My First Girlfriend [M22 F23] [First Time] Part 1 – Short Sex Story

I was a late bloomer. I didn’t lose my virginity until I was 22. I’d had a couple girlfriends. One for more than a year in school. Unfortunately for me, she was saving herself for marriage. Of course I was at all times hoping I’d be the lucky guy to marry, so I was fine waiting. We did plenty of exploring, doing everything you could imagine 2 horny teenagers could do. We were both 18 at the time, I loved to lick her pussy. She’s the reason I absolutely love going down on women. The feel of their muscles clenching as they ride out an orgasm, the flood of liquid that comes with that orgasm, obviously the fantastic taste, but most crucial to me, the sound. I absolutely love to hear a woman experience an orgasms. Obviously waiting for that marriage never materialized. So my 20 year old insecure self continued in search of the one.

I met Tiffany at a bar we used to frequent. We’d hang at this bar at least 3 to 4 times per week. There was a group varying in size from 2-10 people. This particular night I noticed a couple blondes sitting at a table enjoying a drink and some appetizers. Tiffany was the one with gorgeous long blonde hair. She had beautiful blue eyes and perfect cheek bones. I couldn’t tell how tall she was or get a look at her body, I could tell she had gorgeous facial features. A buddy and I approached their table and asked if we could sit and chat. They said sure, but didn’t seem too excited. We sat and introduced ourselves, exchanging awkward pleasantries between unfamiliar people. This is when I learned her name was Tiffany. She was single, unfortunately for my buddy, the other blonde was in a relationship. He was a good friend and hung around anyway to help me discover some common ground with my new potential love interest. As it turned out, Tiffany and I attended the same high college. She was one year older than me. She was easy to talk to. I found that we had several similar interests. Throughout that night I continued to flirt and talk to Tiffany every chance I could. By the end I had her phone number, that felt like a win.

A couple days later I called Tiffany to see if she’d be interested in going out on a date. She agreed and we setup an evening to go out to dinner. I picked her up at her apartment on time and nervous as hell. I greeted her and told her I wanted to kiss her now so we could get the first kiss out of the way. She laughed at me as I moved towards her, I wrapped my arms around her and leaned in for an innocent peck. She returned the peck as we both pulled back slightly and giggled. With the first kiss out of the way we headed out for our date. We were both giddy throughout dinner. Exchanging stories and laughing at each other’s miserable past dating experiences. The conversation turned sexual, that’s when I broke the news that I was still a virgin. Tiffany had quite a bit of sexual experience. She shared some stories of miserable sexual escapades as well as what turn ons she had. I shared what I had done which apparently told Tiffany all she needed to know about me, so I was told many dates later.

We headed back to her apartment. Her roommate who is also the other blond from the first night was at her boyfriends and wouldn’t be coming home. Tiff invited me in and asked if I wanted to watch a movie. I all too eagerly accepted the offer and also offered to assist in making some popcorn. Tiff poured us each a glass of cheap wine and we sat at her couch. We were holding hands and getting cuddly. We never touched the wine or popcorn. Instead we sat in silence while the movie played. I have no idea what the movie was. I don’t think I watched a single second of it. I was nervous but also so turned on by the smell of Tiffany. Her gorgeous blond hair smelled so good as she nestled into me. I was teasing the nook of her neck and collarbone with featherlight touches. She cooed and snuggled closer. Her hand was drawing circles on my knee. Both of us just enjoying being together. I kissed her on the side of her head which she responded with turning her head so we could distribute what I would call the most passionate kiss I’ve ever experienced. It was electric. Her lips tasted like the sweetest fruit. They were soft, our tongues were involved, neither of us wanted to pull back. We both pushed for more. Both of us grabbing and pulling at each other’s bodies. We were both fully clothed, Tiff had turned her body towards me for better access to the kiss which continued.

She had climbed into my lap and was straddling me. Her arms around my neck, my hands running up and down her sides. She was grinding her crotch into me. Trying to feel as much as she could between all of the clothes we both were wearing. My inexperience forcing her to take more control over how hot this was gonna get. We made out like this for what felt like 5 minutes. In reality it was most of the movie. I remember her dog barking to go out which pulled us both out of our passionate fog. The movie credits were rolling. I think we made one kiss last the length of a movie.

To be continued….

NSFW: yes

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