Railing Kate

By Wednesday I had all the teasing and flirting I could stand.
The final straw was around lunch time, when my phone chimed that I had a new text.

It was a picture from Kate. Holding her phone high-up, smiling that devious grin I love her for.
She happened to in her bathroom, her back to the mirror.
In the reflection, her shapely ass, wrapped in light blue lace full back panties.
The caption in white letters read simply,
“Come over!”
My reply was simple as well.
” One hour, be ready!”

I made a couple of calls to my team leaders, letting them know I had something come up and would be out the rest of the day. A couple of quick emails to the higher ups, saying the same thing.

Another chime, another picture.
She’s laying on her bed. Her free hand and arm covering her gigantic tits, or trying to at least. One leg up, the other straight, her lacey panties on full display.
“Ready!” reads the caption.

“otw”, is my reply.

I quickly deleted the whole conversation, anything she sends me is burn after reading, can not leave evidence of the crime.

It’s almost 40 minutes from work to her place and the whole time I can feel my cock throbbing in anticipation.
I’ve got my own key, so I just let myself in and lock all the locks behind me. I kick off my shoes at the door.

Kate is on the floor in her room, sitting on her folded legs. The band of her panties crosses her hips like the ribbon on a present. She’s topless, her gigantic G cup tits hanging down slightly, her pink areola flushed brightly, her thick nipples hard and standing out proudly.

Her hand immediately discover my belt, my button, my zipper. Her finger discover my waist band and take my pants and boxer to the floor.

My cock is pointing straight at her mouth and she wasted no time in taking all of it in her mouth. One hand cups my full balls while the other is filled with her tit, squeezing it and her nipple. Her moan sends a wonderful vibration up my dick.

She is going full out, deep throating my dick, her nose pressing into my pubes, my balls against her chin. I wrap hand hands in her hair and hold her all the way down, making her choke on it.
Pulling away she gasps for air, her tits covered in her own drool. I force her back down, using her mouth like a pussy, face fucking her hard and fast.
The hand on her tit is pinching her nipple hard. The other is jammed between her now open legs, rubbing herself out side her panties.

I can feel my load rising. As much as I love to cum on her face, I came over for her pussy.

I push her back off my cock and back onto the bed.
Her legs in fold beneath her, folding open like a book. The crotch of her panties are two shades darker than the rest, visibility wet.
I snatch them down her legs in one move and briefly consider shoving them in her mouth. Nah, she’s been good.
Her bald wet pussy is spread open before me and I waste no more time slamming my hard cock deep into her.
She arches up, moaning and calling out
“Yes Daddy, fuck me hard!”
I hook one leg under her knee, raising it up high, while I hammer her tight little pussy with every inch of cock.
On every down stroke she’s panting out “fuck”, “fuck”, “fuck”.
I hook the other leg as well, rolling her legs onto my shoulders, tilting her hips so I am ramming her g spot with every stroke.
I can feel her legs staring to shake, she’s moaning and panting. Her eyes open wide as she watches my cock slide in and out of her cunt.
Finally she can not take anymore. He back arches, she throws her head back, legs shaking and I feel the floor gush from her pussy, covering my cock and balls with her cum.
I slam into her one, two three more times and unload all cum deep into her spasming pussy.

I collapse on top of her and she wraps her arms around me.

“Love you Daddy” she whispers.

NSFW: yes

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