Massages and handies from my ex’s best friend

The age of 22 was an interesting year for me (M) I was broken up with two gfs at the time but had managed to garner a fun amount of FWBs as well as anon fun with people. On top of this I was still on so so terms with my ex (let’s call her Marie 23) but I was on great terms with her best friend (let’s call her Elle 23).
My first introduction to Elle was when Marie (we would still fuck on occasion) wanted to come for a sleepover and wanted to bring Elle. I allowed it and went and brought them both over. Elle slept in a separate room while Marie and I had our fun. The next day as we woke up I went to wake up Elle. As I rubbed her shoulder to wake her up one of her tits fell out of her tank top giving me a lovely view of her nipple.
Later that day Marie and Elle were talking and hanging out in the room while I was handling some errands around the house. They called me in to the room where Marie said she was just bragging to Elle about how big I was and Elle couldn’t believe it. I asked if she wanted to see and she seemed curious and Marie gave me a joking yes. I immediately pulled down my pants and showed myself to them both….the entire conversation having brought me to full mast.
Elle could only gasp and say she couldn’t believe Marie had taken that and that she absolutely wouldn’t be able to. I coyly said she wouldn’t know if she didn’t try to which Marie rolled her eyes and told me to go away.
Some time later after talking to Elle I learned she was a masseuse. I mentioned I hadn’t had a good massage before and she offered to give me one in my home. I quickly brought her over and took off everything but my underwear at her instruction.
As I lay there, the beautiful best friend of my ex massaging my body I couldn’t help but wish I could fuck her too, and I promptly started to get hard as a result. As I flipped over and Elle started massaging my thigh she could see my obvious enjoyment.
“Are you seriously enjoying this that much? I’m Marie’s best friend!” She said to me. To which I shrugged and said, “you’re a beautiful woman and you’re rubbing my body what do you want from me?”
Rolling her eyes slightly but also eyeing my erection she continued to massage me until eventually asking if I wanted some help with it.
I quickly responded yes and took my underwear off. She applied oil to my cock and started stroking me, providing me with the best handjob I’d ever received. Taking off her top and allowing me a full view of her D cup tits. She would skillfully stroke me for 20 minutes before I was satisfied. It was then I learned she did provide happy ending at her massage parlor.
Our relationship would continue like this for many months, either receiving a handjob from her post massage or even right after the two of us spent time with Marie…. She would stroke me as I drove her home.
There are many days I miss her and wish it could have gone farther but it never did and she never would let me take it further.

NSFW: yes

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