The Lady and the Maid [Ff] [F20/f20] [Passionate]

A slight shiver ran down my spine as I pulled the silk sheets over my bare figure. The shadows around the room danced against the soft, warm glow of the candle on my nightstand, the jubilee of the shadow realm not ceasing even once. The flame flickered fervently, as if beckoning someone or something closer.

A low, resounding knock echoed through the room, like the sound of one’s heart thrumming against their skull. I could hear her muttering to herself. Her voice’s highs and lows mixed in an elaborate soup of emotion. My breath hitched. I closed my eyes, cupped my hands around my mouth and let out a wail. I let my arms fall limply to my side. The muttering ceased, and for just a peculiar passing moment, it was completely silent. Suddenly, my door burst open, and she stood by my bed, her eyes widened. I cried out again before feeling her warm hands against my skin, the familiar feeling of warmth spreading through my body from her touch.

“Miss?” she cried. “Miss!”

I opened my eyes, squinting in the darkness of my quarters. The candle continued to dance as if nothing had happened at all. My eyes landed on her. I feigned surprise.

“It’s okay.” Her hand moved from my cheek to my hair, running her fingers through the dark strands like wading in warm, crisp, fresh water. “It was just a nightmare.” I looked up through my eyelashes at her, drinking up the sight with the hunger of a starving lion.

“I am afraid,” I whispered. “Sleep in my bed with me tonight.” She could not refuse. Not when I am the one whose word allows her the sustenance that keeps life coursing through her veins. Not when I am the one whose home keeps the cold of winter nights at bay and the rain from the angry gods away from her head. Even so, if I had not held such power over her, I believe she would still follow this command.

She nodded, her delicate hand leaving my hair as the warmth I craved so desperately left my scalp and reappeared enveloping my entire body. “Miss…” her voice trembled. “Your…your body. You’re naked.” The meekness of her voice only edged my urges further as they wrapped around my heart and squeezed like a snake beginning its meal.

“I wanted to feel the silk on my skin,” I whispered, matter-of-factly. I wanted to feel you on my skin. I turned on my side, facing her. The rosy tint on her cheek barely showed with the weak glow of the candle, but her refusal to look at me made it all the more obvious. “It really is such a lovely feeling,” I whispered, close enough to her body that my breath hit her skin and touched me again. “Don’t you want to feel it?” I pulled at her nightgown, my right hand bunching the fabric as if they were angry at the one barrier that kept my skin from touching hers.

She didn’t reply, but she didn’t make a move to fight me as I pulled her nightgown up. My fingers ever so lightly brushed against the skin on her thigh, the touch no more than a passing spirit among the living. I felt her ribcage expand as she inhaled sharply. That strange but familiar warm feeling began to spread in my chest again. The feeling I couldn’t find out yet couldn’t get enough of. I didn’t finish removing her gown. I instead allowed my fingers to search for that same electric touch that spread the warmth through my chest. My fingers explored, and she still said nothing. My fingers trailed over her stomach to her breasts that were heaving. Their movement was hypnotic. I ran my finger over her left breast, feeling the bump of her nipple. She shivered, and so did I.


I hummed in reply, my eyes finding hers that gazed up to me with the innocence of a white rose, suddenly tainted by the red growing amongst it. “Is this what it’s like?” I whispered. My question rang unanswered as I ran my thumb over her nipple once again. I watched her eyes shut tightly and her lip settle between her teeth.

Her eyes opened yet again, and she looked up at me with that same look, only intensifying the feeling in my chest. My heart slammed against my ribcage, trying with the strength of an army to set itself free from its prison. There was nothing anymore except for her and me. I leaned in, close enough to see the faint freckles on her skin from the sun. My hand found its way lower as I lay my hand to rest on her upper thigh. “Miss,” she murmured again.

I kept my silence as I lifted myself over her body, my knee coming to rest between her legs as I looked down at her. My knee pressed against her firmly as I watched her bite her bottom lip again. She didn’t protest. She didn’t fight it. I lowered my face down further until we were just inches away. Her breath hit my skin, sending chills down my body, despite it being summer. “Is this the love you spoke of?” I asked her softly.

She finally broke eye contact. Her eyes wandered down my naked body that towered just a meter away from her own body. “Miss,” she whimpered. “Your…your fiancé…”

I pressed my lips firmly against hers. Maybe it was to stop her from talking. Maybe it was because I wanted to know how she tasted. No matter the reason, I felt everything she had described. Only, I felt it with my lips against hers, not my fiancé whom she promised I could grow to love. She stayed still for just a moment. I could almost hear the cogs in her brain turning.

As if a switch had flipped, she began to kiss me back. Our lips moved in a dance of great passion. I could have kissed her forever. Instead, I broke away and sat up, staring at her to gauge her expression. The fade from passion to disappointment was all I needed to connect my lips to her neck, her collarbone, her breasts, her stomach… I didn’t go any further, though. Instead, I went back up to kiss her lips again, relishing in the feeling of her body under mine.

We found ourselves sitting up, our lips glued together. My hands found her nightgown, hungrily pulling it off of her smaller frame. I ran my hand down her skin. My hand acted almost on its own accord, softly running over her ribs, causing her to stop kissing me to gasp in surprise. My hand found its place between her legs, discovering that she was not wearing any undergarments. “Is this okay?” I whispered.

She nodded with no hesitation, the desperation dripping from her that I could almost taste it. I touched her delicately, and she bucked her hips in response, holding on to me for dear life. She wrapped her arms around me, holding on to me for support as I touched her in a way I’d wanted to touch her for a long time. At that moment, it was just her and me. No controlling mother, no diplomatic fiancé, no work–just my fingers hungrily exploring her.

Her moans were somewhat of a whine, and she tangled her fingers into my hair as if she’d blow away if she didn’t hold on. When they weren’t rolled into the back of her head, her eyes locked to mine, full of desperation and pleasure. I kept my eyes on her lovely face as I touched her in her most sensitive areas. Her bare skin pressed against mine as she rocked her hips to further stimulate herself. “Do you like it?” I asked, pulling her ear close to my lips. She didn’t answer, so I stopped my fingers’ movement. “Do it to me. I want to know how it feels.” Though it was a demand, I did not say it in the same way I would tell her to dress me for a walk or bathe me.

She landed a soft peck on my lips before moving to my jaw, my neck, my collarbones, and finally, my breasts. Her hand twisted and pulled at my already sensitive nipple. “Beautiful.” It was no more than a whisper, possibly to herself that I overheard. Nevertheless, she finally put her lips to it. As if there was no time to waste, she sucked as if it were food after a month of starvation. As if it would give her some kind of sustenance. My back arched as a shiver ran down my spine. I felt little beads of sweat form, wanting to be closer to her. We were floating high above the bed as her tongue changed the laws of gravity. My heart stung in my chest, beating against my ribs–the cage that separated my heart from hers. I stroked her hair with rice paper touch before gently pushing her lower. She complied, trailing down from my breasts to my stomach to my thighs. She stared at what lay between them in wonder, as if she had never seen something so gorgeous. If only she could see her face and the way her eyes shone. “A-Amazing…” The air hung between us, tense yet unbreaking. It bent me every which way until I wondered that I would surely snap.

Finally, her tongue made contact, and I groaned. The warm summer night carried us far away into the sky as she lapped up my juices. We floated above the manor, above the city, above the earth, until we were just existing in space–just her and me. My fingers tangled in her hair with desperation as I held her against me. She sucked and licked, and she cut me open to take my paper heart from its cage and write her name again and again in her lipstick. Her name took up the entirety of my heart, and I knew that I loved her. I could have married her right then and there. As she brought me to my climax, it wasn’t just my core that felt the great pleasure, but my heart held on to hers. She continued to nurse my high as our bodies merged together to become one body and one soul.

When I finished, I looked at her again. Her mouth and surrounding area were wet with my own juices, and I pulled her up to kiss her. I tasted my own pleasure and my own desires on her lips. I sat up, pulling her to my lap as I touched her again. I felt the warmth coming from her and the wetness of her desire on my fingers. She held me close to her breast as she moaned into space. Her moan was for me and only me as I relished in the music it was. I didn’t know if she had someone she loved before coming to the manor, but at that moment, she was truly and purely mine. “Miss,” she whimpered again, and I relished her pleasure. At this moment, it was true that her gorgeous body belonged to me, but I wanted more. I wanted her mind and her soul to [entangle with mine.](

NSFW: yes

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