Sweet Love [M/F 20s-40s] [tender] [love] [oral] [straight sex]

You look me in the eyes. I see that glimmer. I’ve seen it a hundred times before. It makes me safe—it makes me feel warm. It makes me burn with desire.

I step in close to you and you cock your head teasingly, as if you don’t know what you’re doing to me. I bring my lips up to brush yours—to taste your familiarity—that addictive substance that is your love. Your hand comes to my waist and the back of my head, pulling me in close. That strength, that passion, it makes my entire body tingle with pleasure.

I need you.

My hand runs down to your jeans, undoing them with that all-so-familiar snap of my fingers, and I grin against your lips as you moan with delight. You want me. I can feel you rising to meet me. Our bodies crave to be one.

I want to let them.

You slip off my shirt, kissing my neck, working your way down to my collarbone then my chest. You fumble with my bra and we giggle, but you manage to snap it off with grace on the second try. Those loving eyes drink my form. Those tender hands cup and gently knead my breasts, teasing me with a gentle pinch of my nipples. I moan for more.

We hurry to the bed. You throw me down and an excited giggle escapes my lips. First your pants come off, just before you slip mine off. Already I ache for you, but our fun has just begun. Our love desires our bodies to be worshipped, and you already know what parts of me crave attention.

You press your hips in between mine and I can feel your desperate cock straining to be released from its clothed prison—demanding to become one with me. But not yet. Your soft lips tend to my chest, your tongue teasing my nipples. A little nip sends an unwithheld cry of pleasure and I rake my nails lovingly across your back.

One of your hands slides lower, teasing at my underwear. Of course I want you there—you know I do—but still you ask, “Is this what you want?”

“Yes,” I breathe, barely able to speak from the passion burning within me.

Your hand slips in. Your fingers glide across my wet clit, making my whole body tense with eagerness. My body craves you. Your fingers penetrate me. It makes me gasp and groan. You tease my clit a little longer before kissing your way down my abdomen, slipping off my panties, and replacing your fingers with your talented tongue. It worships my clit, laps up my juices, but I want you deeper. I grip your hair. I pull you in tight. Passion explodes through me as you eagerly please me. I let you up for air, and you grin up at me with a beard full of my wetness.

I smile. “Your turn.” I pat the bed beside me. You climb up me, teasing me once again with your willing cock. It needs to be released. I grant its need. My hands slip into your underwear, gripping your rock hard cock into my hand. It pops out with eagerness as I slide off your underwear. I hear you take a sharp inhale. It’s my turn to make you feel good.

I kiss and lick my way down, kissing around the base of your cock, teasing you good before I give you your reward. Finally, my lips kiss the head of your eagerness, and already you moan for me. Next my tongue comes out. I want to lick you clean. As your body twitches from the sensations my tongue puts you through, I let you fill my mouth entirely. I devour it as far as I can, letting it hit the back of my throat. I love the sounds you make, the twitch of your muscles, your hand grasping at me, but unable to fathom what to do with it while pleasure floods your brain.

I love making you feel good.

My mouth starts to tire. My pussy is dripping wet for you. With hungry eyes, I look at you and say, “I want to feel you inside of me.”

You don’t need more than that. You flip me to my back, pinning me down with your strong hands and placing your throbbing cock on top of me.

“You want this?” you ask as you rub yourself along my clit.

“Yes,” I moan, titling my hips up, hoping to make you enter me.

Your eyes are mischievous. You love it when I need you. For a moment, you act like we’re all done for the day, but just as I complain, your cock thrust deep inside of me. I scream with passion. Your cock belongs inside of me. It rubs eagerly against my walls. They know each other well, yet every time seems better than the last. You want me. You need me. Your eyes roll back with pleasure as you pump yourself into my welcoming warmth. I match your rhythm, wanting you as deep as you can go. I wrap my legs around your waist. We fit perfectly together. We put my ankles around your neck. Your cock rubs at a whole new angle. It is bliss. Over and over. Our bodies are meant to be together. I want it. I want all of your seed to burst inside of me. It’s what I need.

Will you give it to me?


I hope you enjoyed my first erotica! Let me know what you think.

NSFW: yes

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