Roommate takes matters into his own hands

This happened 3 years ago… This is how I (19f) got the best dicking down of my life.

A few days before we all had to move out of our dorms because of COVID-19, my roommates and I had a few people over at our apartment for drinks and games.

As people started leaving, I was busy making out with one particular friend that I had been lusting over for a while. After telling my roommates we’d probably be fucking soon, I led him to my room and started to take my clothes off. His hands were running up and down my body and he asked me to turn around so he could admire and touch my ass.

After a few light slaps and kisses all over, he unzipped his pants and told me to suck him until he was hard (alcohol does not do wonders for your dick). I moaned and sucked his dick the best I could, because I was already dripping wet and ready to be fucked.

Five minutes passed. Nothing changed. I looked at him and he shrugged. Five more minutes. We both sighed and he zipped up his pants again, apologizing for not being able to get hard. With a quick “let’s do this again sometime”, he left my apartment, too embarrassed to stay longer.

With him gone, I was still as horny as I was before, so I closed my door again. I got onto the bed and began to finger myself, making slow circles around my clit and occasionally dipping back into my wet pussy and imagining what his dick would’ve felt like in it. I closed my eyes and my back arched, so close to cumming.


I looked up at my open door, where my roommate (20m) was standing with his mouth open. I quickly covered myself with my blanket and asked him why he was in here, embarrassed to be naked and to be so vulnerable in front of him. He stammered, not really sure how to reply after seeing all of me doing all of that. He then asked me a question, “Do you want me to leave?”.

I stared at him, then let my eyes drift lower to where his joggers had a growing tent. He bit his lip when he saw where I was looking, then closed the door.

“Tell me you want it or I’ll leave”, he said. I was still silently staring, almost mesmerized by his growing cock and wondering to myself how I had never noticed how big it was before.

“Tell me you want to be fucked. Or I’ll leave and let you finish yourself”, he said.

“Please fuck me”, I barely whispered. He slowly walked over to my bed, taking his shirt and pants off as he came.

He threw the blanket off of me and began to look at my body. My nipples hardened and my pussy began to feel a familiar wetness. I bit my lip and put his hand on my waist. He put the other on my sensitive nipple and began to squeeze and twist it as his mouth met mine. He then pushed me down on the bed, making out with me as his hands continued to explore my body and letting his hard cock press against my pussy and stomach.

“Please fuck me”, I repeated. He looked at me then silently moved down and began to lick my pussy. This was the first time I’d ever been eaten out and it was amazing. He moaned against it and I began to tell him that I was gonna cum any second.

He pulled away right before I came. I glared at him but then softened my gaze as he took off his boxers. Out came a enormous cock, much bigger than the ones I had seen before. I didn’t need him to tell my anything – I immediately switched spots with him and put my mouth on the head of his cock.

Suddenly, he stopped me and told me to get back here. Confused because I wondered he wanted head, I laid back down.

“Not like that. Lay down across my lap, ass in the air”, he said.

I was shocked. I didn’t know how he knew I loved being spanked until I realized he must’ve heard me every time I had someone over and asked them to spank me. I blushed and laid across his lap.

He slowly spanked me until I asked him to go harder, to leave red handprints all over my ass. Then without any warning, he thrusted one finger into my ass and two into my pussy, giving me my first double penetration. I couldn’t hold it in any longer and came all over him, shaking and moaning on his lap. He was the first guy to ever make me cum, and he hadn’t even fucked me yet.

I collapsed on the bed and he choked my neck, making me stay in place. Then he gently, inch by inch, pushed his cock further and further into me. Barely able to handle it, I begged him to go slowly but he ignored me, knowing I needed a rough fucking.

He pumped in and out of me, calling me a dirty slut and choking me whenever I tried to respond. I came again, this time on his cock, and that encouraged him even more.

Finally, I managed to get a few words out.

“Please cum all over me,” I gasped.

A few more thrusts, and he obliged. He shot cum all over me and my bed, then stood over me to look at the masterpiece he had created. I nearly blacked out from how turned on it made me.

It never happened again because we moved out a few days after, but I miss him and his dominant confidence, his warm hands, his fingers and mouth, his enormous cock. I can’t wait until I see him and I’m able to experience that again.

Just writing this made me dripping wet. I’m gonna have to text him soon, but until then, I’m left with just my own little fingers.

NSFW: yes


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