Staff’s wife

Met Henry’s wife, Nadia over our annual summer business wide dinner. Henry just joined the business as a lowly analyst and was willing to make conversions with me, but I myself couldn’t get my eyes off Nadia the whole evening. She’s 5”9 slender body looks amazing in her tight black dress, with a nice cleavage to show for. She notices my stares and towards the end of the night, flirted back.

I added her on instagram the same night and started texting over DM. I’m sure her husband doesn’t know. A week into heavy flirting, I was in her close friends and before long, her thirst traps aimed at me. Her bikini try ons was godly and I was asking her out soon enough.

She was hesitant and playing hard to get, but couldn’t withstand a dinner at the a nicest hotel downtown. She came alone, and she looks so sexy I couldn’t stop touching her throughout. She confessed her husband wouldn’t be able to afford such an amazing dinner, and was looking forward to it since he’s not around much from work travels. I told her she needs to see the amazing view from the rooms upstairs and as I was pushing my hand’s towards her thighs, she agreed.

We were already heavily petting on the way up and as soon as we were in the room, we kissed and I undressed her amazing toned body. We fucked on the bed as she rode me wild, before she turned to the city view and let me doggy her with a view. Her pussy was amazing and I couldn’t stand her sexy lingerie she was teasing earlier. I came inside her, just as her phone was ringing by her husband’s call. She answered his call as my dick still inside her pussy in my cum, and I was kissing all over. He wanted to see her daughter but she said she was out and will call back later.

We had a quick shower together where I fucked her mouth. She got dressed but left her lingerie for me, as I got my driver sent her home. She told me she does fell bad but she enjoyed it since I’m almost as old as her dad and doesn’t want her husband to know a thing. She sent a pic of her empty bed at home and said she’d want me to be there, with her nothing in panties. From thereon it was the begin of our affair and our amazing sexy adventures.

NSFW: yes

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