[PART 2] My neighbor and I had our very first sexual experience.

He said “OMG! your lips are turning blue, you must be so cold, go inside and let your clothes dry while you stay in blankets”. I couldn’t say anything, I was shivering. He noticed that and said “I can do it but… Is it ok for you?”. I slowly nodded. So he went behind me, raised my arms and started removing my top. I could feel his fingers brush against my wet waist and then my smooth underarms (which I shaved just the day before) giving out a tingling sensation.

Then he immediately put a towel around my chest and wrapped me in it. He did the same with my pants though he was a bit hesitant. He wrapped the blanket around my lower part. Then he dried my hair, face, hands, legs but he didn’t even try to get to my private parts. I liked him for that! I said slowly “Thanks” and he laughed and said “we’re friends remember? I’ll get some coffee, you can go and shower and come” And he went away. I took his phone to call my mom and when I unlocked it there was his wife’s picture open in gallery. It was strange and in the background he was watching porn! The genre was about wife!

Then I understood that’s why he was uncomfortable; he was jerking off to his wife’s picture. This should’ve made me cool but the way he took care of me, not trying to do anything wrong with me… It just gave me a different type of feeling. I called my mom explained her the situation and told her “I’ll be staying here tonight. Told some story to mom. and said Bye” and went to shower.

NSFW: yes

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