The naughty professor [M49] and the innocent student [F21].

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Teaching graduate level English is wonderful. Few students and they’re willing to listen and learn. It’s theses classes where I try to discover a young lady to have for the semester and I think I’ve found her.

Belle is a cute, petite blond. Very quiet and innocent. Nice little body with very small breasts. She seems like a challenge to fuck and one I’m willing to take on.

As the semester went on, I started to pay more attention to Belle. Compliment her on her work and the way she looked. She was coming out of her shyness a little so I knew I was making progress.

Students would sometimes stay after class to ask questions. Belle had done bad on a paper and was waiting for everyone to leave to talk to me. I noticed this and I was becoming arroused at the possibilities.

She came up to my desk and set her paper down and was pointing out my notes on it. I took her hand and started to rub it and up her arm as I explained. She seemed a little uncomfortable but didn’t stop me. She small breasts were near my face so I moved to get something and my cheek brushed one. She slightly gasped and took a step back. I told her to have a seat and to rewrite some things to correct her mistakes.

I walked up behind her and whispered into her ear, “You’re doing a beautiful job beautiful lady. I hope your boyfriend doesn’t mind me being so close?” I could see the hair on the back of her neck standing up. Usually her gorgeous blond hair is down but today it up and that’s a weakness for me. I could also see chill bumps on her arms appear. Her mouth opened and her breathing incresed.

“Would you like some more help Belle? I think you could use some.”

I could see her slightly trembling but she didn’t say anything. I decided to push a little farther.

I started to massage her shoulders. She slightly jumped when I first touched her but didn’t say anything. I kept whispering into her ear.

“You’re a hard working, beautiful lady Belle. You deserve to relax and have some pleasure, don’t you think so?”

She dropped her pencil and slightly nodded. My hands made their way around her neck and slightly on the back of her head. She lowered her head slightly and made a slight moaning sound. My hands then went down the front, over her small breasts over her shirt. Her chest was heaving up and down as she exhaled sharply.

I wanted feel her pussy but I couldn’t get to it while she was sitting. I told her to stand but not to look at me. As she stood, my hand cupped her tight ass. Her leggings hugged them tight and she wore them perfectly.

I tower over Belle by a foot so I had to bend over to get to her. I rubbed her breasts more then moved lower. My fingers slipped under her waistband and I could feel her lace panties.

“Your panties feel nice Belle. I can’t wait to see you in just them.”

“Yes professor,” she barely mumbled.

I didn’t want to pull her leggings down yet so a hand moved lower down the front, underneath her panties. I could feel the heat coming from her sex. No hair and a pronounced hood over her clit is what I felt first. A little lower and I felt how wet she was.

“Ladies these days love to have hairless pussies. Back in my day, it was full bush or a triangle on top. I miss a bush at times but I’m getting used to slick pussy.”

“Yes professor.”

“And a naughty girl for being so wet. I’m sure you’re tight but I’m sure a finger or two will slip in easily.”

I rubbed her large hood before sliding my middle finger through her slit. I found her opening and put half of my finger in.

Fuck professor.”

I nibbled on her ear as I worked my finger mostly in. Her arms went up, around my head and she began moaning. I worked my finger back and forth inside her and my thumb rubbed her button on top. I could hear how wet she was. I had to get a quick taste so I pulled my hand and and gave my finger a quick lick. She whimpered went I did this but moaned as I put my pussy juiced finger in her mouth. She sucked hard for a few seconds before I put it back between her legs.

This time, I was a little more aggressive. My middle finger slipped in easily. Belle’s back arched, one of her hands went around my neck and the other went to my hand between her legs but on the outside. I was kissing her ear and neck as I slipped a second finger in.

“I knew you were a good girl Belle. Are you enjoying your professor touching you?”

“Fuck, yes.”

With two fingers in and my thumb on her clit, I worked her up to an orgasm fairly quickly.

“Holy shit professor, I’m cumming,” Belle said with authority.

I felt her body shake and her pussy contract on my fingers. Her legs were weak so I held her tight until her orgasm subsided.

I pulled my hand slowly out of her leggings and Belle grabbed my hand and put my fingers in her mouth. “MMMM,” she moaned as she cleaned my fingers off. I was ready to taste her properly now.

NSFW: yes

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