The Appealing Deal – Part 3 [MF, interr, age-gap, cons] [F33, M54]

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Due to the insistence and power behind his walk when kissing me, I served no resistance to his advances. I fall into the hotel bed with my hair strewn about. I am sure it is not the most flattering look or angle, but I remind myself that I am in this position for a reason…

As I fell, my legs remained spread, I did not even embrace for the fall. My glistening pink pussy on display for him. My lips are swollen with expectancy. As I have mentioned before, whatever was gonna occur, I had complete trust in him. The only adjustment I make following my plummet into the hotel bed is balance my body by semi stilting on my elbows to get a better look at this specimen of a man.

As I stilt up, I bite my bottom lip in anticipation. He strides towards me, the only thing moving on his robust body being his heavily endowed cock and balls. He moves with purpose, just as he was a couple hours earlier at his assigned blackjack table. This man never wavers. My instincts were right, if he demonstrated that much purpose in public, imagine the precision and determination he would bring to me in private.

He looks at me with strong intent, and I move spread my legs further. Welcoming whatever he has planned in his enigmatic mind. He ponders for a moment, looking over my body. I grab my lush breasts, and display them further for him. I need for something to happen. I want to be demanding on what I want, but I prefer to be the object of whatever intention he requires. I see him kneel down again, and my heart starts to rush. He places both his hands on my mid-thigh, and approaches my aching pussy. I lean my head back in order to take in this experience, but quickly look back up again at him.

I feel his tongue trace the outside of my pussy lips, occasionally shifting them by moving inwards. Little did I know he was only laying the groundwork for what was to come. He works me orally like I have never been before. I have been used to the continual cookie-cutter eating out routine with men my age. The classic ABC’s, or licking aimlessly. My pussy had already copiously wet, but the additional saliva that he added almost made it feel as if he was ice-skating across my pussy. Every motion so streamlined and calculated.

After priming me, he inserted one finger into me, which I happily welcomed. I gasped at the first insertion, but out of excitement exclusively. This was happening. I let out an audible “…oooooooh…” to which I seen him glance up at me. He begins rubbing my clitoris, which has been begging for attention for, I don’t know…two hours? He finds the exact spot where my clit crowns and gently targets it. My attention is now completely off his finger inserted in me. I feel an internal rush directing me towards climax. Before I know it, I feel my pussy tighten and see that he has inserted a second finger into me, which pushes me further. Once he notices me started to flex my toes curling, he substitutes his finger for his lips and tongue. He pinpoints my clit with his mouth, creating a suction around my clit. There is no escaping this now. He has a routine where he creates suction, gently licks my clit, and creates suction again. He has perfect rhythm, and it is impossible for me to predict his next move. I begin to pant, and can’t control my breathing, and grip the back of his head to ensure that this does not stop. The walls begin to close in, and it seems my mind narrows to a pinpoint as I orgasm. I feel my body flush, as a climax. My entire body feeling as if I am collapsing within myself. I finally orgasm, and feel my legs fall onto his resting thighs.

I let out a series of exhales following my first orgasm with Shavar. I am laying on the bed and motion for him to join me. He relocates to the bed, moving completely behind me, and wrapping his strong, reassuring arms around me. Moving my hair, caressing my neck, kissing my back. He is sitting up, and I make the decision to fall into him, putting myself in a position between his legs between a laying and sitting position. I can feel his dick graze the back of my right arm intermittently. He starts to explore my body further. Moving his hands around my ribs/waist, then raising them back up to grasp my fair white breasts with his strong dark hands. My nipple color matched my lipstick, foreshadowing same tones me witnessed when I had my lips wrapped around his big black dick. I look down and occasionally see my erect nipples venture in between his fingers.

His fingers again start to explore lower. He is priming my pussy…again! I feel him lean into me to reach between my thighs and immediately feel my tulip envelop two fingers with no effort whatsoever. I back into him once again, and it feels as if I am backing into something so sturdy that nothing will harm me. I feel completely safe. This man is probably twice my size, at least, and treats me so delicately. He could ravage me, but he elects to treat me with such grace. While my pussy envelopes his fingers, his complete deep brown body blankets me. I reach back and have to provide some ecstasy for him, I begin to stroke his length. Once my hand even lightly introduces itself to his cock, I hear him whisper “oh, fuck yeah…you know your timing, girl…” We seem to be in sync with each other at this point. I wasn’t attempting to read him, but I instinctively knew at that moment he needed to be serviced.

I should do something. I have seen this man naked for some time now, but haven’t been able to see him in his full display. I want this dick harder than it has ever been. I continue to tug and massage his cock. There is so much dick to work, and it is made harder by attempting to give him a handjob behind my back. He deserves it. I remain close to climax again, but want to give him some attention. This man has been working on me so, hard. I went to type “my man” but that would be weird…but he is only mine at this moment. I attempt to escape, but he has me locked between his legs. Moving them would be like attempting to move two great tree stumps.

I have to do my best to persuade him out of this. A harder task than imagined. Trying to be a silver tongue is extremely difficult when you are getting your pussy worked with precision and fullness. I simply whispered to him “Baby, you deserve me. Let me give you what you need. Right now,…that’s all I want…”

I felt the tension in his legs loosen, and like a flash of white lightning, I was flipped around on my elbows and knees, staring directly into him. My tits dangling just enough to brush the sheets, and my ass so high that its halfway to the ceiling (…or so it seems). He leans over and smacks my ass reassuringly. The smack sends waves through my asscheek, to which he nods approvingly.

I grab the base of his generous cock with my left hand, and begin to jerk it. Mostly soft, but gaining some rigidity. I look at his prize cock in awe and bountifully compliment everything I love about it. I reassure him that his cock is the biggest, strongest, most commanding cock that I have ever laid eyes on. He knows this, but I can tell he enjoys me boosting him. I can’t imagine how it must feel for a man when a woman 21-years-younger than him is basically his hotel slut, and admires everything about him. I know I feel blessed that someone with his amount of life, and sexual experience has given me any time in his day – let alone an evening where I know he could spend it with any woman he wished.

The top half of his dick still drapes around my fingers, waiting to be mustered. I rest his half-flaccid cock on the side of my face, smile, and stare deeply into him again with my green eyes, give the side of his monument of a dick a light, but last kiss – and simply whisper, “…please…?”

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