Trading my 23F gf on holiday

So we’ve just come back from your standard beach holiday staying in a hotel with a pool etc. Unfortunately there was no real eye candy around the pool for either of us. A lot of middle aged couples and families. After a few days however a young American couple moved into the room next to us. Let’s just say they were stereotypically loud, in more methods than one…

We see them around the pool the next day and he was tall, toned and seemed like an alright guy. She was blonde, petite but pretty curvy (I did enjoy sitting around the pool much more after they arrived). Me and my gf go up the room for lunch and naturally end up naked on the bed touching each other. Next thing you know. The couple next door must’ve had the same idea as all you could hear was the headboard against the wall and the cute blonde moaning her head off.

I said to my gf “I’m sure you could do better than that” before pulling her on top of me and wrapping her wet pussy around my hard dick. She moaned as she took me and it’s safe to say we put up a good fight in being the loudest. They tried to match us but as my gf moaned “cum in me daddy”right next to their wall, we heard a deep groan and our neighbours were done (along with myself, she knows that gets me every time).

We went back to the pool for the afternoon but they didn’t follow (clearly defeated). That evening we left the room for drinks at the hotel bar and met them as they came out their room. We let out a victory smile from earlier then went to the bar. They must’ve gone elsewhere for dinner but they came and sat on the table next to us In the hotel bar later that evening. I’d had a few drinks and was feeling brave so I lent over and asked what made them come to europe on holiday and we were chatting casually at the bar for a couple of hours. They seemed really nice, a bit loud, but nice.

His eyes were all over my gf and her nipples poking through her top. I didn’t mind, I was just as happy to be looking at his with her low cut top.

The bar closed at 10:30 so I suggested they come to our room as we have a load of beers stocked up. They were up for it and we all went up to our room and continued making conversation. My gf was pretty drunk and said she was gonna put her pjs on. She was stood on the other side of the room when she whipped her top off with her perky tits out in front of everyone.

All our eyes were on her as the US girl cheered and told her how great they were. She walked over to us (clearly didn’t actually want to put her pjs on) and sat on my lap with her tits just hanging there. His eyes were glued on her tits and hers were on his eyes. His gf was also into it as she hopped out of her seat all excited “omg we should fuck next to each other”. Before you know it my gf is on her knees sucking me while the others were doing the same. While we didn’t swap over all 4 of us we’re looking at the opposite couple until my gf who was yet again riding me let out her signature line. All while staring straight into the other guys eyes, who was pounding his petite gf in doggy at the time then blew his load into her.

We then realised how late it was so all went to our own beds, that’s all that happened for that night…

NSFW: yes

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