I keep blowing my boss every time he makes me feel dumb [26F] – Short Sex Story

I have at all times been extremely confident in my intelligence. I went to U Toronto after I moved to Ontario. I’ve at all times had good jobs. But for the last couple years, I’ve had a male boss who at all times insults my intelligence when I screw up. And it at all times ends up with ditzy blonde jokes. And it at all times ends up with me sucking his dick because I can not get enough of it.

I get off on pain and intelligence degradation…those are my big two probably. And every single time a man in authority shows me I made a mistake and did something wrong, then implies I’m dumb, I feel a need to worship that man. It’s stupid and absurd and ridiculous but I feel it, but most men are honestly too good to take benefit. My boss isn’t, and he’s the one who has created me into the slut I am today.

I once left a slide out of a presentation, and I swallowed his dick in his car.

I once forgot a customer information disc at a sister branch and I ended up swallowing him in his office.

I nearly messed up a client meeting and I sucked him off at his house.

It’s just dawning on me how many times I’ve blown him, how much I wondered that was no big deal, how ditzy I am…all of it.

I’m not sure how to organize my thoughts. What are your questions?

NSFW: yes


  1. ahhhhhh102938

    I don’t have any questions but I have to say congrats gor finding someone who can help you out. And if you like it so much then don’t ever feel bad about it.

  2. smoothclaws

    Is your boss smart? Well he must be because he keeps getting blown. Would this be the same if you had a partner?

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