up her thong and put it in his pocket.

NSFW: yes

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