My first anal and my sleeping beauty Part 3: The Ultimate Spoon


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After a long day of work, Alex and I get ready to sleep and rest. While he prefers to sleep naked to feel free, I usually wear just a shirt with underwear, whether it’s briefs or a thong, but at all times making sure my booty is comfortable and protected.

However, I must mention a peculiar habit that Alex has developed, which he calls the Ultimate Spoon. It involves sleeping in a spooning position, but with his dick between my cheeks. When he first suggested it, it was a bit weird, but over the months, I’ve gotten used to this dynamic.

Now, you might be wondering if this means he penetrates me all night or if he can cum inside my vagina while we sleep. The answer is no because the main condition is that he lets me sleep. The Ultimate Spooning has its own peculiar dynamic and rules.

When we get ready to sleep, Alex quickly positions himself behind me, avoiding any visible signs of his excitement. We assume the big spoon position. I push my ass backward, opening one of my cheeks to show off my tiny little entance. Alex stretches his flaccid dick, revealing the head, and places it right in the center, fitting his tip perfectly with my asshole entrance. That’s when I release my cheek and let the full weight of my ass drop onto his dick, trapping it, making it feel small and hungry like a bird trying to enter a cage that’s just too damn tight.

Even though it seems like everything is set for his dick to enter that curious little mouth, the heat and weight of my booty on top of him are so intense that his member can not grow enough to penetrate me. It’s a foolproof test because without friction, there can be no erection. Alex has confessed that he feels his member getting lost in limbo, experiencing a sense of comfort and softness in his lap that only my booty can provide.

That’s how we sleep in the Ultimate Spooning, a ritual we’ve incorporated where I sleep feeling full from behind, and he experiences the frustration of a chastity belt made of my ass, where his dick is deprived of the one thing it’s made for: penetrating my asshole.

NSFW: yes

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