The Man Who Loves Power.

It’s a power thing. I know it’s not ordinary the control and power I feel when this happens. There is no way to describe how unbelievably hot it makes me to see a woman worship the cock that either is about to make her body tremble or already has and is showing appreciation. I cum so hard knowing the sub/hotwife I am about to give my seed to is begging and wanting it more than air in that moment. It may sound crazy but it’s so so hot.

When I first meet a sub/hotwife it never starts like this. Is at all times the ordinary getting to know each other and finding out the do’s and don’t’s. Does she prefer this over that is she more interested in slow and long or hard and fast meeting times. The one thing that at all times stays the same though is by the third or fourth meet up they will worship my cock and cum.

Once it happens one time it’s like something clicks and they know from that moment on they have to. It’s like they need to to make themselves know they love it. On more than one occasion I’ve had them tell me they want to do it to show how much they want me. Of course that only makes this fetish of mine worse.

If you want to hear stories about this feel free to leave a like or a opinion so I can tell you all about it.

NSFW: yes

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  1. paincontroll

    Let’s hear it, did that myself years ago. Stopped after marriage but it was fun. Start honestly and nicely treating regular women, and gain their appreciation, then become ” the only one that ever…” did good things for them mentally and physically. Fun.

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