My cousin and her BBC b/f (pt 4)

So Alex takes me upstairs and we get in the shower. She whispers to me that I need to be a good lil boy and make sure I’m ready for daddy. So we shower and she tells me to get on my knees, she steps over me and tells me to open my mouth. As I open my mouth she begins to unleash a stream of hot golden piss all over my face and filling my mouth. As my mouth gets full she stops and says “swallow it” as I do I hear “good boy” and she then begins to fill my mouth again. And the process repeated a couple of times and once she was finished she told me to lick her clean. Then she leaned against the wall and told me to begin eating her ass like it was a pussy. So I drive my tongue up her asshole and start licking and sucking on her ass and eating it up for all I’m worth. After a bit she says “let’s take this to the bed” we head to the bed where she lays me down first and she straddles my face and sits her ass right on my mouth and instructs me to resume eating her ass and tells me I will eat her ass until her pussy is soaked and ready for my tongue. So I are her ass for like 10-15 minutes and then she slides down and tells me “now eat this pussy and understand you’re the bitch getting fucked tonight.” So after she cums all over my face and mouth I hear the door open and Devin walks in and says “so is my bitch ready? Cuz this dick is hard and ready.” Alex spits in my mouth and hops on her back and tell med to crawl between her legs and eat her pussy and present Devin with my ass. I say “I don’t want to get fucked” they both laugh and Devin squirts some lune on my asshole and on his cock and he begins rubbing his 12-inch BBC up and down my ass crack and telling me “just relax and be a good bitch. Take this cock like a good lil slut and let daddy fill that ass” and after a few attempts he increases the pressure and I feel my ass open up and the huge head of his monster dick slides into me and I can’t help but scream and pull away. He laughs as does Alex and I am greeted with a smack on my ass and another across my face and I’m told to “stop being a bitch and just take it like the good lil slut I am.” Devin again applies pressure and as my ass begins to open up he says “take it all your fucking bitch. Be my white bitch” and he pushes every inch into my ass. Alex grabs the back of my head and rams her wet cunt into my mouth as I’m screaming in pain and Devin begins to fuck my ass. He is going all the way in and all the way out. Full on deep dicking me making me take his 12 inches each time. After a little bit he picks up the speed and really begins fucking me. “Oh fuck yea! That is a great ass” I hear. “That’s a good boy take daddy’s cock, you like feeling this BBC up your ass bitch?” I don’t answer as he once again picked up the speed. Then a slap across my ass and he pulls all the way out with a ‘pop’ sound and says “I asked you a question bitch! Do you like this Black dick up your fucking ass?” Knowing I have no choice I reply “yes sir!” And with that he rams the length back in my ass. Suddenly Alex starts to laugh and giggles and says “ look at that!” Pointing to my stomach “you can see that fat cock inside you” Devin fucks me hard slamming his cock in and out of me over and over for at least 45 minutes. Finally I hear “mhmm yea I’m gonna fucking cum!” “Pump that shit up his ass baby” Alex says. Devin slaps my ass and says “you are truly my fucking slut. I’m gonna dump this load deep in your ass bitch.” And he starts to moan and groan and I can feel he cock begin to pulse and then all I feel as he slams into my ass is hot sticky cum getting shot up my ass and as he pulls out and I fall flat to the bed, he continues to cum spraying it on my back and Alex turns my head just in time for a thick rope of cum to splash into my eye. After that Devin leans forward and pushes his cock past my open lips and down my throat to clean. “Suck it hard bitch!” He says and as he fucks his cock down my throat I feel him tensing up again and he grabs my head and pushes his cock down my throat and pumps yet another load directly into my stomach. He makes sure to pull out at the last moment and pop to ropes on my face. “Ahh what a good bitch! I knew you were a good slut” he says. Followed by “I can’t wait until tomorrow when he can take the 6 loads you made me take before the party” says Alex. Devin tells Alex to sleep with me in the bed as he is going to sleep downstairs. Alex looks at me and tells me I can cumin her pussy if I want to clean it out or she will suck me off and spit it into my mouth. I choose to get it sucked and I unleashed the biggest load of my life into her mouth. She smiled and crawled up to me and spit all of my cum and made sure she cleared her throat and spit a few extra times in my mouth before she told me “swallow it down.” She then lays naked next to me and told me “thank you for taking him, I can’t take that up my ass.”

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NSFW: yes

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