Airtight for the first time [M/F]

We sometimes talk about who of our friends we would invite into the bedroom if it ever came up, When I started sharing that I would rather do MMF than MFF. I am bisexual so I don’t think she was too surprised though and she knows I have a weakness for hard throbbing penis. She shared that she has at all times wanted to know what it feels like to be airtight.
“We could probably do that ourselves” I said – and I opened the night stand drawer to show her my latest dildo. A four incher. I’d bought it for prostate massage, because for me bigger isn’t better. It’s actually a perfect size for that. In my comment it’s the perfect sized penis for maximum enjoyment.
Anyway, she says sure why not. We also grab our main dildo, it’s a solid flesh colored six inches with good veins and balls and a suction cup. We got it because it’s most like my penis. For when I’m away.
We suction that to the headboard and she starts sucking away on it, getting it all nice and slobbery in a doggy style position. I rubbed a bunch of lube on the 4 inch dildo and on her asshole and slowly worked in just the tip – eventually it slid all the way in. She moaned – filling her in that way has at all times given her more intense orgasms.
Now it was my turn – and of course I was rock hard watching her suck on that dildo that looked exactly like me. I slid in her and just held it there. “You’re air tight!” I said. We both sort of chuckled. She kept slobbering away and I slowly moved in and out trying not to get too close to cumming. We tried to take some pictures but the lighting wasn’t great and it was just one more thing to think about but I definitely think we’ll do it again! It was sort of a lot to focus on at once, but both agreed we would love to try it again in a MMF instead of a dildo.
We ended up getting out the vibrator for her clit. She came twice!! And then I pulled out and came all over her back. Over all 10/10 would recommend!

NSFW: yes

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