Sixth Time I Watched My Parents Having Sex

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NSFW: yes

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Mum and dad didn’t leave the room until the next morning. I didn’t trust myself to eavesdrop at their door anymore, it’s a miracle I haven’t been caught yet. I didn’t want it to happen, not now. Breakfast was pretty awkward, I’ve never been scolded by dad like that, I felt so lost. We had been eating in silence for a while before I asked Mum if she was feeling alright. She smiled and said yes, dad interjected that there was nothing to worry about. He sheepishly apologized about shutting the door on my face. He didn’t need to spell it out, but the tone of his voice made it clear it was the end of that subject. He had a true gift of being able to be simultaneously gentle but firm. As long as no one was walking into their love nest, I suppose. We continued making small talk and the mood was better by the time we were finished eating. The next few days were unremarkable, I guess they tried to keep a low account. Mum, in a moment when she had a clear head and wasn’t reduced to a puddle of cum by dad, probably gave him a hard time about it. I remember when dad punished her the other night, Mum would very likely be at the receiving end of that for stepping up for me.

That gave me enough time to ruminate over everything that has happened, all the way back to that Saturday afternoon. I think I misjudged dad, he didn’t really get off on me being there at all, there was no exhibitionism on his part. He just wanted to let loose and rut his woman into submission with abandon until their bodies gave in. When he snapped at my brother and I, he was legitimately angry about it. And as I heard from the man himself, it wasn’t because of us, but because Mum was the one who didn’t want us to witness her moaning like a slut. Just taking it as dad pounded away until she had his spunk leaking out of every battered hole. But yeah it’s way too late now for that, Mum. She has all the time been a truly loving and caring Mum, but it was clear her calling in life wasn’t motherhood, it was being made into a wornout cumrag by dad. His own mission was to hold up his end of that bargain, to bring out that sex fiend he had to conceal whenever there were people around and show Mum every inch of her belonged to him. Now that my brother and I were grown it was time Mum and dad had each other’s bodies all for themselves. Of course he was also an amazing dad, but by now he must have been so fed up with holding back his bestial lust all these years. If anything I was thankful they waited until we were all adults. Mum and dad had this gorgeous partnership way before I was born. At this point a little gropping and moaning here and there is something you have to accept when you’re sharing the house with sexually active adults. You can even go beyond that, you can actively enjoy it like I do. I couldn’t bear to get in the way of their mind blowing sex life after I realized that. I knew I had to give them the space they deserved to get as filthy as feasible without worrying if I was home or if they closed the door properly. dad projected and built that house thinking of how he could bend Mum over in each and every corner.

Fuck it I couldn’t keep this all in any longer! It felt way too significant of a mindset shift to not distribute with them. They were the reason behind it after all. If I told them everything Mum wouldn’t have to feel bad about it and dad would finally have what he wants. And I wouldn’t need to leave. I was still trying to come up with a script in my mind about how the whole conversation would even begin, how I could diffuse it should they react negatively and so on. One night I was mindlessly climbing down the stairs when I saw Mum and dad making out on the couch. Quite aggressively. dad had his gigantic hands groping Mum all over while she was grinding on him so hard that she was pratically fucking him through his clothes. Well this is it, I wondered to myself. I made it to the living room without them spotting me until I called them. Mum jumped as if she had seen a ghost, and slowly slid so she was sitting at dad’s side now. She never stopped leaning on him and his hands never left her body. If anything dad was holding, no, grabbing her even more possessively. I apologized for interrupting them as I sat on the armchair close to the couch where they were sitting. dad left out a heavy sigh, asking if I wasn’t gonna leave in an annoyed voice. I told him I had something to talk about with them, and it was exactly about this. They both acted surprised, Mum looked very uncomfortable while dad seemed somewhat intrigued now. I went all the way back to that Saturday where I had first seen them have sex. Mum looked at dad as if to remind him she did try to close the door. I essentially talked them through my whole inner change I felt that day, trying not to be too crude obviously. dad was feeling quite guilty about it, I could tell. He apologized but said I was already a adult by then so it shouldn’t be exactly shocking to know Mum and dad had a active sex life. I told dad I actually agreed with him completely, but I still had so much more to say. In a shaky voice he asked if there were other times. I said yes, mentioning those nights I had to sleep in their room due to the AC. He sighed heavily and rubbed his forehead while Mum was blushing like I had never seen her do. She spoke up, that when she and dad are, she made a pause, intimate with each other they say things not meant to be heard. I asked them if they remember that night I went out to a sleepover at an AirBnb. Took them a while but they eventually recalled it. dad could see right through me, he knew where this was going. I confessed I stayed in and watch them fuck through the whole house, even my bedroom. Mum was completely covering her face now saying something under her breath, dad looked up and rubbed his face for a bit. He sighed heavily once again, trying to rest his hand on Mum’s leg again only for her to remove it rather forcefully. Holy shit, what have I done?

I was so sure at that moment that I had permanently ruined not only my relationship with my parents but their own relationship with each other. Fuck. I tried reassuring Mum, saying I really didn’t mind, in fact I loved it. dad let out a indignant ‘what the fuck” while Mum looked at me like I had just grown a third eye on my forehead. I think that would be easier to explain. I brought it up when dad was using the remote controlled vibrator and they went up to their room. dad spoke over me and admitted that he went too far, but before he could finish I said that I heard him saying he “doesn’t give a fuck” about me seeing them like that, only Mum. She looked at dad, she was fuming, like she had finally realized how careless they have become. dad rubbed his face again, saying “fuck” a couple of times. I shakily talked about the realization I had, that they truly deserve to have their space to express their love with each other, including through sex. I said it was like Mum had just mentioned, their dirty talk is not meant to be heard so I knew he didn’t mean it, but I understood his frustration.

Maybe it was just me, but I felt the atmosphere improve, even if slightly. I talked about how I did feel aroused by all of it, and it did begin from a place of taboo of how wrong it felt. I genuinely wondered they were deviants for a bit. But that feeling had evolved, they were just a couple in love who knew exactly how to make each other cum in the most intense methods feasible. They just happened to be my parents, it was actually gorgeous to see. I brought up how impressive that their love and lust for each other never waned after so many years together. dad had an almost smirk on his face, not leecherous but like he was pleasantly surprised and maybe a bit aroused himself. Mum was teary eyed, there was some sadness in her expression but I think she was mostly just touched now. She was the one that grabbed dad’s hand now as they looked at each other lovingly. Everyone took a moment to breathe in a bit, which made all of us chuckle. dad said he still had to process the whole thing, especially about how turned on watching them made me, but that he was glad I came up to them and talked about it like adults. He apologized for how “impatient” he can get from time to time as Mum took my hand and looked me deeply in the eyes. She asked me if I truly wasn’t bothered at all to have seen her like that. I held her hand back and said absolutely not! Yeah it changed the way I saw her, but not negatively. I bashfully brought it up again that it turned me on. I looked to dad now and told him especially how hot it was for me when he did those little punishments because I knew that anger he felt was because he just wanted to fuck Mum, that being that third wheel of sorts was actually very gratifying to me. He looked at Mum and held her legs more tightly, but rather lovingly now, saying I was a sub just like her. We all laughed. dad looked back at me, asking in a low tone, “what are we going to do about that?”

I made it clear I had no intentions of having sex with them. I wondered to myself, at least not now. I really just wanted to watch. Turns out that, surprisingly, neither of them considered themselves to be exhibitionists. The initial wondered of being aware they’re being watched, by their own daughter no less, made them start to question the whole thing. Damn it. Mum suggested they could record themselves, maybe? dad turned it down, he looked at me and said he knew it wouldn’t be enough, not after everything I’d witnessed in person. We really were so compatible, he definitely understood the depth of my kink of watching them, it wasn’t just about watching. dad said even though I said I didn’t consider it to be a dirty thing anymore he knew I still felt naughty doing it, since I’m not supposed to. He shifted on his seat and continued that since I liked those punishments there was definitely a humiliation element to it. I stopped him to say he was right and about how much it turned me on how he could make Mum from a concerned mother to a desperate slut with just his expert touch. His boner was quite obvious now, and it only became fatter the more I spoke. He couldn’t keep his hand still, it kept roaming all over Mum’s toned leg. She couldn’t keep still as much as she tried. I told him how hot it was to see him let that momentary anger of being cockblocked overwhelm him so much he couldn’t even control himself. And how Mum and I had no choice but to take it all, in our own different methods. Mum taking his gigantic cock in whatever hole he saw fit and me having to hear how insignificant I was to my own parents whenever they gave in to their most primal instincts.

dad let out a “fuck” while Mum moaned a bit, her small hand on his thighs, moving dangerously close to his cock. Damn, it was really getting them going. He began to move his meaty hand towards Mum’s crotch, he looked at me and asked if I minded that, to which I told him to just keep doing it. He smiled at Mum and kissed her, mumbling he’d continue no matter what I said. dad referred to me like I wasn’t even there, he truly got it. Mum squealed when he put her on his lap again. Between hungry kisses he continued to speak to me, we had to come up with a plan. Mum was slowly letting her lewd moans come out, her dress was lifted up and her panties were at dad’s feet. I excitedly tried to distribute my ideas when Mum shushed me. dad chuckled and carried on. Ouch, my face got so red. They were having a private conversation and I had no say in it. It also turns out Mum can put me in my place just as well as dad. She is a submissive slut for him, not anyone else. dad’s cock was out, he asked Mum to beg for him to fuck her. He slapped her ass very hard, telling her to remember he was the one in charge. Guess dad didn’t want Mum getting any funny ideas. Between giggles she begged like a whore, how much she wanted dad’s gigantic cock battering her tight little pussy. Holy hell they were really going for it! I was so shocked I hadn’t even wondered about touching myself, eagerly I began to do it when dad firmly told me no while Mum was grinding him frenetically. He said only Mummy and Daddy were cuming. I could have done that right there, dad was talking dirty to me! He grabbed Mum’s fertile hips and shoved her on his cock. She threw her head back and finally let out those slutty yells only dad could get out of her. I hadn’t seen Mum’s figure being manhandled by dad so close before, I had a front row seat now, I could see the marks his thick fingers would leave on her flesh. I knew he was rough but being this close I could see he was even rougher. Fuck, how does Mum is even able to walk afterwards? Turns out she doesn’t need to work out just to keep herself hot for dad, but so her body can resist being throughly fucked by him.

They continued to speak as if I wasn’t there. If you count Mum’s incoherent words as talking. She was just moaning affirmatively at anything he said. I couldn’t believe how shameless she was about being dad’s fleshlight even though I was right there. She exists as a set of holes to be fucked by dad until he has emptied himself inside all of them, it shouldn’t be a surprise for me by now. dad got back to their plan. I would not be in their room every night, he continued, and they would wait for me to “fall asleep”, like I did when I slept in their bedroom. They were absolutely drenched in sweat, and so was even if I was sitting as still as feasible just as dad wanted me to. The sound of skin slapping on skin kept getting louder and louder. He was taunting Mum now, asking if she remembered how she was the one who begged to be fucked in their bed even if I had to sleep on the floor for that. How she didn’t mind him turning off the AC when that was the whole reason they even got me sleeping there. dad got his hands off her, now she was impaling herself on his dick entirely on her own. She was like a wind up doll, dad had set the pace and now Mum just continued it without his help. He wasn’t holding back, he asked her how come she didn’t let a light on for me when she knew how much I hated sleeping in the dark. Mum’s voice began to give out, I knew what dad was doing. He commanded her to say why she let him leave her shithole in a gaped mess filled with his piss, all in my bed. He wanted me to watch her fully out herself as the whore she was for him. For me to see how even as their own daughter I wasn’t the number one person in their lives, I would never be able to compete with them, nothing else brought them together and made them feel alive as their relentless rutting. I would all the time be second to that. Mum didn’t need to use any words. She plunged into dad’s meatstick one last time, her voice finally coming out in a desperate, slutty scream. dad’s manly hands were now pawing Mum’s body as he kissed her neck. They caught their breaths, looked at each other lovingly and kissed.

dad pushed mom on the couch and got up. She squealed and then pouted, but at this time there was only one thing on my mind. Not even in my mind, but right in front of me. dad was still rock hard. His cock was easily the most gorgeous I’ve ever seen. I saw it many times from afar but never this close. It matched the rest of him perfectly, so long and even thicker. Of course Mum couldn’t get enough of it. Every ridge and vein of it was coated in Mum’s pussy juices and his own pre cum. He didn’t cum yet. Fuck. He chuckled and finally addressed me only to say that it was Mum’s toy, not mine. I thought how pathetic my face looked right now, going from enthralled to deflated. I knew I wasn’t allowed to touch, but to be told by him so cruelly still stinged. dad commanded Mum to get up and follow him, she was such an obedient pet that she jolted before he could even finish the sentence. I wanted more, I needed more. We all climbed the stairs, they continue to act like they were alone, maybe they legitimally couldn’t give a fuck I was there, specially since dad didn’t had his orgasm yet. Fuck this was so exciting! We made our way into the r- THUD. “Not tonight”, dad said firmly in a growl. Fuck.

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