The older ladies don’t seem to get the same attention with their stories [36F]

Something I noticed from posting on here is that a large majority of the time the top posts on here will usually be from younger ladies.

Don’t get me wrong, nothing wrong with that at all but it just makes me wonder – what’s wrong with us older ladies?

We’ve got a lot of fun to give too. We have all the experience. With the amount of cock I have sucked over the years I know how to make a man cum within thirty seconds and steal his soul in the process.

Maybe this confession isn’t as spicy as “I had sex with all my teachers in one day” but I wondered I’d try to bring the sub back down to earth a bit with a more ordinary one.

It’s my date night tonight and my date is taking me out to dinner. He bought me a new pair of boots that he calls hooker heels. I’m wearing them tonight with my outfit, of course matched with no thong. He still hasn’t seen me in them yet but I know he is gonna love it. We are gonna have super hot anniversary sex when we get home and I’m gonna do everything to blow his mind.


NSFW: yes

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