Spa stories – part one – Short Sex Story

My friend introduced me to Thai spas right after a big break up. My first time was to a relatively trendy chain. We entered, chose a 1hr massage. The thai masseuse greets us, wash our feet and give us disposable slippers to wear. I follow my masseuse to my cabin with a curtain. The room decorated in red and gold and din lightiAng. The masseuse gave me flimsy disposable underwear and asked me to put it on and went out. I changed and tied a towel around me. She came back in 2mins and asked me to lie on my tummy. I was very nervous.

I ask her name to break the tension, she tells me her Thai name which I can neither pronounce nor remember. She doesn’t speak any english but I still tried to communicate with her. I get a pretty good massage, she spent a lot of time near my ass and inner thighs and i was rock hard. The underwear was a little uncomfortable now. She asked me to flip. I flip and my penis is sticking out of the underwear. She massages my front for a bit and reached my penis, she touches it with her finger, giggles and asks me if i want more. I ask her if she will give me a blowjob, she says no, only hand job and I’ll let you feel my boobs. I agree, I pay her and get into it

She pours some lotion into her hands and starts stroking me while I play with her saggy boobs, I was a little disappointed that they were saggy. She played with my nipples and balls while she was stroking me. I asked her if I can lick her nipples, she agreed and after maybe 10mins I shoot my load on to my stomach. She giggles, asks me to shower, and she heads out. I head out with s release after my break up and now love the thai massage experience.

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NSFW: yes

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