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Amelia [Shy girl is goaded into sex acts by her perverted roomate and her friends. Voy, Oral, Anal. Dubious consent!]

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The rest of the night went very well. Jake set right to work and after a few phone calls his friend came over with the part.

Amelia went outside with them while they were working on the car. Jake was noticably more confident during the encounter, cracking jokes and helping his friend with the automotive work. Amelia felt more at ease around him. He was very upbeat and his voice was missing a lot of stammering she was used to hearing.

The engine finally started and Amelia did a literal jump for joy. She hugged both Jake and his sweaty gruff friend and thanked profusely for their help.

She moved her car to another location. I felt really, really good to be back in a her automobile. She felt capable sitting in the drivers seat of her. Her driving skills came back to her from muscle memory. She wasn’t sure if she just needed to move the car to another parking space but she drove the car off property and around the block to be safe. It was a such a short drive but it felt exhilerating.

She parked the car, locked it and walked back home. When she came back to the house she made some small talk with Jake but the focus of their conversation shifted to her body very quickly.

He first asked to see her breasts and she agreed. She wasn’t sure exactly what Jake had meant when he had asked to touch and see her body occasionally as part of the deal she made yesterday but she was happy her car was working. He was owed another blowjob so she figured this might be the lead to that.

What began as some oogling and groping soon developed into a full fledged course on female anatomy. He asked her to strip completely and explained he wanted to really see her body. He didn’t want a blowjob tonight, he helpfully explained, because he wanted to do it the morning before she left so it would be extra special. He would just look at her tonight and do some jerking off.

She agreed after some token resistance. They ended up in her room and she neatly folded her clothes and laid back on the bed. Jake asked to rotate through a series of positions. His voice was hushed and awe-filled as though he was watching some great moment in the cosmos.

He rubbed, poked, caressed and prodded different parts of her body as if she was some exoctic space creature. His requests were at all times followed by a stream of compliments and gratitude. His left hand slowly stroked his hard penis while his right softly touched her bare flesh.

Eventually she was asked to lay down on the bed with her legs hanging off the bed so that her vagina was fully exposed to him. He brought his face close enough to it that she could feel his raspy breath against it.

“It’s hard to not come… Oh, man, this is nice.” He said in a low tone of voice. “When is the last time this thing had a dick inside of it?”

“Um… Well, a long time. Never, actually. It’s never had a penis in it.” She said. She was laying back and from her position she couldn’t see him. She looked up at the ceiling. She felt like a patient being examined in the waiting room and it brought to her a sense of unease. She almost felt like he was gonna attack her pussy for some odd reason and she had to fight the instinct to shell up.

“You’re a virgin?” He said, his voice raising in volume. “But how? You’re so sexy… you’re beautiful.”

“It just hasn’t happened, I guess.” She said

“Do you like sex?” He asked

“I don’t know, I guess. I haven’t done it. Probably.” She said.

“But, like, do you think about sex stuff? Do you masturbate?” He asked.

“Sometimes.” She said.

“Wait, for which?” He asked

“Both, I guess.” She said

“Oh, I guess that makes sense.” He said “How many dicks have been in your mouth?”

She grimaced. She didn’t want Jake to know he was the second person she had given a blowjob to. She didn’t want to tell him that the only other person she had sucked broke up with her via text the next day. She didn’t want him to make some sort of grand romantic proposal to her or treat her as sort of innocent damsel in distress.

“A whole bunch. I can’t count how many, but like a lot.” She said.

“Oh… I guess that makes sense.” He said and his voice trailed off. He continued in a soft hoarse whisper. “You were really good at it. Like an angel.”

His breathing grew faster.

“Are you about there?” She asked

“Uh, yeah, I just like staring at you. Can you go back on your knees so your butt is facing me? Actually, turn around but don’t put your butt up just lay down with your legs hanging off the bed so I can see your naked butt.”

She had been in both positions before and she was getting a little tired. She wanted to be done.

“Ok but can you finish? I have some things to get done. Just… Like, can you cum?”

She manuevered to his requests. She could hear the sounds of masturbation grow more frenzied and soon he let out a anguished cry like a water buffalo being slaughtered. She felt a few drops of something warm land on her leg.

“Oh shit sorry. Hang on, I’ll wipe it off.” He said. She waited until he had wiped it off before getting up and looking for her clothes. She saw that he had used her shirt to wipe the cum off her leg.

“Ahhh that’s my fucking shirt! I don’t know if cum leaves stains!” She said.

Jake jaw hung slack and he stood in front of her in just a t-shirt with his hard penis.

“Oh whoops sorry. I think it does come out. I’m pretty sure you can just run water on it.” He said.

“It’s ok. I’m sorry. It’s fine… It’s just fine.” She said. She stopped looking at her shirt and she looked at him. His eyes looked directly at her exposed breasts. Is he still horny? She wondered.

Amelia shooed him out of her room and the night ended without anything else happening that might concern the reader.


The day she was leaving Amelia had everything ready to go. She had planned to go into to work and walk out but at the last minute she chickened out. She made a short apologetic phone call to her boss explaining that she wouldn’t be able to work and then made a hasty excuse to end the phone call.

Jake had asked if, as a favor, she would not wear a towel when travelling from the bathroom to her room after her shower. She obliged and she heard an awed “wow” as she walked past him.

She was too focused on all of the things she would need for trip and her mental checklist to feel one way or another. This was just one more thing she had on her list. She knew she was gonna have to give him one last blowjob before she finally left.

Jake helped her move her things into car. She was packing light and she wanted to remove herself from her old routines. Besides clothes she brought a planner, several notebooks, a sketchpad and an assortment of pens and writing utensils.

She was ready to go. She went over some small details with Jake about her mail and contacting her if anything came up. He launched into a small pep talk about “really living life to the fullest” and “finding yourself in nature”. She wasn’t really into it but she nodded and tried to look invested.

She knew where his speech was eventually going and he ended by inviting to her to his room for “one last final task”. She walked in and started undressing. She watched as he pulled up youtube on his gaming computer and typed “sexy music for sensual encounter” and clicked on the first result.

He turned to her as the music started playing. She had already pulled off her clothes and she was standing nude before him with a blank expression. She instinctly moved one hand to cover her crotch area. He soaked in the vision of her nude body and smiled.

This session of oral sex was much more involved than the last. He took charge and him suck him in multiple positions. Sitting, Standing, facing him, facing away, sitting on the side of him. She dutifully complied with his request.

He started to grab the back of her head and would move her head up and down which she didn’t like. She started to choke and sputter as he was more forceful.

He pulled out of her mouth and asked her to her lie down and hang her head off the side of the bed. He started fucking her face using his hands on either side of her cheeks to hold her head in place while he pumped his penis into her. She didn’t like this at all and it was a bit much. She tried to twist away but his hands held her in place. She was having a lot of trouble and started to press against his pelvis to push him away from her. Fortunately for her it did not last too long and she felt his warm cum filling her mouth.

It was much less volume than previously and she was able to swallow it down. The salty taste lingered.

“I, uh, didn’t like the last part that much.” She said as she regained her composure.

“Oh, yeah… I saw a video with that. I think you just maybe need more practice.”

“Um,” she said.

After getting dressed and getting a few more words of awkward advice from Jake she was in her car and on the road. Free! Free from obligation from her old life! She rolled all the windows down and felt the air surging through the car. It felt so good.


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