Step sis(18F) and I(20M) gone wild

Ask for full story since this was edited, as it will make more sense:

Before leaving grade college i had known way too much ab sex for someone at that age but whatever, it pays off to be a porn obsessive. I also grew up very closely with my step sister. Now my older sis isnt all that unless ur into BIG girls but my step sister? Bruh like good lord if she wasnt a part of the family i would be INNIT. But thats the beauty, ive been in it. A lot. Wont get too into it but lets say we both were sexually active early, really early, and lord was that not good. Also she realized too that we were step, and that having sex rly didn’t matter. So what did we do? Any chance we got i was doing something to her. To be a lil specific, she was like the dream fuck toy: at all times down, at all times wet and at all times willing to be used. Shes probably about 5′ 4″, light brown skin tone, GORGEOUS green eyes and gorgeous long brunette hair. And when we both started fucking, she already had a nice tight ass. So for a LONG time, consistently, we would fuck. In her room, in mine, in the laundry room, bathroom, shit we even did the community pool at night and fuck that was great. Personally im into louder girls but something about her silence during sex drove me crazy. Oh and she would cum A LOT on top of being extremely wet. And her pussy was perfect, plump, not loose looking but very easy to slide into without too much effort. By the time we were older we realized that it was just time to move on. Or so we wondered. Id say over the past few years we fucked like 3 times but each time was so vivid i still use it as a memory. In all honesty she was my first and i was hers. She isnt as sexually active either, but ik she still gets aroused sometimes(she started meds not too long ago idk which ones but they definitely kill her horniness). She also is by far top 3 pussies ive been in, regardless of us being step siblings. Sometimes i wish i could go back to it or even discover a content i had made(we took some pics and whatnot but not many, god only knows if the phone i had them on still works and has them). Overall though, best experience ever, and tbh i dont see anything beating it. Shes got like a solid 7/10 body and looks(ik i hyped her up but i mean u probably would too) but lord everything else is a ten. Now imma open the floor, will try to respond fast

NSFW: yes

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