Sex and My Older Sister

My first sexual experience was with my sister. She’s two years older than me, and has at all times been the prettier, more outgoing one. But we’ve at all times looked enough alike that when we’re together, people ask if we’re twins.

One day, many years ago, she told me she was gonna show me something that felt nice. She told me to lay down in her bed. She took one of my old dolls (a “My Buddy,” if you’re familiar), shoved his hand down inside my pants and underpants and rubbed it against my crotch. I knew nothing about my body or masturbation at the time, so I don’t know if she even made contact with my clitoris, but I do remember it felt good. When she stopped, I asked her to keep going. She declined. I think my reaction was a little intense for her.

Turns out in high college, she was quite the slut. I’ve heard from mutual friends around that time about threesomes at parties with her best friend and best friend’s boyfriend.

I lived with my sister and her husband for awhile. I remember finding a nude pic she’d taken for him from when we were in high college. I was jealous of her conical, teacup tits with what I considered to be reasonably sized nipples. On another occasion, we sat on her bathroom floor in the aftermath of a drunken party. She’d thrown up and at some point removed her shirt. Her bra strap kept falling down, her nipple peeking out. She told me about her school friend that would describe other girls as “short enough to eat me out standing up.” Apparently this friend and her did some expiramenting, but she didn’t get into specifics. My drunken sister proceeded to tell me she was “less sinful” than me because she had only had sex with girls, while I wanted to pursue relationships with them.

As we got older, our roles reversed. Sister became uptight, disapproving hyperreligious while I became increasingly sluttier, hedonistic and less judgemental.

I’ve had the occasional sex dream about her my entire life, the last one being a week or so ago. During the dreams I’m all for it, but I wake up grossed out. I don’t think the last one really went anywhere, all I can remember is sucking her toes (not usually my thing).

We used to be best friends, but due to her disapproval of my lifestyle, we don’t talk anymore.

Writing this certainly feels cathartic. Thnx for reading my confession. X

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NSFW: yes

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