Sara went out and had a real good time (F/M+][20s][con][fiction][fantasy] – Short Sex Story

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Sara decided she needed to go out and get some action. It had been 4 months since she broke up with her boyfriend and she hadn’t had a good fuck in months. **Let’s be honest, she wondered, I haven’t been fucked like I need since BEFORE we broke up.** She needed dick. Sure her dildo and vibe were nice but theres just something special about a hard throbbing cock. Sara was getting wet just thinking about it. She made sure her legs and pussy were nice and smooth, chose a sexy hot pink thong, and then shimmied her way into her favorite bodycon dress. The hem barely reached the bottom of her nice round ass. It hugged her body showing off her hips and small slim waist. The top was so tight on her large breasts that any small downward tug on the dress was liable to cause them to pop out the top. She never wore a bra with this dress. She loved how it held her boobs up and let her nipples poke out when she was aroused. Some nice 5 inch heels completed her outfit. Sara gave herself a once over in the mirror. A little adjustment of her breasts and she was off.

Not 5 minutes in the club and she had dudes grinding their crotches all up and down her ass. Sara was in the middle of dancing with some guy when he reached around and started fondling her boobs. She could feel his dick on her ass. This is the one, she decided. They left the dance floor and went back to his table. His name was Nick. He came with some friends but hadn’t seen them in a while. Sara kept inching her hand higher and higher up his thigh while Nick was talking. She eventually was rubbing his dick through his pants and she could see when he finally made a decision. Nick grabbed her wrist and told her to follow him. He led her down the hall towards the bathrooms. They made it to just past the men’s room before he shoved her against the wall and stared aggressively kissing her. Sara was so ready for this. She wrapped one leg around his hip and started working on undoing his pants. As soon as the zipper was down, Nick’s cock jumped out and she had it in her hand. Nick pressed her into the wall and lifted her by her ass. Sara wrapped her other leg around him. Nick deftly slid her panties to the side and pressed the head of his cock against her wet slit. He stopped there before entering her and Sara was worried he had changed his mind. She whimpered and tried to slide him inside her. Nick chuckled and then began slowly, ever so slowly, sliding her down the length of his cock. **Oh fuck. Oh fuck me he’s so fucking thick!** Sara screamed. Finally she had Nick fully inside her pussy. Nick pulled her dress down exposing her boobs. Her nipples were erect. Nick leaned down and took one between his teeth, gently tugging on it. Sara moaned and arched her back, pressing her large tits out and up towards Nick. He started fucking her then. Large powerful thrusts. Each time almost completely leaving her and then slamming her down until he was fully sheathed again.

Sara was in heaven. Each thrust caused a low throaty moan. Eventually her head lulled to the side and she saw a guy standing there watching her get fucked. He was rubbing his dick through his pants. **I want that! I want more! Sara wondered.** She looked at Nick and nodded towards the newcomer. Nick shrugged. Sara held out her hand to the unknown man. He was already pulling his cock out as he walked towards her. Sara greedily grabbed him and started stroking his dick while he started licking and sucking on her exposed breast. A few minutes went by and then Sara said

“I need more. I need both of your cocks inside me!”

The men looked around. Nick noticed on the other side of the hall there was a padded bench. Obviously, it was there so guests could wait for someone to finish in the bathrooms but it was the perfect height for spitroasting a slut. Nick picked Sara up, leaving his dick inside her, and carried her across the hall. He pulled his cock from her pussy and Sara got on all fours on the bench. Nick went behind her and the mystery man went in front. Sara felt alone with no cocks penatrating her so she reached out to the mystery man. He quickly stepped forward and pressed the head of his dick against her lips. Sara was a little worried. He was bigger than her ex and she had had trouble blowing him. But she had been training with a large dildo so she was excited to see how much better she had gotten. Slowly she sucked on this mystery man’s dick. Taking more and more in with each bob. Nick still hadn’t started fucking her pussy and Sara was gonna look back and ask him what the delay was when she felt him enter her. Nick had waited until she had the other guys dick as far down her throat that she wondered she could manage. Sara moaned around the cock in her mouth, causing the mystery man to groan. Soon they set up a rhythm. Nick was absolutely abusing her pussy. Each thrust taking him so far inside her she was surprised there was more for him to push into her. Each time she took the cock to her face she went further and further until she was surprised to notice she was taking the whole thing, nose pressed up against the man’s pubic bone. It still wasn’t enough. She used one of her hands to reach around and grab mystery man’s ass. Pushing him along with each thrust. She wanted more. She didn’t want to be able to talk tomorrow from this cock pounding into her throat. Sara felt the man begin to twitch and then hot cum was sliding down her throat. She wondered it would never stop coming. Eventually the man pulled his now soft dick out of her mouth. Sara tried to lick at it as it left her mouth. The man put his cock away and then walked off. Nick was still behind her, throbbing dick buried in her cunt. She started to thrust backwards on his dick. Sara heard some muffled voices and looked back to see Nick talking to the bartender. **Pleasepleasepleaseplease! Sara wondered.** She’d been hitting on the bartender for months trying to get him to fuck her. He walked around to her face and started undoing his pants. He was taking too long and while he was still undoing the zipper Sara reached out to grab his cock and bring it to her mouth. He grabbed her head and controlled the pace of her sucking for 5 or 6 bobs before popping his dick out of her mouth. Sara felt Nick pull out from her pussy and almost cried out Wait! before she realized they were switching places.

“I want you to suck my dick like the last guy.” Nick said as the head of his cock slipped between her lips. Sara could taste herself on his cock. She felt the bartender running his dick up and down her sopping pussy. Finally, finally the bartender placed his dick at her opening and thrust in. For a few amazing minutes both men fucked her hard. Slamming into her. If it wasn’t for the cock constantly down her throat Sara would have been screaming. There was some mumbling and then both men withdrew. Sara only didn’t cry out because after the last time she knew if they both left it was because they had a purpose. And soon she found herself pushed down and flipped onto her back. Almost as soon as she was on her back both dicks repenetrated her. Sara felt her feet get put on the bartender’s shoulders and then he thrust in even deeper. Nick’s thrusting into her throat became less rhythmic and Sara prepared for another massive load of cum. But to her surprise, Nick quickly pulled his dick from her mouth and shot ropes of hot cum all over her massive tits. He left his dick on her tits from over her shoulder until it stopped leaking cum. He dragged it over her breast and across her face while he straighten. Sara turned her face and eagerly tried to lick and retake his dick into her mouth. She felt her legs pressed back and soon Nick by her head was holding her ankles. The bartender grabbed onto Sara’s waist and hips and started thrusting. Sara’s eyes rolled back into her head. She felt her breasts wildly bouncing up and down from the pounding she was getting. She was in ecstasy. She reached up and started rubbing and squeezing her breasts, smearing Nick’s cum everywhere. She pulled at her nipples. All the while moaning every time the bartender pounded into her pussy. She brought her cum coated fingers to her mouth and started sucking them clean. The bartender saw and his thrusting became more frantic. Nick transfered both ankles to one hand and then leaned over and flicked Sara’s clit. A bolt of lightning shot thru Sara and she cried out. Nick deftly rubbed, pulled, and flicked on Sara’s clit until she orgasmed. It was a full body curl. She felt it building and coiling in her center. Her vision blurred. She must have lay there shaking, little after tremors, for minutes. The force of her orgasm sent the bartender over the edge. He pumped her pussy full of his hot cum. When he pulled out he could see his cum slowly leaking out of her pussy and down towards her asshole. He walked towards Sara’s face holding his stick hard dick in his hand. Sara eagerly reached out and took him into her mouth. Moaning, she sloppily rubs her tongue all over his dick before almost instantly taking him down to the hilt. The bartender has Sara suck on his dick until its finally on its way down from cumming in her pussy. Before he leaves he gets a picture. Sara has one foot on the bench bent at the knee and leaning against the wall. The other is on the other side of the bench, foot on the ground. Leaving open a clear view of her red, cream pied pussy, flat stomach covered by her dress, and 2 giant breasts in the background. He makes sure his dick is put away and then goes back to work.

Sara finally starts to wake from her stupor. She puts her panties in place from the side. She pulls her dress down the little it will go. She stuffs her cum covered breasts back into her dress. Nick has also fixed his appearance and was currently taking his wallet from his pocket. For a moment Sara was deeply offended. Does he think I’m a whore?whore?! But then she noticed he was removing a company card. He handed it to her and said

“You’re a lot of fun. Call me if your up to it!”

And then he left. Sara sat on the bench for a bit longer. She wasn’t sure if her legs would work. She put Nick’s company card in her clutch. While doing so she saw she had a missed text from the bartender. It was the picture of her wrecked on the bench he had just taken. Sara looked at the picture and then looked at the card in her clutch and then she smiled.

NSFW: yes

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