I’m Dating My Mom & My Sexy Clone – Celebrities & Fan Fiction

Chapter 1:Cassie x Sonya x Cassandra: Part: 1:

Cassie and Sonya laid panting on their bed after making love for the past two hours. With how busy both women had been because of their Special Forces missions, it was almost two months since they were able to explore each other’s bodies. Cassie had a hard time keeping quiet as Sonya jacked her off with one hand, holding one of her legs with the other hand, fucking her daughter’s ass hard and fast with their favorite strap-on that the two women have used for years since they’ve became a couple.

After taking a short break, drinking some water to stay hydrated, Cassie had Sonya on her back, with her daughter’s cock thrusting in and out of her ass, while finger-fucking her to a mind-blowing orgasm that left the older blonde seeing stars. Sonya’s entire body seemed to be blushing and she knew that she’ll probably be a bit sore the next day, not that she was complaining. It was the good sort of sore, the kind that would leave satisfied, but begging for more.

“Cassie, honey, I’m going to need to rest for a few hours if you want to go for another round or two.” Sonya grinned as she watched her daughter pout adorably, practically blushing from head to toe. She chuckled, slipping her arms around Cassie, pulling her against her, tangling their legs together.

“I can’t help it, Mom. I just love making you feel good. Not to mention, you’re so fucking sexy when you cum. I’m also so happy that only I get to see this side of you. After everything we’ve been through, we both deserve to be happy. I just wish there’s more of me to go around. Like a clone or something. Now, that would be pretty fucking awesome. If there were two of me, we could fuck, fuck each other and you could fuck us too. There are simply so many possibilities.” Cassie was getting rather turned on by her ideas. She had to admit to herself, it was extremely hot as fuck.

Sonya felt herself get even wetter than she had ever been just thinking about having sex with two Cassie’s. She couldn’t lie to herself or the younger blonde when the very idea of revving her engines like nothing ever had before. Sonya tried rubbing her thighs together to get some friction on her dripping lower lips, biting her bottom lip as she did so, her eyes widening as she ended up pressing herself against Cassie’s leg.

Cassie smirked, giggling. She couldn’t believe how horny her mom was now since she had brought up the idea of a clone of herself joining them in their incredible relationship. It was a very intriguing idea that left her breathless, wanting it to be true more than anything now.

Both women were surprised when their entire bedroom was suddenly enveloped in a blast of bright white light. It didn’t hurt them or anything like that, in fact, it made them tingle all over and when the light cleared, there was another woman who had appeared in the middle of their bedroom, wearing blue jeans and a black graphic t-shirt.

Cassie and Sonya’s eyes widened, their jaws slightly dropping. Neither of them could believe their eyes. The other woman looked exactly like Cassie. She looked just as shocked and surprised as they were at her being there.

“Cassie, are you seeing what I’m seeing?” Sonya had no idea that something like this could happen. It wasn’t a bad thing. Not at all. But they were both rather surprised though.

“If you mean am I seeing someone that looks exactly like me, then yep, definitely. Hey, what’s your name? Do you remember anything before showing up here?” As she walked closer to her, Cassie couldn’t help herself from staring at her. She never wondered she was vain or anything like that, but she had to admit that the woman in front of her was fucking beautiful.

“Cassie, but I guess that’d probably be a bit confusing, so you guys can call me Cassandra. And honestly? No, I don’t. One second, nothing, and then the next, I’m here with you two. Wait…why are you two naked?” Cassandra had no idea what was going on. That didn’t mean she wasn’t grateful to be among the living thanks to whomever that made her, but she was a little embarrassed being in a room with two very gorgeous, very naked women, one of them looked just like her. She was pretty sure that her entire body was bright red from her blushing so hard. Cassandra had no idea what to do, think or say at that moment.

Cassie glanced back behind her, sharing a soft smile with Sonya. It couldn’t be helped. Not with what was going on at that moment. Neither of them didn’t know what to say, but Cassie took a deep breath, exhaling it as she turned back to smile at Cassandra, trying to find out what to say.

“Well, Sonya, our Mom and I are together. We’re a couple, as in we go on dates, cuddle, fuck, make love and do what couples do. We’ve been together for almost five years and we couldn’t be happier. We’re in love and we don’t care what some people think.” Cassie was standing just a few feet in front of Cassandra. She smiled softly, causing her to blush even redder if that was even efficient.

“Oh okay. I think that’s kinda hot, because of the whole incest thing. And I know that we just met, but can stay here? I have no place else to go.” Cassandra started to tear up, fully sobbing seconds later, everything finally catching up to her, she wasn’t aware of Cassie bringing her into a sudden, but not a welcome embrace.

Cassie brought Cassandra closer to her and Sonya’s bed, helping her onto it. And with a wordless look between, Sonya took Cassandra into her arms. The three of them stayed like that for quite a while.

Cassandra slowly pulled away, wiping the tears away from her face. It’s not that she hated crying or anything like that, it’s just that she hated crying around other people.

“Sorry about that. I’m feeling better now. I’m surrounded by my family after all. My very beautiful mom and sister. Can I call you guys that? Is that okay? This is all new to me and if I’m being honest with myself, I’m feeling other things too. Like lust and attraction towards the two of you.” Cassandra turned even redder when she realized that she was rambling and she was saying too. She did that when she’s nervous. She at all times had.

“Cassandra, honey, that’s okay and it’s completely natural. You can definitely consider Cassie as your sister and me as your mom. What Cassie said is true, we’re together. And if you want to, you can be a part of our relationship. Like the three of us would be dating each other. Only if you want to though. It’s up to you.” Sonya smiled, then chuckled as Cassandra pulled both her and Cassie into a full hug just seconds later.

“Thanks, Mom. I’ll love to, but right now, I just want to cuddle with you two. I’ll be up for some sexy times later though. Because being fucked or made love to until we’re all moaning and cumming sounds fucking hot. I just want some cuddles right now.” Cassandra blushed even redder than ever at her own words. She couldn’t believe what she just said, she was glad that she did say it.

Sonya and Cassie shared a look as they got even more turned on than they had been all night and it was all thanks to the new addition to their family. Not that they were complaining or anything. They were happy to have her. They would take care of her and make her very happy.

After a few minutes of just hugging each other in the middle of the bed, the three of them shuffled around until Sonya was laying down with Cassie on her right and Cassandra on her left, with her arms wrapped around them both. The three of them were just laying in bed, enjoying one another’s business.

Chapter 2: Cassie x Sonya x Cassandra: Part: 2:


xxx-Two Weeks Later-Cassie, Cassandra’s and Sonya’s Home-xxx


Cassie, Sonya, and Cassandra were sitting on the couch watching tv with Cassie snuggled up against Sonya’s left side while Cassandra was on her right. Sonya had one arm wrapped around them both, their heads resting on her shoulders. It’s been two weeks since she first showed up and she couldn’t stop thinking about the other two women making love to each other, causing her to have a full-body blush. They’re more like her mom and twin sister. They did tell her she could think of them like that after she had arrived and the two women had also invited her to be a part of their romantic, sexual and loving relationship. Which she had agreed to, immediately. But she hasn’t had sex with them just yet.

“Mom, Cassie, I’ve been thinking about your offer to date you both. Dating you two sounds awesome, not to mention, the sex would great too. I’m pretty fucking new to being alive and everything that goes along with it. I’m happy to be here. I’m sorry that I haven’t said anything about it since you mentioned it when I came here.” Cassandra was worried that she waited too long, but those worries were quashed when Sonya leaned down, kissing her on the top of her head.

“You don’t have anything to feel sorry or worried about. You didn’t do anything wrong. We’ve never dated a clone before, but we already love you, Cassandra. You may be a clone, but you’re still human and we consider you my daughter and Cassie’s sister. You can come to talk to us about anything and everything.” Sonya smiled down at the other young woman next to her. She loved her just as much as she loved Cassie. She was pretty shocked to see a clone of her gorgeous daughter suddenly appear in their bedroom, but she and Cassie had welcomed her into their lives with open arms.

“Mom’s right. We both care about you a lot. This is new for me too, Cassandra, but I’m open to new things and I would love to date you, so would Mom. That is if you’ll have us.” Cassie was excited beyond words to have the chance to be in a relationship with her mom and another woman, who happened to look just like her.

“That means a lot to me. I care about you guys too. I don’t know much about dating and relationships, but what I do know comes from are memories that I was given by whoever made me. I’ll be more than happy to learn so many things from my new girlfriends.” Cassandra flushed as did Sonya and Cassie. “I also want to say thank you for taking me shopping a few days ago. I needed the new clothes and I think I’m starting to figure out what my style is. ” She said, happy just to be alive.

“We’re happy to do it. After my ex-husband and Cassie’s father, Johnny, and I got divorced, he started dating Kenshi, one of our friends and he left us a lot of money. Which was almost five years ago. They come over to visit every so often. Enough to live on for the rest of our lives. We don’t use it very often. It wasn’t that long afterward when I realized my feelings for Cassie. I didn’t know that she had been in love with me since she was in high school. If you’re wondering, yes, Johnny does know about Cassie and I being together. At first, he was shocked. He explained that he was worried about what other people would think. I don’t care about that. Cassie and I’s relationship isn’t anybody’s business. We haven’t told anyone else besides my ex-husband and now you for obvious reasons. Incest is still frowned up by so many people and illegal in the entire US. But we’re consenting adults, we’re in love and we’re very happy.” Sonya replied, glad to tell someone her and her daughter’s story.

“Wow. I don’t know what to say, other than that I’m happy that everyone involved is happy. I hate to switch topics in the middle of our conversation, I just need to say this real quick. I’ve been thinking about sex a lot lately. I’ve also have had a lot of sex dreams about the three of us making love and fucking. I was curious if I could join you two in bed next time?” Cassandra asked, fidgeting a little bit on the couch as she waited for Sonya to say something.

“Honey, Cassie and I would love that. But before we do anything, sex-wise, please let us know what you like and don’t like. That way, we can take care of you and make sure that you’re comfortable when the three of us are having sex. Also if there are any kinds of sex toys, dildos, vibrators, handcuffs, butt plugs, just ask us and we can help you find out what enjoy the most.” Sonya replied, getting a little under the collar just talking about it.

“I’ll definitely keep all of that in mind when we finally do it. It sounds like it will be a lot of fun too. Hell, sex in general sounds fun. I honestly can’t fucking wait. Hey, can we get something to eat? I’m getting a little hungry over here.” Cassandra stated, her stomach rumbling in response causing Cassie and Sonya to chuckle while she blushed.

“Sure, I don’t see why not. I’m kinda hungry myself. And to add what Mom just said, we’re both here for you, no matter what. If you ever have any questions about sex or anything else, let us know. We’ll do our best to help you out. Now, let’s go get some food.” Cassie answered as she, Cassandra, and Sonya got up from the couch to go eat.


xxx-Four Hours Later-xxx


After their meal, the three women decided to spar for a while. Cassie, Cassandra, and Sonya were almost completely exhausted, so they showered, watched some more TV before finally gonna bed that night together with Sonya spooning Cassie and Cassie spooning Cassandra. They couldn’t wait for the next day, it would be absolutely amazing for the new throuple.

Chapter 3: Cassie x Sonya x Cassandra: Part: 3:


xxx-Two Months Later-xxx


Cassie sat on the couch flipping through the various tv channels while she tried to discover something to watch to ease her boredom. But all she could think about was her Mom and Cassandra, who were out shopping. Sonya asked her to go with them, but she decided to stay home.

She was now regretting that though and she couldn’t wait for her girlfriends to be back home. Maybe they could have some sexy fun in their bedroom. Cassie couldn’t help the grin that was slowly forming across her gorgeous features. But it would be Cassandra’s first time having sex with anyone. Cassie wanted to make damn sure that she had an amazing time with the two of them.


xxx-Thirty Minutes Later-xxx


Cassie perked up when she heard the front door open. She turned her head to look, that’s when she saw Sonya and Cassandra walk in while they carried several shopping bags into their home. She couldn’t keep the smile off of her face.

“Hey. Need any help with those? Are there more in the car?” Cassie asked curiously. She loved to go out shopping just as much as her girlfriends did, but there wasn’t anything that she could think of that she wanted so that’s why she stayed home instead of going with them.

“Nope. We got them all. I asked Mom about it just before we pulled up into the driveway and she said that you might be asleep or something. Besides, we didn’t buy a lot this time. Just what we really needed right now anyway.” Cassandra stated while she and Sonya carried their bags to the kitchen to put the food they had bought away.

“We bought some groceries, enough to last us at least three weeks. Oh, when your sister and I are finished in here, I think that the three of us need to talk about something that we should have already discussed.” Sonya said, placing the milk in the fridge, also making room for more food.

Cassie nodded, finally settling on watching an anime movie that she hadn’t watched in quite a long time. It was pretty good too. It was one of her favorites actually. The movie was Cowboy Bebop: Knocking On Heaven’s Door. She watched it until the film ended. At some point during the movie, Sonya and Cassandra joined her on the couch, Sonya on her right, Cassandra on her left. The other two women cuddled into her on either side. Cassie smirked when a wondered suddenly popped into her head.

“So Cassandra, what is it that you wanted to talk about? You mentioned something about it earlier before you two left.” Cassie asked. She was pretty sure she knew exactly what it was. Or rather it was a pretty hopeful guess.

“Yeah, I do. I’ve been thinking about this quite a lot lately, basically since you and Mom had asked me to become a part of your relationship and date the two of you. My answer is yes. As you both know, I’ve never dated anyone or had sex. I want all of my firsts to be with you and Mom. And that includes a first kiss, having sex for the first time. All of it.” Cassandra explained calmly even though on the inside, she was nervous as all fuck. But that didn’t mean that she wasn’t happy or excited.

“Sweetie, you have absolutely no idea how happy that makes me and your sister. We both love you so much. The three of us have spent a lot of the past month together. I have an idea for something that can bring us even closer than already are at this point. I think that we should go on a date. A real date.” Sonya said, grinning from ear to ear. She got the idea after watching a movie where a similar relationship like their own was happening.

Cassandra blushed from the tips of her ears all the way to her breasts. She knew right then and there that she wanted to take her new relationship with Cassie and Sonya even further than a date. She figured that they could at all times go on a real date afterward. Every time she was around the other two women. She couldn’t keep her eyes off of them. And she loved them both so much.

“How about we skip the date for now and just make love? I just can’t stop thinking about what it would be like to have sex with you two. But I didn’t want to say the wrong thing and ruin what we have going on right now.” Cassandra said, locking eyes with her Mom and sister, giving them her best bedroom eyes.

“Oh, baby. You haven’t done or said anything wrong. Cassie and I have just been waiting until you had figured out what you wanted. We love you no matter what.” Sonya replied, hugging both of her daughters.

“Yeah, what she said. We just want you to be happy, Cassandra. If you want to have sex, I think that we should at least eat dinner before we do anything else. We need all the energy that we can get.” Cassie stated, wriggling her eyebrows suggestively, getting Cassandra and Sonya to laugh. She soon joined in. When they finally stopped, they had trouble not staring at each other.

The three of them pulled out of their hug to make their way into the kitchen for much-needed food. Cassie had only eaten lunch a few hours earlier. Sonya and Cassandra ate out before they came back home. Now they were all getting very hungry.


xxx-Over Two Hours Later-xxx


After dinner and talking about everything to nothing, they watched tv for a bit before they went to their bedroom. As Sonya closed the door behind them, Cassandra and Cassie kissed either side of her neck while they pawed at her tits and ass, coaxing soft moans from her lips. None of the three women could keep their hands off of one another. Sonya had one hand on Cassandra’s ass and her other hand on Cassie’s.

Cassandra gasped loudly when she was gently pushed onto the bed. The surprise showed on her face with her wide eyes and parted lips. Cassie and Sonya joined her on the bed, the three of them helping each other undress down to their bra and panties. She sat up to let them take off her bra, which landed onto the floor somewhere along with their bras. Both Cassandra and Cassie were harder than they had ever been.

When they took a nipple between their lips, Cassandra moaned low in her throat. She had one hand on Sonya and her other hand on Cassie, just to let herself know that it was really happening. She wiggled under their ministrations. Her breasts were incredibly sensitive.

Cassie lapped at her nipple, enjoying the taste of her against her tongue. She couldn’t help but want more. She closed her lips around it once more, biting very softly, causing Cassandra to let out a strangled gasp that had Cassie smirking against the skin she was pleasuring. She looked over to her right to see that her Mom was doing the same thing to Cassandra’s right breast.

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