The best sex we’ve ever had. Just before lockdown started.

This story starts just before lockdown. I was speaking to this girl in my local area. We were young at the time but legal. She was a small petite girl, about 5”1 with brown hair and tanned skin. She had a nice curvy ass and larger tits for her smaller size. We had met up in person once but didn’t do anything crazy. We just made out in a field. We then spoke on text for a bit and exchanged some dirty messages together. We were both invited to a party by a friend of hers who I knew too. Nothing special happened at the party. She was wearing a white dress and had her hair down. We enjoyed the party and went off outside for a bit to make out. After the party, she told me her parents were away for the weekend and blushed. She asked if I wanted to go back to hers for the night. Obviously I said yes, what was I realistically gonna do? Finally, a friend of hers dad took us home. We got out and said goodbye. When the car pulled away, she ran to the front door, holding my hand and giggling. We got inside and immediately started kissing. We fell onto the sofa and she got on top of me and started tounging me. She then got on her knees in front of me and slid her hand into my bottoms. I unzipped my jeans and she fished out my hard cock. She started to jerk me off pretty quickly. She was stroking me pretty vigorously for a few minutes until she stopped and ran upstairs. She asked me to follow her so I did. We got into her room and she slipped her dress off over her head. Revealing her gorgeous white underwear. Her nipples were poking through her bra. I quickly took off all of my clothes and left just my underwear. We climbed on the bed and she got on top, and started grinding on me. She then went down and pulled my dick out again but this time she started sucking it. She was more slower this time as opposed to the handjob earlier. She was sucking me for about 2 minutes until she stopped, unclipped her bra and let her tits bounce out. She then pulled down her panties and threw them across the room. I leaned forward and pulled my underwear down to my ankles then used me feet to kick them off. I then grabbed her by the hips and pulled her on top of me so her tits were infront of my face. I motorboated her a little bit before letting her off me. She then inserted my rock hard cock into her pussy and started bouncing hard. She was moaning so loudly and we were both pretty sweaty within 10 minutes. Then it hit me that I wasn’t wearing a condom and didn’t have one either. After about ten minutes of her riding I asked her if we could switch positions. She got on her back and I got into missionary position. She started to rub her feet on my dick to keep me stimulated for a few seconds. I put it in her and we fucked for a further 5 minutes. Her loads were moaning. Louder than before now and I could feel myself getting close. She screamed “I’m gonna cum” and so I gave it a few more pumped before pulling out. She squirting all on me and I sprayed ropes of cum onto her face, tits and belly. We both moaned so loudly together. I let myself fall back next to her and we both panted. We looked at each other and she used her fingers to wipe the cum from her chin and sucked her fingers. That was the best sex we’ve both had ever and I don’t think anything will top that.
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NSFW: yes

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