stuffed at work (F25)

So I posted yesterday that I got a new dildo delivered, one that would allow me to wear it out in public without it being visible.

Well I went to work today… and if course decided to wear it to work. I pushed it in my wet pussy after I had just edged, then pulled up my thong ready for work. Even the drive to work made it feel amazing.

While I was at work, because I sit at a desk all day, I would forget about the dildo. I would forget about it…that is until I would move in any way. If I stood up or pulling my chair forward or back. Any movement caused a moan worthy spasm.

At one point I had to ask someone twice to cover my desk while I went to the toilet. As soon as I would get to toilet both times I started fucking my soaked pussy hard with it and rubbed my clit.

It’s been a long day, just edging and waiting to get home and finally finish the job. Finally!

NSFW: yes

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