[FF] [cheating] Secret Hookup with Husband’s Best friend’s wife Part 2!

[FF][married] Secret Hookup with Husband’s Best Friend’s Wife Part 2

Thank you all for your patience with my story. This is my first time sharing it!

So where was I? Oh yes, so there I was in a fancy hotel room all but naked under a terry cloth robe, mouthfucking my husband’s bestie’s wife’s pussy. I was clapping my hand over her plump little mouth to muffle her screams so no one would hear what I was doing to her. She didn’t seem to care, as she had reached that point in carnal pleasure (I know Ive been there) where she had lost all inhibition, and all that was left was an animalistic woman, ready to cum for me again, the moment I told her to. I hardly recognized her. It was so fucking hot.

After I had made her cum back to back four times, I left her woozy lying back on the bed. I climbed on top of her, pinching her nipples to get her attention. “You never answered my question,” I said smiling down at her, “Have you ever eaten pussy?”

I was toying with her at this point, grinding my wet clit into her hip bone as I sucked on her neck. She was reaching under my robe grasping my breasts, and trying to pull my hips up towards her face. She wasn’t much of a talker, more of a moaner, but that was okay with me.

I brought my hips up to her face, and I’ll never forget looking down at her face between my legs, her blue eyes looking up at me pleading, “tell me how you like it” was all she said.

Boy, did I tell her how I liked it, I rode her face – bouncing lightly on her tongue trying not to squeeze her head too tightly between my legs. I had to grab the end of the bedpost to hold myself up at one point I was cumming so hard, telling her, “just like that”. Remember that point of carnal pleasure I mentioned earlier? Well, I was there now too and I suddenly didn’t care how hard I was riding her face, as I circled my hips, grinding them down on her jaw as I came. Muffling my own cries with my hand. This went on one more time until I finally fell back on the bed in exhaustion.

She fell asleep in one of the double beds in her terry cloth robes while I showered. I slept with my husband that night in the double bed next to her and her man, and no one was the wiser, despite the fact we never put clothes back on to go to sleep!

The next morning after we parted methods I texted her, asking “should we tell them?”, She said,”Let’s not and keep this our little secret.” I decided to oblige – despite my prediction that neither our husbands would have minded all that much.

Now when we go to neighborhood BBQs together, all I can think about sometimes is that sexy carnal version of her that I got to peep at, and I imagine her riding my face the way I rode hers that night. I wonder if she thinks about it as often as I do?

NSFW: yes

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