Swingers Regret

The Swinger lifestyle is not for everyone. It can be fun, exciting, and full of adventure. But, if both partners are not fully vested in the lifestyle, things can, and often do get out of hand. People tend to become swingers because both partners do not harbor any jealously and enjoy watching their partner fuck other people. These are the types of swingers that become fully emerged in the lifestyle. However, more often than not, partners get into the swinger lifestyle because one of the two have become bored with their relationship and the other agrees to keep the relationship alive. This is a story about the latter.

Candy and Dan married young and neither of them ever wanted children. They both had high sex drives. The pair would have sex five to six times a week. As time went on, they began to experiment with new things and places. Toys, public sex and exhibition were all on the table. Candy’s sexual appetite just kept growing. And, no matter how hard Dan tried to keep up with Candy, he just couldn’t keep her satisfied. So, after a few months of this, Candy told Dan she wanted an open relationship. So began a series of threesomes, and affairs. Dan knew Candy was getting fucked three or four times a week by other guys. Guys from work, male friends, and complete strangers. He loved his wife and would do anything for her. Including all those evenings, sitting alone at home while knowing that Candy was somewhere with some guys dick inside her.

Then, mother nature decided to throw a curve ball into their lives. One of Candy’s hook ups gave her Gonorrhea and Chlamydia. After realizing that having sex with strangers was no longer a safe option, the idea of swinging came to her. This way, sex would be safer and she didn’t have to feel guilty about fucking around behind Dan’s back. So began Candy and Dan’s adventure into the swinging lifestyle.

At first, they began slow. Meeting up with other couples and having sex with each other’s partners. Most of the time, Dan would finish up quickly with the other female. The excitement of fucking another woman, in front of Candy was often too much for Dan. After getting his dick sucked and a few minutes inside a new pussy, he would pop his load and that would be that. Although the other female would try to suck him back to life, more often than not, he could not keep his erection. Then, he either had to sit there and watch his wife get railed for hours, or he would leave the bedroom. Either way, it was not what he envisioned.

After a few months of fucking different couples, Candy and Dan meet a couple on a swingers website that they both fell in love with. They were similar in age, tastes and arrangements to themselves. So, after several months of fucking, it was decided that Jim and Carol would move in with Dan and Candy. They set up some ground rules in order to make this work. First, swapping was done out in the open. No closed door sessions. Second, no matter how long each sex session would last, the married partners would at all times go to bed together at the end of each night. Third, the wives could refuse sex whenever they wished. However, if one wife refused sex on any given night, the other was off the menu as well.

This arrangement went on for quite some time. However, Candy’s sex drive would have Jim fucking her for hours while Dan and Carol would only go for 20 to 30 minutes at most. Then, the rules began to get blurred; if not outright ignored. Dan would come home from work and discover Carol sitting in the living room alone while his wife and Jim would be fucking their brains out behind closed doors. And, more often than not, those closed doors would be locked. Even if Dan would remind the two of the house rules, it continued to happen over and over again.

In less than a year of Jim and Carol moving in, Candy got bored with only two different cocks to satisfy her. Even though Jim could fuck her for hours, it did not quell Candy’s thirst for cock. So, she began to fuck other men behind both Dan and Jim’s backs. Candy would go to work, and fuck a co-worker on her lunch break. She would come home with a pussy filled with cum, and immediately grab Jim by the hand and pull him into the bedroom for yet another load or two going up inside of Candy. The sad part was Jim wondered Candy was just supper wet for him. However, Dan knew that Candy had begun to fuck other men again behind their backs.

Dan held his tongue because he loved Candy. But, the animosity and jealously began to create. Then, everything came to a head at Candy’s birthday party. What started out as just the two couples, quickly turned into a sausage fest as most of Candy’s affairs began to show up. Carol and Jim decided that they wanted no part of the orgy that Candy had arranged. So, they ended up leaving. This left Candy as the center of attention for nine different guys; ten if you count Dan. Candy didn’t waste a single minute. She came out onto the deck, butt ass naked where all the guys were hanging out and drinking beer.

Dan was completely taken by surprise because he was inside finishing up Candy’s favorite dinner for her birthday. Once he finished with dinner, he stepped out onto the back porch to all these guys standing around watching Candy getting double penetrated. Candy was completely obvious to everything except the two cocks that were being shoved up her ass and pussy. Most of the guys standing around had their hard cocks in their hands enjoying the show. As soon as one guy blasted his load into Candy, they would be replaced by another cock. And, with nine different guys there to fuck Candy, it seemed like there was at all times a hard cock ready to be shoved inside her.

It was at this moment that Dan realized that he had become Candy’s cuckold. As the hours went on, Dan got to see his wife get put into every position he could imagine; and several he had never even wondered about. He couldn’t be sure, but by the end of the night, Dan wondered that all nine guys had cum in all three holes at least once apiece. As the guys started to leave, the last ones ended up fucking a completely limp Candy, pulled out and blew their last loads all over her face and chest. As the last guy got dressed and left, Candy laid there on the patio bench, passed out and covered in cum.

Dan couldn’t deal with this anymore. Although he loved Candy, he just refused to be her cuckold any longer. As she slept on the patio bench, Dan grabbed most of his clothes, packed up his truck and left Candy where she was. He realized that he had to move on with his life. Candy was not gonna change and he no longer wanted to be Candy’s back up plan. The worst part was that Candy never even called him to ask him where he was. Jim and Carol told Candy that Dan had packed up and left the night of her party while they, themselves packed up their things and left as well.

A few months later one of Dan’s work buddies told him that Candy was now doing porn. He told Dan to look up “Kinky Candi” online; only changing her name by one letter. And, sure enough, there she was, his soon to be ex-wife getting railed by all manors of men and women. Black Out videos, Gang Bang videos, even several Breeding Party videos. Dan thought what Candy would do to after he left. And, he wasn’t sure it was worth nothing as all the emotions came flooding back into his head. It broke his heart all over again. But, he had moved on and would not allow himself to get used like that again.

NSFW: yes

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