The wait is over (m27) (f31) [make-up sex]

It’s been far too long. She had been upset with me, and this is my punishment. She need only to lie with me, at 1am when all the world seems to sleeps but us.
“I don’t know if I want to tonight” she tells me.
I tell myself she is playing a little game, but I am as unsure how to play as I was when it was our first time.
“Maybe I just don’t feel sexy enough” she says.
It’s my turn in the game. I rub her thigh and kiss her neck. For a moment she indulges, then she pushes me back.
“Maybe I’ll just use my new toys”
My efforts to tempt her back fired. I only want her more, and I can feel myself starting to squirm with anticipation.
She changes her clothes and I wonder if she knows how tempting she is when walks about the room deciding what to wear. Her shape is flawlessly sculpted. Her skin is smooth and soft and beckons to be touched.
She puts on a black night gown and sits with me on the bed. We decide to play a game. Ten minutes of making out but we can’t escalate beyond that.
“What if we can’t do it? What if it’s not the same?” She asks.
There is only one way to understand. At last she kisses me. Her lips are soft and she uses her tongue playfully. Im quickly drawn into the embrace I’ve been longing for. Her resistance starts to melt away and I feel a flood of desire when she kisses my neck and chest.
“I don’t know if we can make it the ten minutes” she says. The bloody ten minutes, I think. And yet I’m starting to love this teasing. Rolling her over onto her back I kiss and lick her chest and neck and I grow hungrier when she starts to moan.
“Ok I’m good” she teases.
“Don’t stop now” I say pleadingly.
She has me lay on my back there’s a shiver through my bones with the way she moves her body against mine.
The timer goes of, ten min are up. Slowly she takes me into her mouth. Unbelievable sensations take over, she is the best there was the way she takes care of me care a thirst. Already I’m on the edge, fighting not to release.
She climbs over me and I’m swept away in ecstasy with the warmth of being inside of her. At lasssst, I think, allowing myself to submit completely to my sensations. With each movement of her hips my body dissolved further into hers. In this place there is nothing but her. The look of lust in her eyes. The involuntary shake of her muscles. The taste of her pussy, pleasure flowing ceaselessly into my mouth.
She pulls me atop of her.
My resolve begins to slip.
The tingle and throb of climax builds.
The sensation ripples throughout my body. My voice cries out in pleasure.
Suspended in a moment of bliss.

Lying together in the afterglow I feel complete serenity.
I need nothing else.
I am home, this is making love

NSFW: yes

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