Selling her body to fulfill a fantasy

M had at all times been a successful woman. She excelled in college and this carried through into her career, quickly climbing the ranks at her corporate job. She sat on the board of non-profit organizations and maintained a gorgeous home in a desirable area of the city. Her relationships tended to look like the rest of her life: neat, orderly, socially acceptable, and frankly.. a little boring to her. Maybe it was because she had never really done something society considered ‘wrong,’ but she had fantasies that she just couldn’t shake about the things she would like to experience in the bedroom.
She made all the decisions in every other part of her life but sexually, she dreamed of a situation where a man was in complete control (or maybe even a woman depending on the day). The fantasies she dreamed about most were the idea of selling her body – agreeing to a small set of limits with a ‘client’ and then walking into the bedroom knowing that it was her obligations to fulfill anything else he asked for. Discovering the kinks and fantasies of the men she worked for and ensuring that they left fully satisfied, no matter how degrading that might be to her.
One night, on a company trip, she was sitting at the hotel bar and after a couple glasses of wine, she struck up conversation with another company traveler who was sitting near her. Eventually, the conversation moved from work to their personal lives and this other traveler, A, mentioned that he hadn’t had sex in far too long. With a little bit of liquid courage already on board, M saw her opportunity. She leaned in so close that A could feel her breath on his ears and told him “For $500, I will follow you upstairs and change that. I’ll let you have me any way you want me.”
A looked her up and down and asked “any way?” M could feel the butterflies in her stomach as she nodded in confirmation. With that, A grabbed her hand and led her to the elevators. They walked into his room and he immediately pushed her up against the wall, kissing her passionately while groping her boobs, thighs and ass and pulling her hair. Keeping her pinned against the wall, he pushed her to her knees and unzipped his pants, thrusting his already swollen cock into her mouth, getting deep by pulling handfuls of M’s hair towards him. M had never experienced this sort of aggression in the bedroom and it made her feel alive in a way that she had never felt before.
They continued fucking throughout the night, with A never giving M one moment of control. In between filling her with his cum, he would spank her, pin her down, and force her to cum while lightly choking her. By the end of the night, her ass was bright red, her pussy had never been more sore, her voice was husky from all the times his cock had been deep in her throat, and she knew she was already addicted to this rough, taboo sex. The next day, she skipped all her meetings but returned to the hotel bar, on the lookout for another opportunity to experience this new sort of work.

NSFW: yes

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