College’s Out Forever Part 36 [F18][M18]

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How to turn a party into an orgy.

Following on from [Part 35](

All participants and characters are 18+. This took place right after completing High College.

Welcome back, if you’ve been following the story. For those who just landed here, you should browse back through the chapters to learn how we got to this point. Please enjoy.

After lunch we opened more champagne. The girls preferred it over beer I was drinking. We noticed the two couples on the beach had returned to their motor boat and were apparently having trouble starting it.

One of the two guys swam over to us and asked “Can I come on board?”

I told him “Sure mate”.

“My name’s Steve. Our boat has a problem; I think it’s electrical. Can I use your radio to call for some assistance?”

“Sure thing Steve, Chumphon will show you how to operate the radio”.

He walked over to the radio, I’m sure enjoying the sight of the three half naked young women around him. He called Marine Rescue who would contact a business who would call back. The business called back soon after and told him their technician wouldn’t be available until the next morning, he was at a wedding.

He told us “Ok, we’ll just have to make do I guess until tomorrow. Thanks for the help.” With that he swam back to their boat to tell them the news.

We talked about what a downer it would be for them. Their boat was only a little larger than a ski boat so it wouldn’t have facilities for overnighting. Chumphon and Terri broke off talking in Thai for a minute or so, then Chumphon said “What if we invite them over for a party? We’ve got plenty of room and supplies?”

Denise and I had no objections to their suggestion. I called out to Steve from our boat. He looked in our direction “Steve, you should tie your boat alongside ours. Swim over with a line”. A few minutes later he climbed up onto the rear deck and we pulled their boat over to ours with the line he’d brought across.

“This is Allan, his girlfriend Kate and my girlfriend Lexie”. We introduced ourselves and invited them to step on board. They climbed over the railing, bringing some bottles of liquor with them and sat on the sofa edging the deck.

“Wow. This is a wonderful boat”. Chumphon explained it was her father’s and we had use of it until tomorrow.

“We’re partying each night and thought you guys should join us instead of sitting on a disabled boat.” Terri explained.

Lexie observed “Cool. Can you really party with only one guy and three girls?”

We exchanged glances and smiled then I replied “Oh yeah! We sure can”, they laughed at my enthusiastic reply.

Lexi replied “Well, if we’re going to party ….” And she quickly slipped her bikini top over her head and off. Her firm 34C’s bounced against her as they fell from the cups. She looked at Kate who immediately slipped the knot behind her back and lifted her top clear, her 34B’s jiggling free.

“Chumphon, are you Thai?” Kate asked.

“Yes, and so is Terri” she replied.

Kate continued “You girls have the most wonderful brown skin. It takes so much work for us to look even half as good as you. You’re so lucky.”

“Where are you from” I asked the group.

Allan replied “We’re from Sydney, we often rent a boat and come out on the bay for some good times together.” He winked at Lexie. “We work at a bank together, so this is where we break free from the office boredom.”

They were in their late 20’s and obviously maintained a fit lifestyle. They all had great physiques, especially Lexie who was quite tall, probably 5’10”.

“So Dave, which of these beautiful girls are you with?” I sensed he was fishing for boundaries.

I put my arm around Terri’s shoulder and pulled her close. “This one” I smiled. Then I put my other arm around Denise and added “And sometimes this one” bringing loud laughter from everybody as they could see Denise and Terry grinning at each other, realising I wasn’t lying.

Steve then explained “Well, if we’re going to be honest here tonight, we sometimes share, sometimes swap. Ha ha ha our lives as bankers aren’t always boring”.

Interesting, I wondered. The music got turned up louder and the drinks flowed, it was a gorgeous starry night and not at all cool outside on deck.

I noticed Lexie was standing by the railing looking out at the beach nearby, deep in wondered. Terri nudged my arm and nodded towards her, indicating I should go over to her. I stood and Terri walked with me.

“Everything ok Lexie?” I asked.

A little startled, she replied “Oh, Oh yes. Just taking in the beautiful surroundings.”

I stroked my hand down her upper arm, goosebumps immediately covered her upper body. Her nipples puckered and sprang out. “It really is beautiful” I replied, staring at her breasts. Terri stepped to her other side, Lexie looked at her “You have a beautiful body Terri, you’re so small but have such a perfect figure.”

We heard Chumphon release a squeal of delight and turned back to see Steve sucking on her nipple with ice in his mouth. She wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him closer. Allan had Kate on his right knee, she had her hand inside his pants. He reached out to Denise and pulled her onto his other knee. She reached for Kate’s face and pulled her close, her mouth sliding over Kate’s in a deep tongue kiss.

Lexie turned back to the darkness around the boat, I slid my left hand down her spine and slipped it inside her bikini bottoms. Her buttock was very firm. Terri slid her hand up across Lexie’s stomach and cupped her left breast. She looked into Lexie’s face for any sign of disapproval. Lexie bent her head lower and kissed Terri briefly on the lips. Terri’s wet tongue darted out and licked across Lexie’s lips, her mouth opened and received Terri’s tongue deep inside. I felt Lexie’s knees slightly collapse at the sensation, my grip on her buttock helped to support her. I brought my right hand around on to her flat muscled stomach and slid it carefully down. Down until my fingertips reached the elastic of her bottoms. I traced along the edge before pressing slightly so my fingers slipped under. I slid down further, my fingers now encountering a sparsely haired mons and then lower. My fingers felt her slit now, I moved my hand at the back lower from her buttock to between her cheeks. My two hands now slid towards each other, one tracing along her slit rearwards, the other across her anus and towards the front. My fingertips bumped together; the heat felt so erotic. She moved one foot apart to open her stance a little as I pressed up with both middle fingers. Her lips parted with the pressure and her wetness covered my fingers as they penetrated her slightly. She moaned into Terri’s mouth as their kiss continued, Terri now caressing Lexie’s bare breasts.

I whispered into her ear “Shall we go somewhere private?”

She broke off her kiss and replied “I want you to fuck me. Fuck me here.”

I was a little surprised but I could see the other 5 were all involved in their own enjoyment, I pulled on the knot at Lexie’s hip, her bikini dropped between her feet when I released the string. Terri was leaning in front of her now, kissing and licking Lexie’s soft breasts. I stepped behind her and dropped to my knees. I kissed her buttocks and then poked my tongue into her crevice. She leant forward a little, her thigh gap now framing her pink hairless pussy. Her inner lips were wet with her seepage, I pushed my tongue in and tasted her. Her vulva was sweet and hot, I licked deeply inside, feeling her shudder at the sensation. I couldn’t wait any longer, I stood again, left hand holding her hip, right hand aiming my cock towards her soft puffy lips. She felt me pushing and reached back to grasp the shaft, wiping the tip up and down in her furrow, wetting the glans with her slick discharge.

“It’s so big” she claimed then pushed back against me. I pushed forward, now holding both hips as I slid up into her partially.

“Ohhhh!” she squealed as I pushed in half length. I pulled back but only a little before her hand pulled me forward again. I slid in further as she released her grip around my erection. She was tight and hot inside, my hands slid to her front, my palms pressing against her muscled abs. I pulled back and thrust in slowly but firmly again. I was almost fully inside now. I held still, feeling her vagina squeezing around my shaft. I slid out, just the glans inside her lips and then slid forward in one long, steady push inside, until my balls were against her thighs, my pubic bone pressing into her butt.

“Aaaaahhhhhhh!” came from my throat at the sensation. Terri was kissing her again as Lexie palmed

Terri’s small breasts with one hand, the other between Terri’s thighs, her bikini bottoms lying on the deck next to Lexie’s.

I looked over my left shoulder and saw Chumphon was lying back on the bench seat, Steve kneeling between her spread thighs tasting her. Denise was straddling a sitting Allan sliding up and down his shiny hard cock. Kate was naked, standing behind, holding Denise’s breasts in her hands as she encouraged her bouncing.

Terri now moved a little to the left and lay back on the sofa, I spun Lexie so she was facing Terri. She bent and started licking Terri’s pussy, Terri, spreading her fingers in Lexie’s hair. I started a steady long pumping rhythm, stroking in and out of her welcoming cunt. Each time I pressed forward, Terri’s hips rose as Lexie’s tongue swept along her slit. Each time I pulled back, Lexie’s tongue came back to tongue Terri’s tight anus. My hands now reached up to hold her 34B’s, much larger than Terri’s breasts and far heavier hanging.

Lexie began pushing back harder, soon I was literally pounding against her butt. Terri’s legs were now over Lexie’s shoulders as Lexie ate her out.

“I’m close ……… ohhhh fuck” I breathed.

Lexi turned her head slightly, “Cum on my back” she directed.

Another three pumps and I felt my climax imminent. I slid out of her cunt, her fingers replaced it. I now held my slippery cock in my hand, pumping its length as ropes of of hot sperm splashed out onto her back.

Lexie now dropped to her knees, stroking her own clit as she sucked on Terri’s sweet pussy. I sat back on the deck, spent, and took in the orgy playing out before me.

Steve was just finishing, spraying cum over Chumphon’s rippled stomach as she pulled on her brown nipples. Denise was lifting off Allan’s lap, Kate took his thrusting cock into her mouth to swallow his cum.

It seemed the best way to clean up was to literally jump over the side. Within minutes the eight of us were skinny dipping, the novelty a little mild though considering what had been happening shortly before. Some swam a little, some got back on board. The girls remained topless but did put on their bottoms, the three men stayed naked. We partied on into the night.

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