The night before the wedding [MF]

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NSFW: yes

This happened last month, I (M33) was staying at a hotel next to the church where my sister was due to be married the next day. As an ice breaker I had agreed to have a few drinks with my soon to be brother in law and his groomsmen and partners. Halfway through a painfully slow night a small talk I excuse myself to head to the bathroom a row of unisex toilets set up as cubicles.

Once I’d finished I opened the door to discover my GF (F29) gesturing for me to follow her into the next cubicle, as I follow her in she slams the door shut locks it and presses me against it as she starts passionately kissing me.

As I go to say ‘what are you doing?’ as she shushes me grabbing my cock through my jeans and starts to rub up and down whilst taking my hand under her summer dress. I immediately feel how wet she was thinking that she must have been planning this all night as we were sat making connections.

As I begin playing with her wet pussy over her thong she drops to her knees undoing my jeans and pulling my now rock hard cock out wrapping her lips around it. Taking me to the back of her throat she works my shaft like a pro warning me to not make too much.

I couldn’t take much more before I pull her off of me and get her bent over the sink infront of the mirror. Lifting up her dress I pull her thong to the side before spreading her open as I slide deep inside hearing her moan as I do.

I begin fucking her slow at first as she’s biting her lip trying to be as quiet as feasible, as I begin fucking her harder she turns on the tap allowing her to moan louder as I feel her legs starting to shake. Thrusting deep inside her I cum hard and flood her with a heavy load, as I slide out she kisses my hard and pulls her thong back into place whilst telling me we need to get back.

I go first and a few moments later she rejoins the group my cum still inside her as we continue with the boring small talk for the rest of the night constantly catching each others eyes remembering what we had just got up to.

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  1. Confident_Set2389

    This makes me what to meet up with friends and try to not get caught fucking my husband in the bathroom.

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