Laying Their Eggs Inside Her – Fetish

This is a short work of erotic fiction containing furry, or anthropomorphic, characters, which are animals that either demonstrate human intelligence or walk on two legs, for the purposes of these tales. It is a thriving and growing fandom in which creators are prevalent in art and writing especially.

All work is fiction intended for fantasy only, regardless of content, and consent must all the time be acquired when engaging in any sex act with another adult.

Please note that all characters are clearly over eighteen and written as such in all stories.

The last egg dropped from Kao’s cock in a dribble of goo, though Fyr could not tell just what was gonna happen next. All she knew was that her paw was between her thighs, dripping with her arousal, sprawled out and back against the sofa. At some point, her husband’s tentacle had teased up and around to her mouth and the dragon sucked on it weakly, though she was sure that strength and energy would return to her soon enough.

Orgasm was like that sometimes, though Fyr could not help but wonder, the sofa creaking lightly under her shifting body, if it was all because of the egg-laying. Not her, of course, but the demonic power that her husband, Ropes, had. It had started with Ropes expelling excess energy from his body, what he had taken in while having sex (with her and others), in the form of enormous, fat, round eggs. She’d come across him, originally, in the bedroom, letting them push from all four of his tentacles and his cock too, though Fyr had not known whether to be horrified or not, by her initial finding of him.

It had started something that was out of her control, her horror twisting into sordid, illicit arousal, though a demon of lust surely had that capability about him anyway. Things that she had never wondered ever could be feasible had come to light with her husband and the dragoness was almost a little afraid to see what more Ropes had in store for her, what the demon would surprise her with in the future.

Almost afraid, but not quite.

Her brother, on the other hand, well… He didn’t have to lay eggs, splendidly posed before her with his blue wings flared and a smirk on his muzzle, his dark horns so like those of their mother’s. She could only imagine what on earth Sasha would have said about all that was going on if she had known. Most likely, the older dragoness whom Kao was the spitting image of would have wanted to join in.

But that wasn’t something that Fyr could delve into right then and there, not even when her fantasies were running amok quite like that. She grunted, looking her brother up and down lustfully, still caught up in her fantasies, the lust of the moment, how everything ached through. It felt right, the twisted, flaring arousal, how Kao’s muscled tensed across his chest as he took a deep breath, forcing his lungs to expand and his body to accommodate. The head of his cock still showed a very light gape at the tip, where the slit of his dick was, though it tightened up easily, leaving his dick and the passage within as it all the time had been.

“Mmmm…” The dragoness licked her lips, stretching out a little further, lifting her shirt up and over her head as if it was the most natural thing in the world, bare but for her red and yellow scales. “Did you really think this all out ahead of time? That’s a lot of planning for you, Kao.”

Ropes barked a laugh, oddly canine even as his tentacles twisted back and forth, lust wavering in the air, tangled between all of them. He smirked, black lips pulling to the side, watching his wife and her reaction to Kao’s egg-laying. It had been difficult, to be fair, for him not to react while his wife had been better hotter and hornier, even when her orgasm had flooded between her thighs. But he could take it all in too, without interfering, a demon of lust enjoying so much more than the mere act of simple sex. Sometimes, he did not even need to have sex himself when there was so much else for him to absorb, even though he did not technically should do so after spending so much time in the mortal land. Truth be told, Ropes was a very strange sort of demon…

His own sort of demon.

Kao stood tall, his shoulder blades pushed back as he flapped his wings briefly, a cool wash of air flowing across the room. He caught the moment when it brushed Fyr’s skin, as if he was stroking her scales even then, and grinned widely, showing a flash of very white teeth in his blue-scaled muzzle. His snout wrinkled in amusement, as if he was trying to smile, grunting thickly in the back of his throat, licking his lips, as if he could taste the lust on the air. It was different, to be on show like that, and the drake found that he rather enjoyed it, even if the egg-laying, for the moment, was done.

“I can think for myself too, sis,” he growled, his brow furrowing tenaciously. “But perhaps you’re the one that needs to feel this… Fuck, I can smell how turned on you are!”

Ropes laughed.

“Oh, she likes it, trust me. Even if she won’t say it for herself.”

Fyr rolled her eyes and puffed, a hint of smoke curling from her nostrils. It was not often that her fire flickered up within her, though she must have really been turned on for the smoke to be curling and wisping from her nostrils.

“It’s not as if it’s all that hard to see that I’m turned on,” she scoffed, stretching out a little more, more comfortable in the moment than she had been in a while. “I’m here, getting off, watching you… Just wondering why you guys haven’t taken advantage and double-teamed me yet.”

Ropes cocked his head with a low growl that, somehow, had a purr tangled up in it too.

“That can be arranged… Fat and swollen, like you’re pregnant, feeling the pressure of every last one of our eggs grinding up inside you, forcing your belly out and out and out…”

“Unff…” Fyr moaned. “Oh, fuck, yes…”

“Do you think you can go again, Kao?” Ropes asked. “Or do you need a break? I don’t need a break.”

The cougar smirked, pawing down his jeans so that his hard, bare cock was revealed, the shaft uncut and smooth, though the head gleamed with arousal already. After Fyr had seen so much of him already, she longed for more, knowing what lay under his clothes. Ropes, however, was amenable to her obvious interest, stripping his clothes down with his tentacles, the long appendages glistening with a hint of arousal, as if they were about ready to do more too.

Oh, she didn’t want to allow her mind to get away from her, not all that much, though she had to keep going, her need yearning all over again, aching between her thighs. Fyr groaned as her husband stripped down so that the wore nothing but his bare, natural fur, licking her lips, her long, slender tongue smacking out messily against the side of her muzzle. Yet the mess that that little drop of saliva made was nothing at all, not in comparison to the slick mess of cum and goo splattering the living room, as if the whole place had been transformed into a sex den. With Ropes around, it very often was.

Fyr squirmed, biting her lip, the prickle and crackle of demonic magic snapping through the air between them. She could feel it, even if she could not see it quite like Ropes, how it wound around her, soothing her need even as it promised more, that she would have everything she wanted, everything that the aching pit of her loins strove for.


Relax, Fyr…” Ropes purred, stretching his arms out above his head, muscles flexing and pulling, though he was not showing off in particular. “We’ll take good care of you…”

He spent a moment melting away the goo from the carpet, purely as he didn’t want to slip. He could do a little more with his powers, but they were most often related to sex and demonic influences concerning his power and place in hell’s hierarchy. Cleaning up wasn’t usually his thing, but melting away the goo was something, at the very least, that he could do.

Fyr didn’t even notice that the mess was gone, not as her husband loomed over her, so tall, so powerful… Oh, it was no wonder that she was so very easily submissive to him. It was better that way, when she could trust him to take control from her and look after her too. Kao was not one that she could trust, not quite as much, to be dominant in that way, but, well, Ropes was there to keep him in line. If it had been up to Kao, the drake would have most likely pinned her in place and fucked her arse and pussy, again and again, until she was sexually exhausted and sprawled out over the living room floor, unable to do anything other than moan.

Ropes drew her down onto the carpet, the furniture already pushed well out of the way so that there was plenty of room down there for them, all three of them at once. On his back, the cougar rumbled powerfully, his body pulsating with the eggs of energy that were lying in wait, waiting for him to let them spill out, though the main focus, that time, would be them oozing and pushing down his cock.

But it had to be sealed away in the needy cunt of a dragoness, first of all, of course… The cougar controlled her, holding her arms and legs tightly with his tentacles, though he did not miss at all how the dragon leaned into the bondage. She relaxed into it, as if it was the only thing holding her firm and in the place that she was supposed to be, even if Ropes left her tail loose too. It could have been such that she was in control in that moment, if not for his tentacle bondage, squeezing her tightly, Fyr’s legs stretched over him in a cowgirl position.

“Mmm… Oh, yes… Fuck me, Ropes…”

Fyr was barely with herself in the moment, head rolling back as the tip of a drooling tentacle, throbbing like a tentacle cock all over again, brushed her throat. The smear of pre-cum and goo that it left there gave her a prelude to all that was coming, despite her not being quite able to articulate it for herself. It was a good thing that her husband, if not Kao, knew exactly what she wanted then, just the way she wanted it.


She let out a long, low moan as she sank onto Ropes’ cock, the thick length filling her perfectly, the uncut shaft burying itself deeply up inside her. She flexed and clenched her pussy around him, though Fyr’s musculature control did not go that far, even if every shudder and twitch of her body led an array of extra sensations through her sex, all for Ropes to reap the spoils of.

And the cougar appreciated it all so much as he thrust, his body working, churning, forcing the eggs out with throbbing pulse after pulse of devious ecstasy. He growled, his jaws hanging open, tongue flickering out against his lips, though no words were needed, not when he knew his wife as well as he did, snarling out a rasping cry.


Fyr panted, her flicking between Ropes and Kao, though the dragon’s cock was plumping up again, heralding the encroach of more eggs pushing down the length of his cock. But she couldn’t focus on him, not as the cougar’s shaft was already swelling within her, everything pressing on, moment by moment, as if it was without her consent. That consent, however, had already been very explicitly given and there was nothing at all for her to worry about, even if being stuffed beyond the brim with eggs was something that she had never done or experienced before.

Fyr grunted, trying to stay still, but it was all so hard as her husband bent his legs and powered up inside her, stroke after stroke of his cock filling her aching, hungry pussy. But it was not his cock that she was desperate for, but the deeper stuffing, how a enormous round of an egg travelled down the length of his cock. She needed more, so much more, but not even the dragoness could have been prepared for the swelling of her pussy as the egg shoved up inside her.

He held onto her tightly as she cried out, head trying to fall back, throat pulsing as she gulped and swallowed. But Fyr had to take the egg as his powers helped her cervix expand, pressing up deep inside her, her womb accepting it. Even as she writhed and wriggled, there was nothing else for it, nothing for her to do, shifting her hips back and forth, her tail slapping the ground between Ropes’ legs.


It might have been orgasm that washed over Fyr at that moment, though she wasn’t entirely with herself either, not as pulsing waves gripped her, snarling and snapping at her vehemently. Oh, it was so big, the heavy weight of the egg somehow squeezing itself into her womb, though she heaved and grunted, panting as if she was doing something far more strenuous herself too.

Ropes snarled, snapping his jaws, eyes glowing demonically, more feral in that moment than he ever had been before with Fyr, not even when she had caught him laying the eggs initially. A savage thrust of his cock up into her wet, dripping pussy and her clenching around him all over again as she was supposed to, massaging his cock, even then inviting the cougar to lay more into her, deeper and deeper and deeper.

It was intoxicating, something that even he had to lean into as Kao dropped an egg from his own cock, the demonic magic taking hold on him too. He smirked at the dragon, even as he took his sister before him, though it was not as if the two guys had not fucked Fyr together before. There was no shame to be had in their cocks touching either, so that was a good thing indeed, because it was only the dragoness’ slutty cunt that was gonna be stuffed full of eggs that time.

Maybe they would fill her tail hole another time… But her womb would take every last one.

Kao did not ask permission as he got behind the dragoness’ back, pressing her forward towards Ropes. The demon cougar had no reason at all to hold his wife in place any longer, tentacles sliding free, helping her lift her hips up and back a bit, all so that she could get the right angle for Kao to grind in alongside his cock.

Fyr screamed, a growl rippling through the back of it, though she was not trapped there by anything other than their cocks, even as Ropes’ tentacles groped her, teased her, crawled all over her. It should never have been feasible for her to take both of their cocks at once, the stretch incredible, her mind struck by wave after wave, need throbbing through. She panted aloud, trying to rake every last scrap of air that she needed into her lungs, but her body was trained beyond any limit that she had ever wondered feasible, aching, moaning, whimpering as her head dropped.

It was just too much, the pulse of an egg moving down Kao’s cock. There was no space for it and yet there had to be space for it, her body accommodating as the velvety pussy grasped it, the dragoness’ jaws hanging open in a moan that she did not even hear. And yet she was there, locked into the most furtive of moments, trapped between two bodies that she knew extremely well, yet in an entirely new fashion.

Ropes grunted, spearing up into her, though it was hard for him to thrust against Kao in such a position, bearing down against the carpet with two of his tentacles for a little bit more leverage. The drake, however, did not have any such trouble, boldly pressing down over his sister’s back with his weight as he forced out an egg with grinding, needy little thrusts of his cock.

“Unff… Ah… Yes…”

Kao was not as used to such a thing as Ropes was, yet the moment was enough to lead him forward, to show him which way he was to go. He groaned softly, licking his lips, letting the ecstasy flow through him as his egg pushed out. There was more resistance, that time, when he was depositing it into Fyr’s pussy, letting it sit there and discover a place in her womb, though the head of his cock was pressed up against her innermost entrance — where the barrier of her cervix, before, had been tucked tightly down.

There was no fear of pain there, however, not with his uncut cock pressing up softly to Ropes’, neither caring. Not when there was pleasure upon pleasure, untold ecstasy throbbing. Fyr’s pussy strained around both of their cocks at once as they laid their eggs within her in earnest, one bulge of an egg pushing along the full length of their cocks after the other, moving fluidly as if it was something that they had done time after time before.

Kao hissed through an open mouth, wings flapping and flaring, snapping out wide to their fullest extent, though it was not as if such pleasure was anything of a surprise to him, not right then and there. He should have known that it was gonna feel good, so very good, but the pleasure and the pressure, the suctioning power of her pussy squeezing around him… It was born from magic, of course, but there was only so much that could be taken there, even as he thrust. It was an instinctive need, something that he ached for, despite everything else, wanting to pump his cock with a paw as he had before, but, well, that wasn’t exactly feasible with his dick buried in her snatch.

“Unff… Fuck…”

He howled with lust as he slammed into her, though his thrusts were slower and more savage for the clenching, flexing force of her pussy around him, how tight the squeeze of her cunt was. It was his sister, of course, but Fyr was so very much more than his sister in that moment as his thrusting helped both Ropes and himself work the eggs down the lengths of their cocks.

And Fyr’s stomach swelled. She was intimately aware of the pressure of every egg sliding down the length of their dicks, though the journey of every egg felt even more prominent as she was faced with the bulging of their dicks within her cunt with every one. Fyr panted heavily, struggling to contain herself then, a moment when all she had to do was to feel, letting everything course through, the throbbing of her pulse, her cunt tight, so tight, licking her lips, goo slickening the path of those very eggs easing up into her womb.

“Agh… Yes… Oh… So heavy…”

She cried out lightly, shaking her head from side to side, as if to roll it from one shoulder to the other, but Fyr did not quite feel that she had that much control of herself. Trapped there, she was pinned, held there lusciously, her brother grinding up to her back, his hips flush with her backside, trembling up to grind his cock deep up inside her. Yet whatever depth she’d wondered he’d reached before was unmatched by the weight of the eggs rolling into her. At first, Fyr had tried to count how many eggs were being laid into her, but it had been too difficult to keep track once Kao had started filling her too.

She heaved, jaws hanging open, though she couldn’t get enough air into her lungs, not enough to satisfy that aching, burning, leaping need inside her. Fyr tried to rock her hips back, but her legs trembled too badly to even move. Even the light barbs, not enough to hurt but more than enough to stimulate her sensitive walls, had her twitching, grunting, trying to rock back just a little more, though she was caught up there, trapped, a slave to the pleasure they delivered unto her.

The eggs though… The bulging press of them up inside her, how they spilt into her womb, as if she was being stretched from the inside out. First, her womb had to expand as if she really was carrying a clutch of eggs that her own body had made after conception, but her stomach too, even the scales over it… Everything had to make way, giving and swelling, her nostrils puckering and flaring, tail hanging limply.

She didn’t have the energy to spare on it.

But that was okay, very much okay, even as she whimpered and moaned, her stomach inflating as if she was pregnant, perhaps in her second trimester, though it was hard to judge the size of it. It was not as if, after all, it was all that easy for her to look down in such a position, her breasts mildly blocking her view of her belly, though it felt quite as if she was craning her neck too, pain blistering through.

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