Going away treat – Short Sex Story

I’ve seen this girl on tinder for about 2ish years. We matched a couple times before and since I was moving to another state, when she matched on my ass again I didn’t even wait a minute and got at her. And got her I did .

I love me some lady’s with meat on their bones.. hips/thighs specifically. Can I get an amen?! Haha. She had some absolutely juicy Tits on-top of that.so my heart started racing when she finally said she was here.( I forgot to mention there was like a 6 hr gap where I got no response from her so I wondered I was leaving the state without even getting a kiss ) and My heart hasn’t raced for a women in a minute.

We’re Vibing getting to know each other over some alc and 420 on the bed . I pick my head off of her lap after her she’s been running her fingers through my hair(which is shoulder length and curly). I made some real deal passion on her lips and body. Laying her on her front. Made some lusty passion to her ass. Finger fucked her to heaven.massaged her with oil.We chilled again. It went on for ever. And y’all. After all my years experiencing women with ass worship as my … passion to say the least. She than climbed up to earn her spot as the first women to smother my face in those cheeks. She then also landed on her back as the first girl I’ve ever fisted. Yoooo!!

NSFW: yes

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  1. Frequent-Inspector64

    This one is real because you can actually feel the hypeness unlike other stories here.

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