The Third (II) – Short Sex Story

We stand to greet her; she extends her hand. “Gerald. Angelica. I’m Bethany. Or Beth is fine!” She giggles disarmingly.

“But never Lizzy?” I quip with an expectant grin. Between the two of my companions they raise three eyebrows. I cover my spreading smile as we all take our seats. The small synchronicity is sweet.

Beth is beautiful: a stacked brunette with a shock of improbable cherry red at the crown, a few inches shorter than me. She’s wearing a red leather jacket with the sleeves pushed up over a black lace corset and red and black plaid bondage pants. Her skin is so pale she looks like airbrushed porcelain.

I bet her breasts look like they belong on ancient marble statues.

She’d responded to our ad on the social site.  Asked to meet at a local coffeeshop for a “date.” We could all see how much of a fit we were.

“So what are you into?” I ask, and she flushes gloriously, from chest to forehead. Giggles again. 

“Well, your ad said you were into dominance, and bondage wasn’t on you list of hard no’s..” Master’s eyes watch her and she can no longer meet them, looks down to see her own fingers brushing lightly up and down her warm coffee cup suggestively. She gives a startled gasp, almost a moan, and my hand goes to Master’s thigh. 

“Oh, good girl,” I barely intone, but they both still hear me. Poor Bethany has to be soaked by now, blushing fiery red and shifting uncomfortably. “Master, I want this one!”

“I think I may too,” he replies. He asks her “do you want to be tied up?” Her hand goes to her throat and her eyes cut demurely downward.

“Say it, honey,” I encourage, and my hand slides down to Master’s inner thigh.

“Yes,” she responds. 

And it is a moan. My hand goes to Master’s cock.

“Do you want to be submissive?” I press further, running my fingers down his shaft.

She nods. Emphatically. 

“Do you prefer a Master? Or a Mistress?” Now it’s like she can not tear her eyes away from his. He holds her gaze and she can not break free. It makes me wet as my thumb strokes the head of his cock. I know what she’s gonna say.

I’m wrong.

“No,” she barely manages to whisper. She FINALLY manages to tear her eyes away and turns.

To look at me.

“I want both,” she says.

NSFW: yes

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