Dorm Room Deliciousness [F22 F23] [Travelling] [Hostel] [Masturbation] [First time] [Oral]

Sighing, I turned over, kicking the sheets in frustration. I at all times had trouble sleeping in new places. Enviously, I listened to the soft breathing of the other sleepers in the dorm room. I had been backpacking and sleeping in hostels for a couple of months now, but was still left feeling a little unsettled sharing a room with strangers.

I wondered about how New Zealand had so far been a blur of adventure, in between the wonderful hikes and stunning scenery there was incessant partying, copious alcohol consumption and plenty of people from all over the world to distribute a hangover with.

Being a lone female traveller there were plenty of opportunities for hookups, but that was not my style. I was an old fashioned sort of girl when it came to guys.

Eventually, I fell into a light sleep, only to be awoken by a gentle sound. Murmuring and rustling of sheets. I laid still, listening. What was that sound? Was someone having a bad dream?

There. Again. Deep breathing. Gentle whimpers. Repetitive movement of sheets. I opened my mouth in shock as I realised the meaning of the sounds. They were coming from the bed opposite me. There was no denying it. The girl in the bed was masturbating.

I have had my fair distribute of frantic self pleasure in a dorm room before, haven’t we all? But to be so obvious? I looked and listened for any signs the other occupants were aware of this salacious behaviour. As far as I could tell they were all asleep.

I stay still. Frozen in shock. Slowly, I blinked my eyes open. Lying on my side, I had the perfect viewing point. I could make out the shape of her curvaceous body in the faint light from the hallway. Eagerly, I watched as my eyes tried to focus in the dim light. I saw her sleeping bag move and sway in the darkness.

I held my breath. The vision of her became clearer. I could hardly believe the sight before me. There were eight people in this room. I closed my eyes and tried to ignore her. It was no good. I wanted to look. I needed to look. Gasping quietly once more, I found myself staring as I saw the sleeping bag was no longer covering her.

She had no underwear on and her hand was between her legs. I was entranced, listening and watching intently. Fuck. I could hear her sounds. Her incredibly evocative wet sounds. She was fingering herself, quite vigorously from the sounds of it.

I couldn’t escape the feeling throughout my body. Fuck. I was enjoying this. I slowly reached down between my own legs, trying hard to make little noise. I was pleasantly surprised by the warm wet feeling my hand was greeted with. I dipped my fingers in and coated my lips with my juices, caressing them gently.

I listened once again. Her breathing was erratic. It sounded as though she was getting close to orgasm. I circled my clit slowly and realised it wasn’t gonna take me much to get me there too. All of a sudden there was silence. A little exhale as she shuddered in orgasm. I also stopped breathing as I came hard, trembling from the new experience of witnessing another woman orgasm in front of my own eyes.

I rolled over, a little confused, but exhausted and finally fell into a deep sleep.

I woke up late. The dorm room was empty. I smiled and shook my head, feeling like last night was a dream. I sat up in the bed against my pillow and stretched, enjoying having the room to myself.

This enjoyment was soon interrupted as I heard the lock turn in the dorm room door. I yawned and rubbed my eyes, looking over and trying not to gawk as I saw the girl standing with her back to me in nothing but a small towel. My eyes roamed her body. She was still wet from the shower. Her shoulder length dark hair drips onto her shoulders.

I found myself trying to look underneath her towel as she bent over to get something out of her bag. She turned to look at me and smiled as she realised she was not alone. I blushed and quickly looked away, wondering what had gotten into me.

“Hi. I’m Ivy,” She said, holding out her hand to take mine.

She had to use the other to stop her tiny towel from falling to the ground. As I reached out to take her hand she had to bend slightly forward to reach out, her towel peeking open, revealing her naked, wet thigh. My hand encases her own. It is hot and soft, with a hint of dampness. I can feel the heat emanating from her body. My heart was beating fast. I hold on as I introduce myself.

“I’m Luna,” I said, nervously smiling.

I thrust my hand away and quickly got out of bed, grabbing my things and heading for the shower.

The hot water felt good pounding on my skin. I wondered about the plans for the day. I must book that glacier hike. I really ought to try a Skydive whilst I’m here. The wondered of that excited me.

My thoughts were gently invaded by a different sort of excitement. Ivy. Her noises and her wet sounds. I closed my eyes, gliding my hands over my breasts and sliding them into my folds. Once again they are wet.

I replicated the intensity of her fingering, but this time I imagined it was her sliding her fingers into me. I was lost in the moment, my fingers easing in and out of me, giving me intense pleasure.

Fuck!” I exclaimed as a loud banging on the door made me jump.

“Sorry I have to close for cleaning,” said an apologetic voice.

Damn. So close! I laugh to myself. I dried myself off and went back to the dorm room.

I was surprised to see Ivy was still there. She was also still in a towel, lying on her front on her bed, reading a book. I smiled at her feeling a little self conscious in my towel. I shiver, the cool winter air seeping into the poorly heated room.

“You can use my hair dryer if you like,” She said, smiling and gesturing to the floor.

Appreciatively, I nodded my head. I sat on my bed with my back to her and dried my hair, occasionally blowing the hot air onto my breasts, enjoying the feeling of heat on my cold erect nipples.

I stopped the hairdryer and looked over to her to say thank you. I paused, mouth wide open. Ivy was still lying on the bed, completely naked. Her back was to me, but I could see everything. My shock didn’t stop there. She reached her hand behind her and started rubbing herself. I took a deep breath, my nipples hardening once more.

I bit my lip. Thought what it tasted like. What it would feel like tightening around my fingers. I blinked and exhaled. I was confused, I’m not into girls! Or was I?

I found myself moving nearer to her. As I got closer I could see her in all her beauty. She was glorious from behind. The gorgeous white skin of her cheeks flushed red from her hot shower, her lips protruding outwards, swollen, wet, inviting. I couldn’t help myself. I reached out to touch those tender folds. I felt my own body ache with longing as I traced a finger down her lips, a string of her wetness on the end of my finger. I heard those sweet murmurs once more.

I scooped up a strand of her juice and sucked on it. It tasted sweet. I wanted more.

My aching turned into lust and before I knew it I had already pushed on her hip to open up her sweetness.

I stared at it. It was gorgeous. Inviting. I looked at her. She had her mouth open in anticipation. I moved in slowly, imagining what I would like if a woman was to pleasure me in this way.

I slid the tip of my tongue in between those delicate folds and licked up and down slowly, just brushing the edge of her clit. She squirmed and I found myself pushing her down to keep her still.

She whimpered. That sound ignited a reaction in me I never knew I had. I plunged my fingers into her, hard and deep. I didn’t stop, not caring that my towel had also fallen off. I was too deep in the moment to care about the possibility that someone could walk in at any second.

I fingered her quickly. My tongue concentrated on her clit and I lapped rhythmically, allowing my saliva to drip onto her and enjoying the intoxicating sounds of wetness. Her moans provoked me further and I sucked on her clit, feeding my fingers further into her, deeper, harder and faster.

There was no stopping me now. I was relentless. I wanted to feel her orgasm on my fingers and needed to see her desire pouring out of her.

I sucked on her clit harder and watched my fingers sliding in and out. She felt warm and fit snugly around my two fingers. I felt my eyes lower as I watched her desire drip down onto her other entrance. That had never been a desire of mine, until now.

I felt possessed as I gently licked that area, licking my lips. It was a quick decision. I loved the taste. I looked into her eyes as I eased my fingers out of her and moved my soaking fingers onto her clit, rubbing them in circles as I inserted my tongue gently into her quaking entry.

I felt her dripping in reaction, adding to the wetness gathering down below. I moved my head backwards and forwards in a swift motion, keeping up a rhythm on her delicate area, increasing the pace ever so slowly.

I loved the sound of my wet tongue penetrating her and I upped the pace. Her moaning propelled me further and soon she gyrated in ecstasy, her orgasm exploding all over my face. Mesmerised, I watched as she contracted in front of me swiftly moving her hips up and down.

I took a breath, completely lost in this moment, wondering how the hell this happened. She sat up and grinned at me.

“Wow. If I had known you were that good I would have approached you sooner!” She said, grinning at me.

I smiled back coyly, the realisation dawning on me that I was good at this. Not only that, but judging by the burning throughout my body and the wetness dripping out of me I wanted more.

This adventure was only just beginning for me.

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